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Apr 24
A bomb threat at OSU tonight emptied several dorms and some midterms were cancelled (THAT'S suspicious). Before the buildings were swept and declared safe (Bloss Hall and N2 first), an alert was sent out:
   "All residence hall facilities at Oregon state University's Corvallis campus are being immediately evacuated following the receipt of a phone message Thursday evening, April 24, indicating that an explosive device had been placed in an undisclosed OSU Corvallis residence hall. Any information related to suspicious packages or suspicious individuals observed on campus should immediately be reported to the Oregon state Department of Public Safety at 541-737-7000. displaced residents are instructed to go to either the Valley Library or the Memorial Union."

Airbnb, an application specializing in informal method of renting rooms or dwellings is now listing 40 habitations ranging from $40 to $200 a night. But even at $40 for a room, the income is vastly superior to monthly rentals. And the owners are not paying the 9% transient tax charged commercial hotels and B 'n Bs. In New York City, that has become quite a concern, with 15,000 subpoenas issued. In San Francisco, the eviction of disabled people in order to rent their residences has also led to charges.
   The loss to the city of Corvallis of the transient room tax, and to the housing market, are such as to call for an investigation in Corvallis. However, the entire Airbnb game is the result of dwindling resources as the middle class's incomes have been shunted to benefit the rich, says New York Magazine.

Students and faculty under pressure to publish have become the victims of a scientific journal scam of the same sort as the Nigerian scams of spam fame. One professor tested by copying and pasting from a hodgepodge into a single document mixing geology and cancer research, with footnotes copied form still a third source. "Journals" like "the Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Research (actually based in Jordan)" and "the International Journal of Science and Technology" were clamoring for the bogus thesis, charging only half of what the more "reputable" journals want.

College towns like Corvallis dominate the list of cities where income inequality is greatest in the U.S.

Corvallis residents breathed a sigh a of relief upon learning that Albany's City Council had joined Sweet Home and voted to allow pot dispensaries within certain zones. Otherwise, those cities' residents would have had one more reason to leave Linn County for Benton.

An Oregon Republican candidate who flooded the airwaves with ads for local charities because, she says, she wants "v
oters to see my Christian values in action" has been reprimanded by the charities for using their names without permission. Those Christian values in action again.

About 20% of OSU's budget will come from the general public this year, the other 80% coming from tuition and fees paid by students. OSU receives more money for students from rural areas, students of color other than white, and Oregonians in general. However, that money is a pittance compared to the foreign student tuition, and OSU has become Nanjing Universit Campus West as a result.

Left: Jodie Foster
A federal judge listened today as all sides in a hearing argued for an overturning of Oregon's gay marriage ban, but indicated he would not rule until he had first heard arguments for a "shadowy group" of right wing, out- of- state evangelical Christians trying to get a foot in the door of the courtroom.
In related news, actress Jodie Foster today announced her marriage to her new girlfriend. And while Missouri Republicans started to impeach the governor for giving married gay people the same tax breaks extended to others, pro wrestler Steve Austin mocked the evangelicals opposing gay marriage with "THESE motherf*ckers talk to god?!" But a Navy veteran who married in Oregon during a window of time in 1995 has been denied the right to be buried with her wife in Idaho. Said the veteran "'I've been discriminated against for 70 years, and they might as well discriminate against me in death as well as life."

Mar 23
The city will analyze why the top of a 20 inch water main on 5 th St. broke off but "it appears to be an age thing". The downtown was either flooded or experience water pressure drops.

The new parking districts near the university look to be the subject of $50 fines for violators, contractors can pay $100 a year to park in them, and landlords fees are lower than tenants (natch!)

The fight in Portland over whether a public utilities Board or the city controls the water - and water rates - will be closely watched by cities around the state, including Corvallis. The fight pits big corporate water users and neighborhood associations against big corporate public utility opponents and City Hall.

A US judge has denied a request by a small group of religious fundamentalists from tomorrow's court hearing on Oregon's gay marriage ban, which the state will not try to save. The judge scheduled a hearing May 14 on whether the group can intervene. Gay activists think it's a ploy to divert resources from equal access laws for gays.

A water main near 5th St caused flooding of the downtown vicinity and resulted in water pressure drops for neighboring businesses. The group may be embarrassed by their own former official, Richard D'Alauro, being convicted of abuse.

The NRA looks to be dropping their objections in the Pacific Northwest to men who beat their families being required to surrender their guns, so long as convicted stalkers are allowed to keep theirs.

The right wing politician Denny Smith who once represented the northern edge of Corvallis in Congress before being ousted for his extremist views and buffoonery is the millionaire behind a mailer campaign in Salem's City Council race. "I have become very concerned with the, not ineptness, but the socialist approach", said Smith. The mailer accused the incumbent of "participating in secret county meetings, promoting the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and using tax payer dollars to grow county government". Smith was booted from office for his views and also for hi own ineptness, including a report that he and a booster accidentally sent a missile through the streets of Washington D.C.

Governor Kitzhaber's Oregon Department of Transportation will no longer ask trains for the itinerary of oil shipments through the state's communities after the Oregonian successfully sought to have them made public.

The Batteries & Bulbs chain, which was uncovered by the Salem Statesman to be shipping recycled batteries from other locations in Oregon to be recycled by Marion County, which spent $1.2 million on battery recycling over the recent past on battery recycling. The chain charges customers who aren't buying new batteries for the recycling and the County will now refuse to take them. They're going to end up somewhere.

The most astonishing news about the new lawsuit against an Oregon priest molesting boys is that he DIDN'T work in Corvallis. Maurice Grammond's crimes were confined to "Seaside, Oakridge, Mill City, Sublimity and the [Portland] metro area".

The West Coast's largest operator of amusement park rides, Beaverton-based Butler Amusements Inc., has been fined $100,000.00 for running unsafe rides.

Clackamas County, the most corrupt county in the state in the eyes of many has to pay a fired whistle blower nearly $1 million, an arbitrator ruled.

New state regulations limiting suction dredges on rivers whose water quality is limited by toxins, turbidity or sediment is disturbing to those who make a habit of using the dredges.

Apr 22

The City Council listened to a presentation on OSU's Master Plan and the "councilors clearly wanted to put OSU on notice that the city has no intention of rubber-stamping their plan", with Councilor Penny York
Left: Penny York, Councilor for Ward 1

explicit. "We need to require OSU to replace any parking that goes away and provide additional parking if more students and employees are added." Councilor Sorte was also unhappy with OSU's decision to close the housing co-ops.

Faculty at Portland State University ratified a contract that they say will "reprioritize academics and the provision of affordable, high quality public higher education at PSU".

Habitat for Humanity's ReStore outlet in Corvallis has provided the critical service with a more reliable income, with a good deal of thanks owed former OSU Vet prof Brad Smith.

Left: Laverne Cox

Transgender actress and activist Laverne Cox will highlight this year's Queer Students of Color Conference May 9 at PSU.

Another of the sleazy developers operating from the south with a horrible reputation among student tenants, is trying to paste together some "plan" to "mitigate" wiping out wetlands west of OSU to build dwellings for 1000 students on the "Sather property".

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has called for investing in students rather than "in millionaires", and for a reform in the thinking around student loans.

National Organization for Marriage, which the conservative New York Daily Post called ""a shadowy group run by religious fundamentalists" says they will try to intervene in an Oregon case against gay marriage which the state chose not to try defending. "Bunch" may be overstating the matter, since 5 individuals account for 90% of the group's budget.

Days ahead of a federal deadline, the state of Oregon and teachers say they have agreed on a plan to tie teacher evaluations to student test score improvements.

The Albany City Council was regaled with old myths about pot in a meeting which looks like it will result in zoning for state- approved medical marijuana dispensaries.

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission met again regarding the Pay It Forward proposal, which would entail full tuition with repayment based upon institution attended and income after graduation.

Apr 21
OSU CS graduates can scratch off one more major employer for prospective jobs as California Edison has announced plans to lay off IT workers and substitute H1B employees from India. Illegally.

Unemployment in Benton County is barely falling in the past year, from 6% to 5.5%, the slowest rate of fall except for Gilliam County, but still remains low among counties around the state.

Labeling of Frankenfood GMO products will likely be on the Oregon ballot, as it probably will be on the Benton County ballot.

The original vision of 3,000 Oregon Christians to congregate and walk carrying a cross through the state's largest city was scaled back a bit. 35 people signed up.

The unveiling of Portland's new car-less bridge, Tillikum Crossing across the Willamette was not without a hitch and the naming was especially problematic, with the result suggesting punning pornographers won out over the others: "Your Name Here" was Portlandia-ish in extreme, and bird watchers suggested "Heron Bridge". College students suggested "Beer Bridge" and Teabaggers and Republicans submitted "Sarah Palin Bridge" and "Hitler Did No Wrong Bridge".

Flunkies of the Koch brothers, the "dirty energy kings" are pressing legislators, like those in Oregon who follow their ALEC grouping, to penalize people producing solar power for their homes. And they won in Oklahoma. They could win in Oregon if people don't stand up to them.

In November, local voters will likely be voting on 3 initiatives legalizing pot.

The organizers of Whiskey-fest, a benefit for art in the Northwest, strung a banner over the mural of an Oregon artist. He was so fumed that he painted over his mural, and urged supporters to find the most disgusting images they saw and post them to Instagram. They did.

Oregon Cops handcuffed and hauled to the station for fingerprinting an "A" student who got in a physical tussle at a Boys & Girls Club. Says her mom "everybody saw my daughter get perp-walked to the car" dressed in only her bathing suit.

Apr 20
On easter, Portland's "Cupcake Girls" are out  visiting the strippers in

the city which has more, per capita, than any city in the U.S., handing out cupcakes and support for women who seldom find anything but grief and/or leering from the public. Judgment is the norm for these women, many of whom are talented and unable to find work otherwise which would support their families or - in many cases - an addiction. Most want a supportive network and Cupcake Girls are there.

Sheriffs in 9 Oregon counties this week announced they would limit detentions of immigrants after a federal judge questioned the constitutionality of the procedure.

New DEA regulations forcing breweries to dry and package the "spent grain" byproduct of breweries, used by dairies in a sustainable fashion, will likely end the practice as cost prohibitive.

Seeds for Sol will lead a discussion of solar energy for low income and renters Apr 22, Tuesday, at 7 PM
, at the public library.

Despite a UO student body vote and an OSU faculty Senate vote asking university foundations to divest of fossil fuels, the foundations are dragging their feet. They are, said one, "concerned about the bottom line". If that's true, then, others have pointed out, they should be focused narrowly on running drugs and guns. That's where the profits lie.

Portlanders gathered to loudly voice their concerns about the US Postal Service laying off truck drivers to rely upon poorly paid contractors of a firm based in Iowa.

Led by a giant pedal-powered toad, the annual Procession of the Species kicked off in Central Park yesterday.

Apr 18
It's been a while since the OSU student presidency has made headlines as a national embarrassment. The current batch of candidates promises to change that.
   Bret Barlow's Facebook page (he was an administrator, says the Barometer) was "We Burn Homosexuals for a Living."

Left: Bret Barlow

in the Barometer

Barlow posted on the page: "do we seriously burn homosexuals for a living or is this a joke? i need to know now since i have a fag tied up and im holding a can of gas and a lighter."
   Barlow says "it was a really bad joke". He was counseled against running, due to the page, by the student advocate. That was good advice. Matthew Shepherd's crucifixion by bigots was another "bad joke".
   Barlow said "They attempted to blackmail me to submit to them. I will not submit to them even if it means I am the worst person on campus for the next week-and-a-half."
   It's likely to last longer than that. For the rest of his life, prospective employers will be doing a search of his name on the internet and that Barometer article will surface.
   And they'll also see the accompanying Open Letter from faculty and staff addressing the "joke".
   In a similar vein, 2 fraternity members running are publicly arguing over who really has the support of their fraternity. One, Taylor Sarmon, has the laughable "endorsement" of the OSU Republicans, which is an one most sane people would flee from, since it implies in the public mind an endorsement by a bunch of superstitious and ignorant boneheads. Most believe it implies that he must himself therefore be either dumb, a crook or a sex criminal of some sort - usually of the ridiculous sort.
   But we have to admit that all the scandal has made what might have been a dull, drab thing into something lively... In the sense that a head full of lice on a neighbor child might be considered lively.

Apr 17
A University of Oregon law professor endowed with an unbelievable sense of greed and grasping has embarrassed Oregon academics with a rant that has now gone viral. Complaining of the school helping students instead of giving him another pay raise, he complained of all the perks he could be getting if he worked for a big Wall Street corporate law firm.

Typical was Gawker's reaction:
   "Illig insists he could be making a cool million out on The Street as an M&A lawyer, but he stays around UO because he bleeds for his students -'Today, I spent the morning trying to get one of them a summer job at Nike.'    
   Illig, a tenured associate professor who attended law school "tuition-free" in the '90s, reportedly makes more than $138,000 annually, plus a $10,000 university bonus; the average grad at Oregon Law leaves with about $105,000 in debt.
   But he can't stand for this injustice, this iniquity, of making only $100,000 or so more than his former students, while the school plans to fund "a post-graduate fellowship program for new law grads, in lieu of a pay increase for him and his colleagues.
   So he sent the faculty some stern letters, and the faculty leaked 'em to a bunch of blogs...."

   The first reaction to the Gawker article was typical of the entire internet's reaction:

   "Bitch, please. You're in academia because you know you can get away with 30 hour weeks half the year. If you wanted to put in seventeen hour days at biglaw, you'd have the yacht already."

Apr 15
The proposed city inspection program for rentals has gone exactly as the most jaded of the city's tenants expected.
Originally, the plan was that every rental would be inspected every 3 years, and code violations would be noted and addressed. Landlords who shoulder their responsibilities would have been given a certification. The necessary staff would have been paid for by a fee charged landlords.
   That plan protected tenants from being singled out for their complaints, although it yet did not protect tenants from having their rents jacked up to pay for maintenance which a landlord should have been providing all along. Responsible municipalities have such laws working hand in glove with rent control, but responsibility to tenants has never been a part of the City Council's agenda, despite tenants being a majority of the city's residents for over a century.
   Now, the plan will no longer entail inspections. Instead, a tenant complaint is required, which fingers the tenant immediately. Landlords will still be charged the fee, without the benefit of inspection and certification, and the program will simply be a revenue source for the city, one which only the worst landlords, who thus escape inspection, will love. Because it is a fee rather than a tax, no vote is necessary. That fee will be passed along to every tenant in the city without any benefit whatsoever accruing to them. That's as cynics expected and the Council could at least be honest in naming the policy - the Protect All the Worst Slumlords Act.

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Weekly Column from Color of

President Obama just nominated Atlanta federal prosecutor Leslie Abrams to a U.S. District Court vacancy in Georgia. Though nearly one-third of the state identifies as Black, Abrams would become the first Black woman to ever serve on Georgia’s federal bench if confirmed.

The open secret is that Abrams’ nomination will go nowhere — just like those of her colleagues Natasha Perdew Silas, Linda Walker, and Eleanor Ross before her1 — unless we do something about it. We're calling on Senate Judiciary chair Patrick Leahy to drop his committee's outmoded, increasingly-abused “blue slips” tradition, which allows just one senator to effectively veto the president’s judicial picks without cause.

Georgia’s right-wing obstructionist senators have been withholding their “blue slips” — or personal pre-approval of Obama nominees — for three years now.2 As long as Sen. Leahy lets them, these good ol’ boys will keep blocking highly-qualified Black women attorneys and sitting judges from ever seeing a Senate vote on their nominations, potentially locking in the unacceptable inequities in representation on Georgia’s federal bench for decades to come.

As Judiciary Committee chair, Sen. Leahy could unilaterally end reliance on blue slips today. Can you call on Sen. Leahy to ensure President Obama’s judicial nominees receive the full vote they’re constitutionally entitled to?

Federal judges rule on some of the most crucial civil rights issues impacting our communities, including Stop and Frisk,3 so-called “Stand Your Ground” or “Shoot First” laws,4 and selective voter ID. Georgia in particular has been bombarded with attacks on voting rights since the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to gut the federal Voting Rights Act last year; the state has since seen aggressive elimination of polling places, adoption of discriminatory redistricting plans, and even a proposal to move Augusta’s elections from November to the summertime when it is believed Black voter turnout will be lower.

We need judges committed to civil rights and ensuring equal justice for all, but instead we have more than ten percent of federal judgeships sitting vacant — with long-standing vacancies concentrated in those states with at le one Republican senator who refuses to blue slip any Obama nominee.6 Worse, blue slipping under Sen. Leahy has forced the president’s hand into unnecessary, unreciprocated, and lopsided backroom “package” deals that ultimately give individual, hostage-taking senators more power to make judicial appointments than the White House itself.7

The most egregious of these current deals would serve as yet another assault on Black Georgians. Sen. Saxby Chambliss could successfully push through three of his own hand-picked candidates in exchange for agreeing to stop his marathon obstruction of just one White House nominee, in limbo since January 2012.8 The president is now in the position of having to seriously consider lifetime appointments to the federal bench for people like Michael Boggs, who as a Georgia legislator voted to preserve the Confederate Battle Emblem as part of the state’s flag, and Mark Cohen, best-known for his work to uphold Georgia’s discriminatory voter ID law.

Tell Sen. Leahy: It’s past time to drop the indefensible blue slips policy and ensure judges qualified to protect our civil rights have a fair shot at a full Senate vote. And when you do, please ask your friends and family to do the same.

Thanks and Peace,

--Rashad, Matt, Arisha, Kim, Johnny and the rest of the team
dan savage's

"savage love"
I'm a 26-year-old girl, and my boyfriend is bi. I assumed he would be less jealous than the average man. After all, a lot of bi men have faced irrational jealousy from women. But my BF is more jealous than average. He accuses me of having slept with my male friends in the past. He makes negative comments about how many people I've hooked up with. Whenever I won't divulge something, he says, "Well, obviously that means you did hook up with that guy before we met/you do think that waiter was cute/you were looking at porn on your phone." If I do admit I was involved with someone (or even that I think someone is cute), he gets really upset. He knows he's insecure. He says he's working on it. But do people grow out of this kind of thing? Also, this is especially unfair given that I don't object at all to the shirtless Snapchats he gets from guys he used to hook up with.

-Torn in Re Envious Drudgery

Your boyfriend is not insecure, TIRED, your boyfriend is an asshole.

You shouldn't have to put up with slut-shaming or emotionally abusive behavior, TIRED, not even when—especially not when—it comes disguised as "jealousy and insecurity." Your boyfriend is not, as he would have you believe, the tormented victim of his own psychic demons. He is tormenting and victimizing you—he is abusing you—and conning you into giving him a pass by crying to you about his bullshit insecurities.

While some people do overcome these particular strains of assholery, it usually takes being dumped several dozen times before a guy like your boyfriend starts to do the hard work of unpacking and dismantling his assholery. The longer someone like your boyfriend gets away with this kind of assholery, the longer he'll be an asshole. So do your boyfriend and yourself a favor, TIRED, and DTMFA.

Lastly: I have a hunch your jealous, controlling, emotionally abusive boyfriend is playing a "good offense is the best defense" game. By which I mean to say: He's probably doing more—a lot more—than just swapping shirtless pics with guys he "used to" hook up with. His jealous fits about your imaginary infidelities may be meant to distract you from his actual ones.

- Dan Savage
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"Ask a Mexican" column
I like reading your articles—they are funny, sad, insightful, crude, serious, even a little provocative and antagonizing at times. One thing I find a little antagonizing is the use of the term "Latino" as a synonym only for "Hispanic"; certainly yours is not the only forum in which these two terms are used interchangeably. I've noticed you tend to favor "Hispanic" quite a bit more than "Latino"; thank you for that. While I may sound racist by making that remark, I am actually trying to raise cultural awareness and combat racism. I see it everywhere, and its use is absurd and has become ubiquitous. The Latins, as a people, culture, language and tribe, came from ancient Italy. On employment applications or government forms, the race/ethnicity section doesn't include anyone other than Hispanics as synonymous with Latin(o). Where is the room for us Latin-Europeans? Us Italians, or French or Portuguese? As Italian-Americans, we rarely even get associated with a culture that came from our own land! See how racism can take many forms? Most aren't even aware of it! Thanks, and hope to hear back from you.

Livid Latin Lover

DEAR GABACHO: While I appreciate you regularly reading my columna, methinks you're not poniendo much attention. If I ever use "Hispanic" in this column, it's usually in disparaging terms, as that's a creation of the Ford administration. I barely even use "Latino," since this is a column about Mexicans and only Mexicans (with the occasional jabs at coños, carajos, conchas and catrachas, of course). All of this said, I agree with the spirit of your letter and urge you to direct your ire not toward Mexicans, but rather intellectuals. It was 19th-century French intellectuals, after all, who promoted the idea of a Latin America in opposition to Anglo-Saxon America in France's eternal struggle against the English. It's the love of anything French that drove intellectuals in Spanish-speaking countries in that era to warm up to that idea of pan-Latino identity in their eternal struggle against gabachos. And it's gabacho intellectuals up here who bought into that idea in their eternal quest to categorize Spanish-speaking folks as subhuman, carrying on a clash of civilizations that goes back to the Spanish Armada trying to kill Good Queen Bess. Don't believe the Latino hype: Mexicans will only consider themselves Latinos for welfare, Hollywood roles and affirmative action. The rest of the time, we're puro mexicanos, cabrones.

'- Gustavo Arellano
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Apr 24
Left: Jake Cato Ralston

Mr. Ralston has been released after serving his sentence for telephone harassment and unlawful use of a weapon. He had been arrested, cops say, in March for violating a stalking order (dismissed) and in December after he, cops said, "fired two shots from a handgun into the floor of his residence while upset"

Craigslist scams for Corvallis renters have become increasingly sophisticated, cops say. An email which is not a craigslist email, photographs which are grainier due to being stolen from another site, or a refusal to show a property are all good indications that a scammer may be at work.

A Neo-Nazi confessed murderer, who with his girlfriend skirted Corvallis, has pled guilty to carjacking charges.

Corvallis had no deaths related to illegal drugs in 2013, says a new report, but Linn County had 6, all meth-related. State wide, there 213, and 55% were meth.

A Eugene jury found a man guilty of robber but not manslaughter in the case of a drug robbery gone bad in a Walmart parking lot.

Portland cops have a variety of reasons they offer for no longer recording the booking of suspects, but there suspicions lingering since the recordings were junked after 1 caught the comments of an officer in the death of suspect  Jim Chasse.

A Portland employee has been arrested for funneling towed autos to local "chop shops".

Despite mayoral promises to the contrary, Portland's municipal government has now made homelessness a crime.

An investigator found fault with the contracting practices of the sewer director in Clackamas County, often regarded as the most corrupt county in the state. He was fired when the report was released.

The number of physicians with serious drug addictions is now estimated at 10-14%.

A report from a Canadian Catholic journal that medical waste from British Columbia is being trucked to Marion County to be burned at the state's waste-to-fuel generator is making the rounds on the internet, with aborted fetuses said to be included "with appendixes". Marion County suspended the medical waste acceptance.


Right: Ivy Harris

A Marine master sergeant who admitted killing a much-loved Portland hooker in Hawaii had his self-defense plea rejected and was convicted today.

Left: Buffalo Jills' Calendar

Buffalo Jills, cheerleaders for the football team Buffalo Bills, are suing, saying they were not paid even minimum wages, were made to sit on laps of Bills fans, were sexually abused, and made to wear bikinis for photo-shoots of calendars and swimsuit issues, had to buy their own uniforms, etc. It is the third such lawsuit this year.

A sleeping woman was molested for 5 minutes by Vinay Pochampally on a San Francisco bound flight while passengers looked on and did nothing.

Above: After Ivy League universities were accused of doing too little about sex abuse on campus, Columbia decided to make it all good with a lavishly decorated cake delivered to the dining hall, complete with red roses, which as one pissed student pointed out, "Red roses so perfectly capture the romance of sexual violence."

Cliven Bundy, the armed rancher in Nevada who insists on the right to pilfer $1 million from the public launched into a tirade about "Negroes" (he pronounces it like the n- word) and how much better off "they" were as slaves.

The Kansas neo-Nazi who mass murdered at Jewish retirement centers was a member of the Ku Klux Klan but had been arrested for sex with a black male prostitute.

An Arizona veteran's facility praised for its "efficiency" has been exposed by CNN as keeping a secret set of "real" books to hide hundreds of veterans waiting for care. At least 40 of them died.

A pizza delivery man in Philadelphia who thought he was being robbed and sped away was shot by 2 cops. He will be permanently blind.

The body of a Detroit homeless man who had made a Port-a-Potty his home in icy November has been found. He died of hypothermia over the winter.

A man awaiting trial on a murder charge is said to be the ring leader of a group of prisoners who have taken a guard hostage in Ohio.

The dramatic fall in Florida gun deaths following the passage of the "Stand Your Ground" law is impressive, until you notice that zero is at the top of the chart rather than the bottom. In other words, the fall is actually an astonishing spike upward in this Reuters graph. The fall is faked.

In Texas, a man called the cops to investigate a burglary, only to have the cop shoot his dog when it started to bark. The man claims he was then forced to strangle the wounded animal with his bare hands.

Also in Texas, where 19 people in jail died due to the heat, lawmakers stated out right they didn't want the prisons to be cooler. Pig barns in Texas are cooled. "Our state places a greater emphasis on protecting its bacon than protecting the inmates and the officers in the state of Texas", said the trade union representing guards.

Kidnappers driven berserk released a 9 year old boy who sang the same song off key for 3 hours.

In other news from the south, a 73 year old woman was tied up by cops as they searched her house - the wrong house - for drugs.

A Georgia schoolteacher whose concerns about the abuse of disabled kids were ignored set up hidden cameras and recorded the abuse.

Elsewhere, right wing videophile Dinesh D’Souza's claims he didn't know he was committing a crime were shown by the NY Times to be a lie, and that e actually even laid plans in the even of being caught violating election law.

The Supreme Court ruled today that victims of child sex abuse can sue any one who views kiddie porn involving their abuse.

Another federal judge said he hates the Supreme Court ruling allowing the rich to buy elections but struck down New York's limits on campaign donations.

The Navy is investigating the famed Blue Angels as a "hotbed" of sex abuse and discrimination.

The Christian crime wave won't be stopped, it seems, as an Indiana preacher admitted today that he had posed as a young girl to get naked photos of young boys.

An Afghan cop shot and killed 3 American doctors. Oregon's Mercy Corps has been involved in Afghanistan and the dead have yet to be named.

The old style Catholic pope, John Paul II, continues to torment the faithful, a statue falling today and killing a young man in Italy.

A Syrian Air Force bombing of a crowded market is believed to have killed at least 30.

Mar 23

Right: William Robert Johnson

Mr. Johnson has been arrested for heroin and for meth, and for failing to show up on an earlier charge of carrying a concealed weapon and meth.

A Portlander robbed a Baskin &Robbins ice cream store with a needle he said had HIV+ blood in it. It was one in a series of crimes at the ice cream chain, including another robbery in Salem by a man on a red bicycle, and a separate sex abuse incident.

A Jackson County, Oregon Gang Task Force interviewed adults convinced the County has a youth gang problem, but high school students interviewed could not point to a single youth gang member.

The state's top witnesses today in a Eugene murder trial are 2 civilians in the police force under a cloud for evidence mishandling.

A 50 year old woman shoplifting diapers could face life in prison under Washington's "3 Strikes" laws.


Left: Kelly Vern Svoboda

Testimony unveiled today revealed that Kelly Svoboda, who was shot after earlier kidnapping a woman and taping her, had a "moveable dungeon" van with chains and wrist ties, and had been cruising throughout Oregon, making notes - including rankings - on potential victims he spotted.

A 6' 9" Portland native who is now a Houston Rockets star agreed to pay $10,000 to an Oregon homeless group in exchange for charges being dropped for an arrest in Portland last summer, when a cop saw him "walk by a doorway where two homeless men were sleeping and yell "Wake Up!" before stomping on one man's leg". "Tres bon, Monsiuer le flic" - Cheers, Sir Cop.

The circus clown car which is the Supreme Court today gave a free pass to Revenge 911, ruling that any Corvallis citizen can simply make an anonymous faked call of a traffic violation and cops can stop the driver without witnessing anything. Not that this was ever a real issue for a cop who wanted to stop someone.

The IRS has adopted corporate standards for management and paid out millions to employees with less than stellar records, including "misuse of government credit cards, drug use, violent threats and fraudulently claiming unemployment benefits", says the New York Times.

In CEO crimes, the CEO of RadiumOne, the sleazebag Gurbaksh Chahal, who was caught on tape hitting and kicking his "girlfriend" 117 times in an 30 minutes, and faced 45 felony charges, was sentenced to community service and probation after a judge threw out the video evidence against him in a decision many regarded as part of a Big Fix. He had posted $1 million bail.

In more bizarre crime news from the south, a Tennessee woman was found to have a loaded derringer in her vagina when searched.

In Florida, Tampa pitcher Josh Lueke's rape accusations have resurfaced.

Left: Mickey Easterling in death

The "open casket" funeral for Mickey Easterling was held in New Orleans today, with the body of Ms Easterling in repose on a wrought iron bench, with a champagne glass in her hand and draped in a pink feather boa. Ms Easterling was one of the great philanthropists and "high lifes" of the city,

The New York City police department asked the public to tweet photos of cops helping out and instead received tweet after tweet of police officers abusing suspects and other citizens. 

An Australian pop star, Iggy Azalea, says she now uses cops on stage because her fans, many of them young women, insist on assaulting her sexually at performances.

Bubble gum pop star Justin Bieber found himself a new source of controversy with a visit to a shrine for Japan's militarists, some of whom were convicted war criminals in WWII.

Apr 22

Left: Robert James Erdt

Mr. Erdt has been busted for theft and for parole/probation violation. He is listed on a Benton County page as one of those who absconded, on a heroin charge. He was busted notoriously a couple of years ago for having stolen a credit card from one of his own family, and then running up $1,409 on the card.

Corvallis cops interviewed a man spotted keying a car. "He said he keyed the car because he didn’t want his wife to park there. He thought if she continued to park there, the car would get towed and he would have to pay the fine".

An Oregon woman who says a neighbor's duck attacked her, resulting in injuries as she tried to "escape" is suing, saying the duck's owner should have posted warning signs. Beware of Vicious Duck.

An as yet unknown major screwup stole the dental glasses ("loupes") of a woman who has been providing free dental care for low income people in Eugene.

The rise and fall in crime rates in the U.S. tracks closely the introduction of leaded gasoline and its banning.

Former child star Glenn Unger was sentenced for scamming the public of $36 million with his right wing "sovereign citizen" scheme.

The academic crime wave reached a new peak today with an Oberlin professor charging a fellow academic with trying to murder him.

Chicago has tallied the weekend's shootings: 45, and the city is now being referred to as Chi-iraq

A Florida man who produced hundreds of porn videos for the bondage and S&M markets has been sentenced to prison for a video in which a woman is beating a homeless, developmentally disabled and mentally ill man.

The man who says he was raped by X-Men director Bryan Singer says Singer was part of a rape ring organized by the Florida founder of American Digital Network, now believed to be a fugitive abroad.

The armed Nevada rancher  ("Apocalypse Cow"), Cliven Bundy, who talks at length of the "ancestral rights" of his mormon forebears to sponge from the public has been shown to be a liar. His parents purchased the land only recently. In related news, a theme of this year's Burning Man will be Bundyfest, a mocking of the rancher.

The crooked former Virginia governor Robert McDonnel and his wife Maureen have a new champion bankrolling their defense - former Republican presidential candidate Mitch Romney.

A supposed lawsuit in Arizona by killer Jodi Arias after contracting hepatitis fooled TMZ and the major news channels but has been shown to be a hoax likely perpetuated by a Pennsylvania inmate known for his fatuous lawsuits.

The author George R.R. Martin has hit the directors of Game of Thrones over a controversial incestuous rape scene. "The whole dynamic has been changed" he complained.

A family touring a safari park were in the midst of the "lion habitat" when their car burst into flames. Rangers made them stay in the burning car until they managed to reach the vehicle. "Why couldn't it be the flamingos or the camels?" the panicky mother asked.

The most murderous countries in the world are in Central and South America, with Mexico the only North American nation to fall beyond the Pale. Those murder rates are deceptive however, since they are fed by the drug addictions of residents of the United States.

2 months before the World Cup, Rio's beachfront district erupted after a famed male samba dancer was mistaken for a drug dealer by police and beaten to death.

A top commander of the Christian militia Lord's Resistance Army associated with the notorious Joseph Kony has been captured and his kidnapped captives freed.

A boxer wrongly accused of being a human trafficker by Los Angeles baseball player has file suit, claiming that Yasiel Puig left Mexico courtesy of a boat supplied by Mexico's notorious drug cartel, the Zetas.

China says the visit of Japan's Prime Minister, a militarist whose own father was a convicted war criminal in WWII, to a shrine devoted to the Japanese army, can only increase tensions between Japan and other Asian countries.

After 4 months in jail, the trial of 3 journalists in Egypt has been postponed again, until May 9.

Apr 21

Left: John "Rocky" Conser

Mr. Conser is a frequent resident of the local jail. When he's not IN jail, he's just waiting to get more alcohol, it seems. He is a chronic nuisance, seldom a threat, and without a substantial community mental health program, he promises to remain so. This time, he is accused of dropping in on his dad, who has a restraining order on him, stabbing a chair with a knife and stealing a pack of cigarettes.

The man whose body was found floating in the Willamette at Albany had gotten off the bus in Corvallis and wandered off. A traveling companion had reported him missing. He was a registered sex offender and was on parole. The state said no foul play was involved and he had recently tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge in Roseburg.

In local drug crime news, the Portland death rate from heroin overdoses has been cut in half by a new law permitting  friends and family  to give injections of naloxone. No local figures are available, which is unsurprising since heroine addicts would be confessing.

The guy who shot a K-9 cop was arraigned today, being accused of working with 2 other guys to plan a series of robberies and kidnappings across the city to give them "capital" to launch a "start in life". The trio first stole uniforms and SWAT gear. The deal came undone when they wrecked an SUV.

The Sherwood, Oregon school teacher whose husband is a cop in that city pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a student at the high school where she taught. Her husband was investigated for "intimidation, harassment and official misconduct" of another student who filed a lawsuit.

Elsewhere, in West Virginia, a pedophile tricked 3 small and superstitious children into having sex with him by telling them he had special "magical powers" to cure their mom if they did.

In other news from the south, bigotry took a blow as students at Charleston College in South Carolina are defying the state legislature over an autobiographical play based upon a young lesbian's life. That didn't change anything with the Republican candidate for governor, who now is urging parents to remove their kids from all schools, since they're "Pharaoh's schools".

In Kentucky, "lax and incompetent prison officials stood by "and watched a man starve to death, a new AP report say.

A Texas driver "standing his ground" fired shots into a vehicle passing him, repeatedly, killing a 3 year old inside.

A Texas cop overwhelmed by fans rushing the soccer field snapped and started kicking, tripping and pushing fans.

The chairwoman of Rutger's Philosophy department is facing charges of having sexually molested a disabled man who was one of the subjects of her research.

A rogue fraternity at American University has been outed on Gawker, through a series of texts and emails sent by members, which have been characterized as a "rape culture".

A U.S. marshal shot a Crip who charged the witness stand with a pencil in Utah.

2 preppies paying $35,000 a year for school were arrested today for running a drug ring in Philadelphia colleges and prep schools, using their connections.

A South Carolina man found strolling through the Health & Beauty section at Walmart said he had "accidentally" done meth and "it really made me crazy". Apparently there are Walmart shoppers NOT on meth.

In another blow to bigotry, a Seattle church took a stand to defend a gay scout leader despite having their charter ripped from them by the Boy Scouts.

The submersible Bluefin has now completed 2/3 of the search for traces of a missing Malaysian airliner with no trace.

Bahrain has sacked prison officials following a jailbreak. The 2 who escaped will be more-than-replaced by 12 who were sentenced to life imprisonment for agitating on behalf of the Shiite minority.

Israeli extremist squatters on Palestinian lands are staging a vote among themselves as to whether it should be legal for them to turn their arms on Israeli soldiers.


Above: Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, wrongly convicted of murder and jailed 19 years until a campaign which included a Bob Dylan song and a Denzel Washington film exonerated him, has died at age 76 of prostate cancer.

Corvallis cops say they are extending their sweeps of downtown Corvallis for another week.

Local cops are trying to identify the person whose body was found in the Willamette, approximately 6'2" with graying hair and beard.

An Oregon boy scout master has been arrested on charges of abusing a child over years.

Portland cops are out in force after recent gang shootings.

A homeless guy in Portland thwarted a woman's attempt to rob a food cart owned by a vendor who "feeds him, takes care of him".

Brett Miiler, an idiot in Lake Oswego who cops say tried strangling his daughter at a softball game has been arrested

Oregon prisons are struggling with policies for transgender inmates.

"Today marked the first 4/20 since weed has been legal to use and sell recreationally in Denver, Colorado, and by the looks of it, it was exactly the utopia of Mr. Potato Head-shaped bongs, Nutella pancakes, and people with names like "Dina Compassion" that you'd imagine."

The Obama administration, which promised to address all petitions drawing 100,000 signatures, is refusing to comment after all on a petition by 275,000 to deport the Canadian bubble gummer idol Justin Biebert.

An anarchist group in the Bay Area is demanding $3 billion from google to set up "anarchist colonies". Anyone familiar with "the Counterforce" knows that they'd have trouble running a bake sale, to say nothing of a "colony".

In Nevada, the rancher who has stolen more than $1 million from the public at the point of a gun, Cliven Bundy, is threatening more, egged on by Fox News.

In bigotry news, a contemptible Supreme Court has accomplished what no one thought was possible - the resegregation of schools in the south.

Robin Hood

In Florida, a little girl who lost token after token finally snapped and figured how to crawl into the game, and hand out the prizes to other kids, even taking requests.

But it wasn't all bad news from the southwest and south:

In India, a greedy businessman went to the doctor and complained of trouble with his bowel movements and nausea. Doctors found he had swallowed a pound of gold in bars to escape taxes and customs authorities.

In the Ukraine, separatists at a checkpoint were fired on by 4 vehicles in a drive-by shooting at 3 AM and returned fire. At least 1 is dead.

In Malaysia, an opposition leader is once again facing phony sex charges from the government. It's almost reminiscent of the U.S. instigated charges against Wikipedia's Julian Assange.

Apr 19

Above: Some of the Douglas County mugshots of Dillan Paul Prudhomme, arrested on a wide variety of charges. He has been arrested in Corvallis several times, most recently for not appearing on criminal mischief and driving while suspended charges, a parole violation, etc.
   Douglas County is one of several in southern Oregon who had come to depend on low taxes due to subsidies from the rest of the country, for their law enforcement services. However, a quick glance at Mr. Prudhomme's mugshots suggests another problem at work. Since Ronald Reagan slashed the nation's mental health system to transfer resources to the rich (the now lampooned "trickle down" theory), the primary response mechanism for the mentally ill has been the cops.

Left: "Father Isidore" (Stanley Brittain)

The Christian crime wave reared its ugly head in Corvallis again, with an Albany associate pastor in a Corvallis church, Stanley Brittain, found naked in his Albany trailer, strung out on meth and with his computer loaded with kiddie porn that one of the authorities described as "extremely disturbing".
   Known as Father Isidore, Brittain was previously a cleric in Alaska. Cops had been tipped off by the feds' Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.

Also in Albany, 2 parents who, cops say, let their own child die so they could practice their superstitious beliefs in "faith healing" are trying to keep out evidence of their religious views from the trial.

In Texas, 2 guys were caught trying to dump the body of a bicyclist they'd run over and killed. Also in Texas, a car thief, who tried to run off with an auto whose motor was left running while a mother fetched the baby's bottle from the house, got more than he bargained for when 2 small boys in the car turned on him. "One of the boys was punching the man in the face; the other was hitting him with a rubber snake".

In Arkansas, an ex-cop trying to torch the hot dog stand of an anti-corruption blogger died when the blogger tackled him and the cop's head hit the pavement.

Chinese authorities have tentatively confirmed Vietnamese accounts of a group of Uighurs (a Moslem minority in China) trying to force the border into Vietnam and grabbing the guns of the border guards to shoot it out with them.

Toronto's crackhead mayor announced his re-election today, with all the swag a drug kingpin can buy.

Bigotry was alive and well with Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, once highly regarded but now a decrepit paranoid tyrant, saying gays and "homosexual nonsense" will not be tolerated in the country, and offering support for Uganda, where American Christian preachers have whipped up murderous crowds.

In Portland, where a woman beat her child to death because she thought he was "turning gay" received a life sentence. "He walks and talks like it. Ugh", she wrote her partner, saying they would have to "work on" the small child.

Apr 18

Left: Douglas Thompson Von Euen

Mr. Von Euen has been charged with domestic violence (assault), theft and 39 counts of ID theft. Last year, he was charged in a case when cops said he was assaulting his girlfriend and a neighbor came out with a cane sword to stop the beating. Cops said Euen and 2 friends grabbed the Good Samaritan and slashed him repeatedly with the sword.

The privately owned prison telephone racket - charging as much as $20 for a local telephone call - has been capped at $3.75 per call. The hedge funds who own the companies are trying to unload them as a result. Mr. Von Euen may get his chance to try it. He won't be unfamiliar with it. He is from Sheridan, the gazette said last year. Sheridan is where the federal prison is located, and is the town's leading industry.

Right: Dallas Swonger

The guy who urinated in Portland's water supply claims he urinated on the wall, not in the reservoir. The city Water Supply chief snorted "When you see the video, he’s leaning right up because he has to get his little wee wee right up to the iron bars. There’s really no doubt what he’s doing".
   Swonger whimpered "It’s no f*ckin’ joke, dude. I don’t want people thinkin’ that Dallas is a dumb ass because he pissed in the f*ckin’ water. In our drinking water."
   It's too late for Dallas. A million people now have watched him take out "his little wee wee" and urinate in the water supply.
   Homeland Security may have a few charges to lay against Dallas. And even his mother seems to know domething is amiss. As he finished the interview with Vocativ, she shouted to him "Now Dallas, don't do anything stupid!".

BP executive Keith Seilhan is paying a "fine". As the person charged with handling the BP spill, Seilhan dumped his stock after lying to the public about the size of the spill. He "was able  to avoid over $100,000 in losses", and then, once the figures were released and BP stock had dropped 48%, he repurchased the shares at half price ("We tried just writing 400 more words of F*CK YOU YOU F*CKING F*CK but the Editrix told us we had to actually “write” a 'post.' Some people are so uptight."

Michael's has confirmed that the January credit card theft affected 3 million debit and credit cards.

In Portland, a guy had a stash of 1000 Trimet passes he was peddling through craigslist for $100 each, cops say.

In Washington County, a man from Florida - YIKES! people from FLORIDA allowed here in Oregon?!! - was caught running a scam to pay tens of thousands for stolen Nike sneakers to ship around the country.

Oracle has taken the week to spin alibis for their miserable performance in the scam of several hundred million dollars involving the Oregon Health Plan.

The cat who trapped an Oregon family seems to have a sympathetic feline in California, where another cat mauled a family and trapped them until the called 911.

Employers stealing from the wages of the lowliest of employees are given free passes, with no prosecution.

More than 100 killers, including the recent slayer of elderly Jews in Kansas City, have now been linked to the single site of

Kansas City cops believe they have caught the man behind 12 road rage incidents which resulted in him shooting other drivers.

Sigma Phi Epsilon has closed the University of Mississippi chapter after 3 members draped a Confederate flag extract over the face of the school's first African-American student and hung a noose around his neck. The fraternity will lose their house at the end of the semester and both the FBI and the school are pursuing the matter.

Virginia has decided to allow owners to continue operating for 40 years the pens in which wild animals are placed and dog owners watch their mastiffs tear the animals apart for a fee. All that's missing are porn actresses from Texas or Florida to make money on crush movies.

In south Carolina, a 6 year old son riding in the car of a gun fetishist discovered a pistol under the car seat and shot and shot his dad's girlfriend, killing her.

Also in South Carolina, an irate City Council grilled the town's mayor for firing a gay police chief because, he said, "gays are worse than drunks".

A flyer which appeared in the separatist regions of Ukraine was a fake, police say, probably distributed by Ukrainian nationalists whose anti-Semitism has raised angry protests in Europe.

A Dutch child pornographer has been identified as the man who cyber-bullied and tormented a 15 year old Pacific Northwesterner to her suicide, which became an internet sensation.

Canadian cops have arrested a man in connection with the use of Heartbleed to steal from Canada's IRS.

The vice principal of a ferry which sank off Korea has been found hanged.

Arrests warrants are being issued for the captain and 2 sailors aboard the capsized South Korean ferry.

Apr 17

Right: Cody Ray Guthrie

Another gift from Linn County, Mr. Guthrie was arrested for heroin sales and possession, for violating his parole,being a felon with a weapon, another weapon charge, possessing meth, etc.

We need to take a moment and memorialize one of the greatest chroniclers of the criminal elements among us, the 1 %. Argentine writer Gabriel García Márquez has passed today, in Mexico at age 87.

The ongoing Christian crime wave dominated crime news again today.

Left: Doug Phillips

The "uber-wholesome" image that TV's Duggar family ("19 Kids & Counting") has tried to present of the patriarchy,and the "Quiverfull" movements has been unraveling in the wake of the child-rape accusations against their leader, Doug Phillips. Their patriarchal World Vision has disbanded.

Court documents were filed  connecting Mr. Phillips with grooming a child for abusing her sexually. Christian blogs are referring to the abuse as he did - as "inappropriate". However, sex abuse is as much a crime in Texas, where his church is based, as elsewhere. Unless you're connected, as Mr. Phillips seems to be. Training a kid "to be his sex slave" should have brought the roof down on the preacher.  In related news, another porn star (Stephanie Hird, aka "Megan Jones") has been arrested in Florida for making crush videos involving the torture and killing of animals in a sexual context.

Left: Stephanie Hird ("Megan Jones")

The spokesman for the Patriarchy Association of Phillips wasn't bashful about making a horse's ass of himself. He spent his day telling the country that we should be worshiping the ground underneath the wealthy: "Rather than the poor, the low income and the middle class being resentful of these people, they should be kissing the ground on which they walk". That's a little different from what Jesus said: "Jesus looked at him and loved him. “One thing you lack,” he said. “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”
At this the man’s face fell. He went away sad, because he had great wealth. Jesus looked around and said to his disciples, “How hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God!"
And hard for Christians too, it seems.

The Christians had a little trouble swallowing the Obamas' tax return, because they only gave $1500 to their church. They gave nothing to the World Vison or Quiverfull, the openly patriarchal church groups in trouble today.They did give " $59,000, or about 12 percent, to totally God-hating causes like the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society and the Red Cross." That doesn't count, because only the preachers are entitled to charity.

A Christian mayor in Michigan has taken it upon himself to decide that the Constitution's freedom of religion clause does not apply to people who have no religion. Freedom from Christians is not covered, he says.

A Christian hate group in Iowa has asked students to tear out the section on Islam from their history books. A local legislator has said gays deserve to die and Moslums are threats to the the country.

In other religious news, the Jewish population has long suffered from Ukrainians as well as from invaders (Poles, Letts, Germans). Today it's getting worse, as Jewish people have been required to register and pay a special tax in the separatist region.

In other crime news, a cop shot himself trying to kill a dog he claimed was lunging for him. A local TV station later showed the small dog, much smaller than he'd reported, playing with neighborhood kids.

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans has now experienced ID theft. More than 20% have had their social networking IDs taken over.

In the same sort of racket that sent Teamster official Jimmy Hoffa to prison, New Jersey Republican governor Chris Christie has funneled state pension money to the corporation whose CEO is a crony. No prison here.

Similarly, the law firm Christie hired to give him a "clean bill of health" is tied to a group Christie leads.

Also in New Jersey, a mother is accused of driving into the ocean deliberately in hopes of drowning her children.

Corporations are now claiming that by using coupons, "liking" them on Facebook, or even entering a chain outlet means giving up the right to take them to court.

An Arkansas gynecologist has been charged with taking pictures of the intimate parts of his patients with his cellphone. He should go to work for google.

A Spanish judge is refusing to dismiss charges against Republican ex-president George Bush for crimes committed in office.

An Iranian murderer was on the gallows, his head hooded, his arms tied and a noose around his neck awaiting the drop when his victim's mother approached and slapped him before commuting his sentence as permitted by Iranian law.

In Brazil, where the cops are on strike, looters are gutting shops in a site of the 2014 World Cup matches.

Apr 16

Right: James Alfred Crotsley

Mr. Crotsley has been arrested 3 times in Corvallis for parole violations although he is another Albany gift. He was charged more than 20 years ago with forcing a 14 year old girl into an apartment, forced her to do " several acts of deviate sexual intercourse", then raped her. He is charged with another parole violation.

In related news, the Christian crime wave didn't let up today. A Minnesota preacher is being sought in 59 cases of raping young girls he called Maidens and told that being raped is "being sacrificed to god" and is "normal". He is thought to be hiding in the Pacific Northwest.

WANTED: Victor ArdenBarnhard, age 52  

In other rape crime news, a report on the investigation of the Florida State football player and Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston has found that there was no investigation at all. A freshman student who reported the rape says "A detective cautioned her against pursuing the case, saying Tallahassee was a big football town and the accuser would be “raked over the coals.” That detective, Scott Angulo, has done private security work for the Seminole Boosters organization.

In Texas, Republican governor Rick Perry cut the state office investigating malfeasance, and he is himself the subject of such a probe now.

In Alabama, Auburn University is closed because someone left a threat of a "rampage of biblical proportions". That could mean anything. Maybe some one will turn on the hoses to try flooding the place, or try to round up some locusts and release them.

In Missouri, it turns out the entire town of the madman who shot murdered 3 elderly Jewish residents in a retirement home share his views. The city library carries the book written by the shooter, "A White Man Speaks Out" and the Mayor agrees with him that "There some things that are going on in this country that are destroying us,” he said. “We’ve got a false economy and it’s, some of those corporations are run by Jews because the names are there. The fact that the Federal Reserve prints up phony money and freely hands it out, I think that’s completely wrong. The people that run the Federal Reserve, they’re Jewish."

In other crime news from the southland, an Alabama woman has been charged with murder after gunning down her son’s boyfriend at a truck stop. “We don’t see this in any way being a hate crime,” Sgt. Dale Phillips noted. “We see this being a family having issues in this."

The bigots were out in force. An Ohio man was sentenced for beating and starving his disabled brother to "drive the gay out". In related news, an Oregon City teen objecting to a high school Day of Silence for teens who died because of being gay, either by murder or suicide made some t-shirts. "I just made it say ‘Gay Day is not OK,’ because I don’t believe that it’s OK". Then he fell back on the old "I have no problem with gay people, except for all the problems I have with gay people" routine.
'Actually, dude, when you are mad that people even get to BE SILENT about being gay and you are pissed that people want to point out that gay students get bullied, that is pretty much the textbook definition of having a problem with the gays! Weird, huh?'

He might not want to be in India right now, where the government has just recognized transgender people as "a third gender". "The court also ordered the government to provide transgender people with quotas in jobs and education in line with other minorities, as well as offer adequate health care and separate bathroom and other facilities to them". However, the same court in December criminalized gay sex.

Left: K-9 Sgt. Mick

A Portland police K-9 dog was shot and killed as 3 burglars decided to shoot it out with the cops and lost, killing Mick and wounding his partner Jeff Dorn.

The new stamp in Finland would drive this kid crazy. The late "Tom of Finland" (Touko Laaksonen), a WWII Finnish Army officer whose art was focused on the gay male S&M scene, is having several stamps issued with his prints:

It might not be just the evangelicals who would have issues with the US Postal Service issuing such stamps.

In other strange sex crimes, a Wu Tang clan rapper is said to have cut off his penis and tried to commit suicide by jumping from a 2nd story balcony.

In other sex crime news, Louisiana has voted to keep oral sex a crime in the state. The state thus joins Kansas, North Carolina and Oklahoma as the only state in the union where oral sex is a crime but necrophilia (sex with dead bodies) is OK.

In Egypt, women are saying the nation's police have become Montana-like in not pursuing sexual crimes.

From the subcontinent, the owner - who is also a major political figure - of the 9 story factory which collapsed and killed more than 1000 workers making garments for Sears, Walmart, Benetton and others has been charged with murder in Bangladesh.

A Nebraska 3 year old whose frantic mom had been searching for him since he had gone through an unlocked apartment door, while she was in the bathroom, was found when a bowling alley owner reported a child had figured how to slip into a "claw machine" to play with the toys.

U.S. citizens paid an average of $1,259 to make up for the cash squirreled away illegally by the rich in overseas tax fraud.

Another of google's glassholes has been robbed of her intrusive gadget - at taser point.

Another study showing that spanking children only creates angry psychopaths is out, but the average 4 year old is still getting spanked 936 times a year.

The Bostonian who dropped a nag at the Marathon a year after a bomb was placed there says it was a "performance piece". Kayvon Edson has mental issues, says a psychologist who evaluated him.

In Nigeria, police and the army freed the schoolgirls kidnapped yesterday.

Apr 15

Left: Jay Michael Baker

Mr. Baker has been jailed in Corvallis some 15 times in the past 3-4 years. He has been arrested for meth, parole violations, drug traffic court offenses, etc. This time it's for a parole violation.

In other drug crime news, Amazon's automatic recommendations for the purchaser of a digital drug scale ("balance") based on other buyers included "a quickstart kit for selling drugs":
"spice" grinders
Pipe screens
Rolling paper and tray bundle
Bulk pure caffeine powder
Skull baggies
Pot-leaf baggies
An encapsulation machine and gelatin capsules
A scientific spatula
"Air Tight Odorless Medical Jar Herb Stash Medicine Container"
Digital caliper
A tool for cleaning a gun part
A safe in the form of a Dr.     Pepper can
Potassium Metabisulfite
A drug testing kit ("This kit contains the same reagent chemicals as found in Justice Department test kits")
Beta alanine powder
An actual drug called kratom

In other crime news, the techies of Silicon Valley have now made it a crime to sleep in your car ("it erodes their quality of life").

In Tennessee, having a bay who is born with "birth defects" can now result in imprisonment after an automatic investigation into whether a mother used drugs, including alcohol while pregnant.

The Missourian who gunned down elderly Jews in Kansas City yesterday was an FBI informant inside the Klan and a star witness 25 years ago.

In Arizona, the governor signed a bill for warrantless searches of women's clinics, which is a clear violation of the Constitution but with the current Supreme Court and their Republican-appointed old style Catholics, the Constitution is only what money and power determines it is.

In Boston, 2 bags detonated at the finish line contained a rice cooker, confetti and camera equipment.

A drunk who pissed on the Alamo in private has been sentenced to a year and a half in prison. He's ineligible for parole.

The purported "mystery man" who was an internet suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing a year ago has now been thoroughly exonerated by a photographer who snapped pictures before the explosion, showing the man was having a bbq and lounging in a chair on a roof, then rushed when the explosion occurred.

The Christian crime wave rolled on with a lawsuit filed that the Christian Quiverfull and Vision Forum Ministries "groomed" a child as his personal sex slave over years "so that he could use her for his sexual gratification". The lawsuit says the married preacher "repeatedly groped, rubbed, and touched Ms. Torres’s crotch, breasts, and other areas of her body; rubbed his penis on her; masturbated on her; forced her to watch him masturbate on her; and ejaculated upon
her." You can read the lawsuit here.

The Nigerian group Boko Haram, whose name means "western education is forbidden" is being blamed for the kidnapping of 100 schoolgirls in Borno state.

The 9/11 conspiracy theorist Mike Rupport shot himself last night after recording his radio show. He left " elaborate instructions for how to proceed without him."

3 financial traders were accused of manipulating interest rates over 4 years in England, which is a lucrative pastime in financial circles.

A vast study by scientists at Princeton and Northwestern University has shown that the U.S. is a failed non-democratic state under the thumb of a cartel composed of "business interests". They wrote that "our results provide substantial support for theories of Economic Elite Domination.." Add to the mix the wide spread flouting of the law by business interests - where the law has not been yet "bent" to serve them - and the U.S. is beginning to look like Juarez. And not because of immigrants.

In related news, Republicans in Oklahoma banned cities from raising minimum wages. Tennessee Republicans likewise banned the construction of mass transit anywhere in the state. That might interfere with the profits of oil corporations and would be an implicit critique of the "dirty energy kings", the Koch brothers.

The smuggling of cash into foreign countries to hide it is at times not confined to  the U.S. Today, German customs officials found 8,000 Euros hidden in a woman's clothes and her husband had 200,000 Euros taped to his crotch.

In the U.S., the ratio of CEO earnings to those of workers increased significantly in the past 3 years, being now 331 times the average worker's salary and 774 times the average worker making minimum wage. And for little or no work. A team on Tax Day presented the Walton (Walmart) family with a bill for $7.8 billion taken from the public via the federal government, for welfare payments to underpaid employees of the corporation..

The Onondaga Iroquois are taking a court case to the Inter-American Commission, claiming New Yorkers have stolen 2.5 million acres from them.

An Australian woman texting with 7 others as she drove before hitting a bicyclist and injuring his spine says she cares: "I just don't care because I've already been through a lot of bullshit and my car is like pretty expensive and now I have to fix it..I'm kind of pissed off that the cyclist has hit the side of my car."

Right: Wesley Ryan Jacks

Mr. Jacks is another Albany alumni, arrested this time for theft, stealing a car, etc. In November, cops stopped him after Walmart reported him for shoplifting, and the car he was driving had been stolen from an Albany high school. Two years ago, he was busted for theft, forgery and drugs.

It might be funny of it weren't so serious but the hedge funds - in this case, Bain Capital of Mitt Romney fame - who brought us the heroin epidemic via doctors prescribing beaucoup de vicodin and oxycodone are now promising us relief with their methadone clinics.

Mr. Jacks should be thankful this is not the Bolivian Amazon, where 2 guys accused of stealing motorbikes were tied to a tree with venomous ants which nearly killed them. 1 was in intensive care and the other is on dialysis for kidney failure.

In Missouri, the white supremacist who shot a dozen Jewish people at a retirement center in Kansas was - oh, shock! - a supporter of Republican David Duke, whose affiliation with the Teabag Party has been noted. Frazier Miller himself ran for office, declaring in 2010 that "We’ve set back and allowed the Jews to take over our government, banks, and our media. We’ve allowed tens of millions of foreign mud-people to invade our country, steal our jobs, and our women and destroy our children’s future. America is no longer ours. America belongs to the Jews who rule it, and the mud-people who multiply in it. The undeniable proof is that at davidduke. com."
That certainly sounds like a Teabagger manifesto.

Teabag Party leader Ted Cruz is again bashing Obama for not crushing states which vote make pot legal.

In Tennessee, the Christian crime wave rolled on, with another preacher arrested for raping a child.

Speaking of sadsacks, perennial small time thief Dusty Risland has at long last earned himself a trip to prison, a reader has informed us.

Right: Dusty Risland, busted 11 15 16 times since November.

About the Risland Rehab Clinic
Dusty Risland, for whom the Risland Rehab Clinic (see above) is named, is back in jail. Mr. Risland was recently busted for criminal trespassing, criminal possession of a forged instrument (counterfeit $20), felon in possession of a weapon and meth. The Dusty Risland Clinic mentioned in this column is strictly online, consisting of repetitive viewing of the video below, until the technique is mastered. The assumption of the Clinic is that there is a small subset labeled criminals who actually just do not know how to change their adult diapers when they full and are showing up, bewildered, seeking police assistance. That is the only possible explanation a rational person could come to. NOBODY could POSSIBLY be so stupid and inept, as criminals, as people like Mr. Risland pretend to be.

Note: there are several sleazy websites across the country posting mugshots, utilizing photos owned by the public, in the public domain, all run by Portlander Kyle Ritter, which will remove your mugshot for $39 or such from their sites. This is not one of them. Do not send in cash trying to have a mugshot removed. It would just be a waste of your time and your money. Instead, put your time into turning your life around. And your money into your kids.

Weekly Column ON Planned Parenthood AND WOMEN
ABOVE: Cecile Richards, President Planned Parenthood
Oregonians have been given an additional month to apply for new, more affordable health insurance plans!

If you still need to get covered, enrollment closes on April 30th. If you do not apply by the end of the month, you will need to wait until the next enrollment period begins in November, and you may have to pay a fine. (Those who qualify for the Oregon Health Plan can apply year-round.)

If you’ve already had a positive enrollment experience, please reply to this message to share your story! To help counter all of the conservative scare tactics against the Affordable Care Act, we need to hear from people like you who know about the life-changing, cost-saving benefits of the law.

Just this week, President Obama announced that 8 million Americans have enrolled, including 200,000 here in Oregon. And he urged conservatives to stop wasting time and money trying to roll back the clock: “No woman can be charged more just for being a woman. Those days are over.” Meanwhile, according to Gallup, states like Oregon that have embraced the Affordable Care Act are seeing their uninsured rates dropping much faster than states that have resisted reform. In fact, the percentage of uninsured Americans has already hit its lowest point since 2008!

Despite all of the website problems, we are working hard to educate Oregonians that the Affordable Care Act still represents “one giant leap for women’s health.” Politico recently recognized that Oregon’s enrollment numbers remained strong throughout the technical glitches “partly because of sustained community outreach efforts” such as our Healthy Neighborhood Canvasses across the state. 

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Friday, April 18 through Thursday April 24.

THE WIND RISES: On Our NEW Digital Projector and Sound!!! This animated film is one of the most rapturously beautiful that Miyazaki has made, and all the more unsettling because of it. Subtitled Japanese.

PARTICLE FEVER: Physicists are on the cusp of the greatest scientific discovery of all time -- or perhaps their greatest failure. "Even the most math-averse viewer will be on pins and needs to know the results."

LE WEEK-END: A British couple return to Paris many years after their honeymoon there in an attempt to rejuvenate their marriage. Lindsay Duncan, Jim Broadbent, Jeff Goldblum

13 SINS: A cryptic phone call sets off a dangerous game of risks for Elliot, a down-on-his luck salesman. The game promises increasing rewards for completing 13 tasks, each more sinister than the last.

Thank you for supporting the Darkside, now celebrating EIGHT years in business! That's 16 years if you count the Avalon Cinema!
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Right: Nnenna Nkwanma

The Internet Conference opened in Brazil today with corporate control of  the internet by American companies and the NSA repeatedly trashed. An African representative, Nnenna Nwakanma, closed with "Edward Snowden, thank you".

An artist is using open source satellite imaging to expose all the drones in the world.

Apr 24
NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, is tossing a random number generator developed by the NSA, for "a legitimate and obvious reason" - the NSA is globally not regarded as trustworthy .

Australians say that a 1 cent lens can turn a cell phone camera into a microscope, promising great things for physicians in undeveloped countries.

The recommendation of a working group is that the Oracle version of Cover Oregon has been so botched that the best alternative is to walk away from the expensive boondoggle and adopt a federal version available to states.

The FCC has the same sort of revolving door with corporations that the rest of government has.

Amazon has been exposed as relying upon poorly paid contractors for deliveries, on people who are required to "pay for their own gas. They pay for their own car repairs. They even pay the company for their insurance, paperwork, and equipment rental. On top of that, since they aren't employees, they have a hard time unionizing, they get slammed on their taxes, and they don't get benefits. "

Brazil has signed into law the world's first declaration of fundamental internet rights, which includes privacy and net neutrality.

San Francisco is hauling into court 2 landlords who illegally evicted disabled people so they could rent the homes on Airbnb for as much as $595 a night.

The growth of the "sharing economy" - selling or renting one's limited resources - has become a mainstay of a dying middle class in the U.S.

The stripping of the internet of anything not profitable to the telecommunication firms was made official today, as the FCC junked net neutrality.

Texting on cell phones is overcoming illiteracy around the world in ways schools never could.

A game maker is touting a game which is said to be able to diagnose Alzheimer's onset.

Quentin Tarantino's bizarre claim that Gawker encouraged copyright abuse by simply linking to a pirated copy of his script was put to rest by a judge who basically laughed Tarantino out of court.

Apr 23
Left: Lara Croft, CEO

Gamestop tried to broaden its gender appeal by showing a female executive in management photos, and could only come up with the fictional Lara Croft.

China will cope with Microsoft's abandonment of Windows XP with an operating system derived from Linux.

An old puzzle about why so little Xenon gas is found on earth has been answered - the missing gas is in the earth's core.

A new facial algorithm for facial recognition outperforms humans for the first time.

The discovery of more planets like earth able to sustain life means the Fermi Paradox is likely real - the idea that intelligent life is either extremely rare or tends to become extinct.

The long sought for CyanogenMod smart phone is finally here, and at a very affordable price.

Surprisingly, "city killer" sized asteroids strike the earth about twice a year, at least since 2000.

The 5 clowns who run the Supreme Court as a proxy for corporate entities are self-admittedly computer illiterate and their action on the Aereo case today could effectively wipe out storage on the internet.

If not for DRM from Hulu and Netflix, data plan bandwidth could go much further. As if providers ever would agree to that.

WalletHub turned their attention momentarily to politics and re-discovered an age old paradox: the "red states" who complain loudest about government assistance to others are themselves the biggest consumers of public assistance.

A new study shows that "600,000 manufacturing jobs are unfilled nationally because employers can't find qualified workers." Calls for bringing back shop classes to study welding, plumbing, etc. have followed.

Apr 22
Old technology at best, the era of the 2nd Amendment

Linksys router owners were given a nasty surprise in December, learning that their routers left open a "back door" for hackers. Now, the same security researcher needed to access his own router remotely and found that he could do so without a password, as before. The backdoor was only hidden, not fixed, in December and he suspects it's deliberate.

David Einhorn, the financial analyst who shorted Lehman Brothers before the collapse under George Bush of financial stocks, is sayng we are now witnessing the 2nd "bubble in 15 years".

Facebook still powers 53% of all global logins, often at third party sites.

About those complaints of yours to the cable company,
'we’d like to do a little customer service satisfaction survey. Do you find dealing with Time Warner Cable, which is probably your broadband provider if Comcast is not, the most awful thing you can imagine or only in the top ten? Haha it doesn’t matter because your complaints will always go unheeded, sucka, as Time Warner can do things like just keep no records of your ceaseless phone calls and verbal complaints when you are just trying to get your fucking cable to work to show you the House Hunters International marathon. No records equals no complaints to report! Everybody wins. Except you. '

2 hackers were sentenced today for lowering Comcast bills an average of $400+ for customers who paid them $75-100.

OpenSSL, the code that produced the Heartbleed virus, has been underfunded despite being used by the richest corporations on the internet, and is broken beyond repair says the guy who spotted the problem. He is devising a whole new fork for his customers.

Chicago is allowing families to check out "hot spots" including free internet and a laptop from the library.

English taxpayers are livid over the right wing government's plan to sell their data to advertisers.

More old technology: a hard cheese school in France turned down a lucrative offer from North Korea to send a couple of cheesemakers to teach. The cheesemakers told the North Koreans that "a tie-up with the reclusive Stalinist School 'is not part of our business plan".

"Following a new trend that has Russian youths climbing any tall structure they can to snap a victorious selfie at the top, [Xenia] Ignatyeva had hoped for a nighttime shot with the train tracks stretching away behind her. According to her devastated grandmother, Olga, she wanted “the most dramatic effect. As Ignatyeva lost her balance, she frantically grabbed a live wire that sent 1,500 volts of electricity coursing through her body "

The 5 clowns who effectively make up the Supreme Court - 4 old line Catholics and the porn king of the Court,  Clarence Thomas, admit their own computer illiteracy and yet are deciding the Aereo case this week with vast implications for the internet.

The "creep" problem of google glass has become so big that even google co-founder Larry Page has stopped wearing them.

Fract is a game that tricks you into writing the theme music as you play.

ATT is launching an online service they hope can compete with Netflix

Since Microsoft has stopped providing security updates fro Windows XP, the Chinese government has taken over that task in China. "Windows 8 is fairly expensive and will increase government procurement costs", said a government expert.

Apr 21
As we predicted, Netflix plans to raise prices, pleading the increased costs of paying Comcast off, although the 2 firms are owned by the same set of hedge funds. It's such a wonderful scam for them. It was a very popular move with the same hedge funds who control Wall Street, by the way.

Koreans have perfected a wireless charger that will charge 40 phones from 12 feet away.

New York is going to subpoena 15,000 Airbnb hosts "illegally renting out their apartments".

Old, unused AOL email addresses are apparently being used by hackers to send out malware and spam.

Hitachi has a 45 mph elevator going into a 111 story building in China. This will end well.

The president of GitHub implicated in a "hostile work environment" involving his wife and emplyees, has resigned.

The first trial from a patent troll case to actually go to its conclusion has been disastrous for the trolls, with the judge referring to their "patents" as "nothing more than the mere manipulation or reorganization of data".

Gofor is the new Uber of drones, an app which finds the nearest available drones for rent.

Popular film director Josh Whedon is using the web to distribute his latest film.

Apr 20
If you're seeing error messages on your android device today, Samsung has had a fire at a data center and worldwide people are having problems accessing apps.

A major figure in Europe's media industry said google is running what "in less reputable circles would be called a protection racket" and said that in Europe there had been "fundamental shift in opinion" on google in the last year.

Twitter has caved to the Turkish government and blocked accounts of those who are critical of the Prime Minister.

Internet access reduces depression by 33% among isolated retirees.

100% electric cars are now out-selling hybrids in the U.S.

The recording industry is trying to squeeze Pandora in a move unlikely to benefit musicians.

A man born without a left hand has found a $50 3D hand more adept than the $42,000 prosthetic he'd previously been using.

Several "intense days of coding" led to an open source solution to the problem of overcoming obfuscation and contacting Congress directly with email.

Tesla needs a gigafactory for the batteries, so the resale value of a car approaching the end of its 8 year battery life does not mean replacing a $25,000-40,000 battery,

Unable to draw crowds based on religious issues ("There was a time when hell sold Easter. But not today. Nobody wants to hear about hell on Easter said the "creative director" at a Texas megachurch."), churches are trying to suck in Easter attendees with giveaways of electronics or themes such as those based on zombies, from AMC the Walking Dead,

While the US government has demonstrably become a plaything of the rich drawing scrutiny, google and facebook are entirely unelected superpowers no being examined, England's Telegraph argued today..

A Scientology anti-psychiatry group is boasting of a $10,000 monthly stipend from google.

Over the past 3 years, hardware prices have fallen 20-30% annually for storage devices, but the costs of renting storage - the "cloud" - have only fallen 6-8%. "Kaching!" says Amazon, seconded by google.

Google is refunding the money of the thousands of users who downloaded a fake Virus Shield app that coders showed did nothing except show a few bells and whistles.

Apr 19
Nike has bowed to the inevitable and is junking the
Fuelband" wearable, laying off 70-80% of those working on it. The firm will produce no more wearables.

Scientists have shown that large amounts of graphene can be quickly produced with organic salts and electric current.

Aereo, which provides antennas the size of a dime to stream television to a device from television signals generally stored on the web ("cloud"), is getting an Appeals court hearing which will influence the future heavily.

One of the giants of audio today called most "high end" audio solutions "snake oil" and said FLAC, developed by Grateful Dead fans to trade bootleg recordings, remains the best choice.

18% of Americans believe the Flintstones cartoon about cave dwellers with dinosaurs who are used for steam shovels by humans riding them, is "loosely based on a true story" - i.e., a docudrama. Most of them likely hail from the "bible belt", where a leading creationist argued that Noah's ark could after all have house all the dinosaurs if he only took baby reptiles.

Tin selenide has been found to be the most efficient thermoelectric material known, and may provide huge savings in devices.

A very complex set of rules for the coming auction of bandwidth by the FCC were issued today. A reconfiguration of UHF, reverse and forward auction all present troublesome scenarios.

Myelin, vital for neuron transmission, has been shown to be a relatively recent addition in the brain. That turns brain research on its head.

With a module for a set of experiments, "after months of delays, SpaceX‘s Falcon 9 rocket lifted off today carrying cargo bound for the International Space Station."

A dual laser configuration may soon make "rainmaking" a reality.

Meteorites may have provided the B3 molecules which can lead to the development of life forms, new analysis by NASA suggests.

With "millions nationwide are signing up for Squandr, a new social discovery app employing GPS technology to match users with others in their vicinity who also wasted $2.99 on the same software", the Onion has accurately captured the app scene.

Apr 18

Above: a 3D printed Gran Torino wasn't as successful as hoped, is the "muscle car from hell".

Noted AI guru Steve Omohundro published a warning today that a "robot apocalypse" is coming unless steps are taken immediately. Google is scaring everyone knowledgable as the new and much more insidious Evil Empire.

A moment please, of silence, for one of the most respected editors of Wikipedia. Adrianne Wadewitz, an expert in 19th century English literature - especially women's literature, died recently while rock climbing.

Meshnet is the name for a new, totally encrypted and net separate from the established internet and its increasing control by corporations.

A Swedish corporation's plan to brighten the moon with huge swaths of reflective material to save streetlight costs is being floated.

The Chinese firm Tencent is positioned to swamp U.S. standbys like Facebook, Zynga, Instagram, Amazon and even google.

The tech industry's experts are rushing technology into the pot industry as legalization draws nearer.

The woman who was denied a 8THEIST license plate as "offensive" in New Jersey tested to see if BAPTIST would be let through. It was, no problem, as the Christians who are always whimpering, that they're "persecuted", keep their foot on the neck of the rest of the population.

LocalBitcoins, an exchange, is reporting a breach and theft of the increasingly troubled coins.

Criminals have turned to the newly legal drones to spot and rob pot farms.

Verge, one of the tech industry's most prolific sites is, ironically, a buggy site with major technical issues in even accessing it, say local web surfers.

Apr 17
Lady Gaga's new tour is a partnership with the computer generated hologram, Hatsune Miko:

The Portuguese firm Ynvisible has launched 3D printing for electronics, including super flexible solar cells.

The former CEO of Yahoo who was fired for being so incompetent walked away with almost $100 million. That's more than the current and equally incompetent CEO is making: "Where do the rest of us sign up?"

As google's glass sold out available supplies, the first pictures from the stalkers who the glass is designed for were posted on the web. In related news, Facebook released an app which will allow you to track the precise locations of those you know, using their cell phones' GPS.

Above: A Korean text message from a child trapped on the submerged ferry to a mother using Kakao Talk, a Korean app:
9:27 a.m. - Mom, I’m sending this message now in case I don’t get to say it later: I love you.
9:34 a.m. - Why..? I was wondering why you weren’t checking your KakaoTalk?
9:36 a.m. - Me too, son.. I love you..

Chinese authorities opted to use drones to capture, rather than assassinate a major Burmese drugpin with a private army who had murdered Chinese sailors.

In old style media, it took someone little time to figure out how to hack the names of web sites and newspapers who nominated themselves for Pulitzers/ Buzzfeed and the Daily Beast submitted themselves.

Uber is adding $1 for "safe rides" to start doing criminal checks of drivers. The idea of serial killers driving people around didn't sit well with some.

Peoria cops raided the house of a woman who had mocked the mayor and asked her about the account, before seizing her computer.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements with digital clauses are increasingly common, with the example of figure skater Johnny Weir serving as an example. He and his ex- are specifically forbidden to be sexting after the divorce.

The simulator pilot featured in CNN's somehow-still-ongoing coverage of the search for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has been fired from his day job for "dressing like a teenager" and "shaming Canadians." After Rob Ford and Stephen Harper, Canadians still have shame?

The online pseudo-villain Kim Dot Com is going to get his cash and cars back and he's elated about it.

Tor is going to be rejecting 380 exit relays that have not addressed the Heartbleed defect.

After years of Flash storage outpacing hard disks in price drops, the drop is about to slow.

Google has now released a remote desktop control for phomes.

Apache OpenOffice has now reached the 100 million mark for downloading the free software alternative to Microsoft Office.

The silly stock prices and over-valuations at IPO of apps which are reminiscent of the Dot Com collapse 35 years ago, are echoed in the equally memory-jolting deflation of the past month: "As of Wednesday, Twitter was down 39 percent, Facebook was down 17 percent, and Netflix was down 27 percent., the makers of Candy Crush, was down almost 20 percent since it's IPO in March."

AT&T has threatened not to take part in next year's auction of spectrum on the 600 mHz band unless the FCC rescinds a decision to reserve a small number of licenses for small carriers. AT&T is not likely to generate any sympathy from the public for anything, and would be only shooting themseves.

A GoPro project involving the homeless suggests that San Francisco is indeed becoming a more heartless place as tech expands.

Google has declared war on vertical videos from cameras.

A new search engine, Grams, for Tor, is modeled on google but is meant for searching out guns, drugs and kiddie porn.

Spotify is switching from P2P to a client server streaming model for their subscription music service. Not that anyone cares. Pirates rule!

LG is marketing a new SDK to allow developers to connect their apps to a variety of devices - Chromecast, Roku and others.

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A new species of vine has been discovered in Chile which can mimic the leaves of its host, in size, color and even shape.

A new reserve for the threatened Chinese sturgeon, which has survived for 140 million years, has been set up at the Yangtze River estuary.

Apr 24
EMTs were called to Stahlbush Island farms after an ammonia leak which sickened one employee.

Friends of the Columbia Gorge says a member has spotted a long train carrying oil snaking through Oregon despite Union Pacific claims to the contrary.

Marion County has called a halt to medical waste disposal, which had previously been incinerated with other organic waste to produce power.

Intel will pay $143,000 in fines for not disclosing floride emissions at its chip plant.

After airing of the Oregon Department of Transportation plan to no longer ask railroads for routes of oil shipments through Oregon towns, so as to avoid a court order that they turn the information over to the press, Governor Kitzhaber issued an order for the immediate release of the information. The governor's office said "ODOT needed to begin fulfilling its duty as the state’s rail safety regulator to protect Oregonians, not the companies it oversees".

A previously unknown trove of digital art by Andy Warhol funded in 1985 by Commodore has been recovered from aging Amiga floppy disks.

Barcelona scientists have used gene therapy to reverse Alzheimer's in mice.

The subtitle for the third Hobbit movie is now decided as "The Battle of the Five Armies".

A new report from the American Society for Microbiology suggests that cows may be transmitting antibiotic resistance to bacteria in the soil. "Manure from dairy cows, which is commonly used as a farm soil fertilizer, contains a surprising number of newly identified antibiotic resistance genes from the cows’ gut bacteria."

The Congo rainforest has seen remarkable loss of green-ness in the past 10 years, due to climate change.

An oncologist at Oregon Kaiser Permanente is suing saying she had to quit because "the organization was maximizing profits to the detriment of cancer patients".

The state added a few more landslide locations in Oregon today - 46,000 more.

The COO of Oregon's disastrous health plan, Cover Oregon, has resigned, the latest to be junked in a long list of inept managers implicated in a report.

Australians using regenerative gene therapy have allowed auditory nerves to "hear" music for the first time

China's state-owned Avic solar power manufacturer has completed a 12 megawatt facility in England and turned it over to the British government.

The FAA is scheduled to release e-cigarette rules today.

A California developer whose work crew discovered a native American site older than King Tut has paved over the site and is selling homes in the development for 2=$2 million for the cheapest.

Mar 23
Triclosan is being shunned by some makers of soap and toothpaste after a "study found that triclosan, as well as another commercial substance called octylphenol, promoted the growth of human breast cancer cells in lab dishes and breast cancer tumors in mice".

Damn. Naps have been linked to death risks.

"Up to 40 percent of tuna imported to the U.S. from Thailand is illegal or unreported, followed by up to 45 percent of pollock imports from China, and 70 percent of salmon imports (Both species are likely to have been caught in Russian waters, but transshipped at sea...)"

Apr 22
A mass bee die off near Sherwood, Oregon has been attributed by investigators to drivers hitting a swarm of bees on the highway

Geneticists have identified Oaxacha to Veracruz as the birthplace of the domestic chili pepper.

Sherpas on Mount Everest have cancelled this year's climbing season as a memorial to those who died last week.

Using supercomputers, imaging scientists have stumbled upon an inverse link between Alzheimer's where cell die, and cancer, where cells multiply out of control.

An examination of genetic differences between humans and related hominid species who did not survive points to our brain development, including a propensity for certain brain disorders such as schizophrenia.

Using rhesus monkeys, the long suspected ability of monkeys to do math has been documented.

Apr 21
The Beijing Auto Show was dominated by 79 "new energy" vehicles.

England's top environmental agency said, in an internal report leaked, that the country's 55 years of nuclear waste deposits in the sea will erode and cast large amounts of radioactive material along the coast in future.

A software analyst  has set up the first certifier of marijuana producers in Oregon.

The Republican war on science is showing results, according to new polls. A disturbing number of Americans doubt global warming or the big bang.

A single molecule which is related to DNA has been found to block not only the ebola virus but also SARS.

A local news station decided to spruce up the show with a couple of easter bunnies, who - in the middle of their screen  debut - abandoned all decorum and began having sex. The show cut to something else. "It's going to be super awkward for the baby bunnies when their bunny friends find out that this porno of their parents is all over the internet. "

A seconds long burst of radio signals from the distant reasons of the universe has astronomers puzzled about its origins.

Las Vegas's profligate use of water means the city will likely cease to exist in 20 years.

A Connecticut Senator working in a press conference on train safety was nearly run over and killed by one of the trains.

Prominent televangelist and lead buffoon Pat Robertson said Jesus told him an asteroid would destroy the planet, as early as next week.

Golf has lost 5 million players the last 10 years with another 20% projected to dump the game soon. The answer is to make golf holes the size of pizzas and soccer balls on the "back nine" says the PGA.

Celiac disease and "leaky gut syndrome" have again been tied to ibuprofen in another study.

"There was once a time -before Facebook bought the Oculus Rift, before Zach Braff had a Kickstarter - when optimists hoped crowdfunding would change the world. It would democratize product development, change investing forever, and revolutionize the way we pay for tortoise penis surgeries. And now the dream is real."

A tidal wave of cheap thermoelectrics turning waste heat into electric power is about to flood the market.

The Sherpas who serve climbers on Everest are deciding whether to wage a strike after the government offered a pittance to the families of those killed last week.

Apr 20

It's easter again and scientists are debating the origins of religion, but biologists in the Onion say they know the answer, that religion evolved from a chimpanzee deity eons ago.

The Koch brothers and allied kings of "dirty energy" have vowed to smash the encouragement of solar energy by public policies.

The development of herbivores from carnivores is now partially documented by a find in Kansas.

The right of pet owners constitutionally to starve their animals was ridiculously asserted by the Oregon Court of Appeals.

Nanocrystals as "quantum dots" used as both windows and solar panels are now a reality.

Egypt is adopting corrugated surfaces to use sunlight to brighten dark alleyways.

Solutions of iron oxide nanoparticles applied with paintbrushes can provide non-traumatic sutures for organs.

MIT has devised "a cochlear implant that can be wirelessly recharged would use the natural microphone of the middle ear rather than a skull-mounted sensor."

Pot growers in Colorado using solar greenhouses are saving 90% of their power bills.

Cuba is turning byproducts from the nation's sugar industry into biofuel to reduce dependence on fossil fuels without wiping out forests.

Spain, where homophobia is prevalent, is to become the site for Europe's 2nd LGBT retirement center.

Apr 19
The configuration of wind turbines is critical, with wind shadowing reducing the generation of electricity to .5 watts, from the predicted 2-7 watts per square meter.

Neurons can at times exhibit antigens, which make them a target for T-cells in Parkinson's patients.

4 new species of carnivorous sponges have been discovered off the Pacific Northwest coast.

The Obama administration is putting the Keystone pipeline on hold indefinitely.

Apr 18

Puppy prints have been found in Roman tiles made 2000 years ago. "It is lovely to imagine some irate person chasing a dog or some other animal away from their freshly made tiles", said the archaeologist.

The government says nearly 1/3 of all U.S. food is thrown away, at a cost of $161 billion.

The OpenSeed Source project, designed to make sure seeds remain available to all, is taking off.

Chimpanzees have the ability to develop memories superior to those of humans.

The new mandate requiring corporations in India to give back 2% to community projects is expected to have a sizable impact.

A decipherment of an ancient Greek text proves to be a contract between 2 wrestlers, one of whom is to" throw" the match - "when competing in the competition for the boy [wrestlers], to fall three times and yield" in exchange for "three thousand eight hundred drachmas of silver of old coinage".

Apr 17
4 new insect species found in a Brazilian cave have a unique feature of females with penises that receive sperm when deposited in a male's vagina. Further, the male cannot resist with damaging himself fatally.

Pregnant women taking anti-depressants appear more likely to have children with autistic disorders.

The Vermont Senate has voted to require all GMO products to be labeled and to make it illegal to call GMO products "all-natural".

North Dakota is unable to cope with an oil drilling industry producing 27 tons of radioactive waste daily.

Chronic arsenic poisoning is being found in most mummies in Peru from the pre-Columbus era and is being traced to drinking water.

Oklahomans who install solar cells or small wind turbines will face electric surcharges in another bid by Republicans to ensure the nation stays dependent upon the oil corporations.

The sushi industry and invasive species are wiping out Atlantic sea urchins, a delicacy for sushi lovers.

Crowd sourced solar loans from neighbors is funding new solar power for homeowners through the Mosaic startup app.

A new Boston ordinance allowing people to grow and sell produce is generating a new generation of urban farmers, especially among the urban poor, say supporters.

A new childhood study suggests that half of all kids diagnosed with ADHD may not have it at all. The research suggests an alternative diagnosis, and the research is funded by Big Pharma, which is making many suspicious.

Apr 16
Argentina's latest device is not going to win any PETA fans, but it promises to use fanny packs to capture the methane produced by cows, a major source of global warming:

Portland is flushing millions of gallons of water through a reservoir after some lowlife teen was videotaped urinating in it. The teen was charged with public urination.

The cornworm has
now evolved resistance to GM (genetically modified) produced corn with bt.

A tiny marmoset holding his dying mate and grieving has provided proof of an old question about primates and mourning.

Refined carbohydrates at only half the intake of the average U.S. women disturb the ovarian cycle, West Coast researchers announced today.

The ongoing measles outbreak in Vietnam has now claimed over 100 lives in Hanoi alone.

MIT researchers have found a way to store heat in molecules easily, which will further development of solar power.

Republicans often have fetishes involving children but Alaska Republican Shelley Hughes' campaign regarding breastfeeding kids as "smart and sexy" raised a few eyebrows.

A rare reproduction of the Siku Quanshu, an encyclopedia withh only 7 copies made, compiled by nearly 4,000 scribes and considered to be an encyclopedia of all the knowledge extant concerning philosophy, medicine, literature, and history within China at the the time of the American revolution has been released for public view.

Canadian researchers
have designed DNA cubes capable of being released only with diseased cells.

Paul Walker,
who died in an insane car crash last year, will be played by his brothers in Fast and Furious 7.

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