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July 29
Dan Brown is not going to run again for Ward 4 Council so he can travel instead. Mr. Brown was certainly not the worst Council member (that title is likely reserved for either Joel Hirsch or Biff Traber, who wants to be mayor). Barbara Bull is running for the Ward 4 seat. She is on the Budget Commission and applied to be on the Planning Commission. Although one or two of her peers on the Budget Commission are unsavory characters, it's best to simply reserve judgment. At the very WORST, we can have make jokes about her name being apropos for the Council position.

This may not qualify for news unless you're NCAA freaks, like we are. OSU has added 5 walkons to the team roster for fall.

Once again, this site is not composed of cheerleaders for Democrats but Peter De Fazio's opponent is another wing nut who thinks nuclear was fallout would be great for plant life and that schools should be abolished, that global warming is a good thing, Social Security is a socialist plot and all the other batsh*t crazy things you associate with wing nuts. Thus:
A Letter from Peter De Fazio:
Wall Street special interests and right-wing talking heads falsely blame Social Security and Medicare for our fiscal woes. I’m writing to you today because while I agree we need to make adjustments to ensure the long-term viability of both programs, we cannot let these ideologues use scare tactics to slash the benefits millions of Americans have earned. Doing so would return our country to the days when senior citizens were forced to live in uncertainty and go without medical care. This is wrong and I am leading the fight right now to keep your Social Security and Medicare benefits intact.

Social Security
Wall Street power brokers want you to think Social Security can’t be fixed. This is because they would rather see the whole system privatized. Doing so would mean a lot more money for them to gamble with on Wall Street. But as we saw in 2008, reckless derivatives traders can’t be trusted. They lost trillions of dollars exploiting our highly deregulated system and the average American worker, who diligently and regularly contributed money to a 401(k), lost a lot of their money practically overnight. Had Social Security been privatized as many conservatives called for in the run-up to the crash, the effects would have been even more devastating than it already was, especially to America’s seniors. This is just one reason why I will fight any proposals to privatize Social Security.

The Social Security program is a lifeline for seniors, many of whom earned their benefits by working their entire lives. In fact, two-thirds of Americans on Social Security rely on their checks for half of their retirement income. I refuse to allow special interests and conservative politicians to cut benefits that were earned.

Congress also needs to make sure that Social Security is there for generations to come. But we don’t need to reduce cost-of-living adjustments on future retirees’ benefits to guarantee the future of Social Security. The reality is that Social Security would be fully funded if every American, including millionaires and billionaires, paid their fair share.

Most people are familiar with the Social Security withholding in their paycheck. What they may not realize is that our nation’s wealthiest workers and their employers don’t pay a dime of Social Security taxes on any salary above $117,000. This gaping tax loophole allows the richest Americans to pay a Social Security tax rate that is a tiny fraction of what 94 percent of U.S. workers pay.

Like many people, I believe that at the very least the rich should pay taxes at the same rate as the average worker. I’ve been fighting for this fix for years, and have consistently introduced legislation, currently H.R. 1029, which would raise the salary cap for Social Security past $117,000. This simple move - which according to AARP affects just the wealthiest 6 percent - would tax all Americans equally, replenish the Social Security fund, and guarantee that all Americans receive the benefits they were promised.

I’ve also written a bill that would ensure Social Security benefits keep up with the costs of seniors’ staples, such as food, medicine and gas. As every senior knows, these costs often grow faster than their Social Security checks. My bill, H.R. 1030, makes sure the rising costs are reflected in benefits because I believe a senior should never have to choose between filling a prescription and buying groceries.

Sadly, the President and some Members of Congress have suggested using what’s called a “chained CPI” to calculate seniors’ benefits. This would result in smaller and more infrequent adjustments to benefits and would be harmful to seniors trying to keep up with the rising costs of living. I am staunchly opposed to using the chained CPI formula. To date I have been successful in fighting against this attack on seniors.


Like Social Security, tea party conservatives are pushing a plan to end Medicare as we know it. Their answer is privatization, which would turn Medicare into a voucher system that forces seniors to pay higher out-of-pocket costs for private insurance. This is unsustainable. Seniors already have trouble keeping up with the increasing costs of healthcare - reflected in their deductibles, prescription drug costs, and basic Medicare policies. Privatization would create an unaffordable system, which few seniors would be able to pay for.

The real problem is the cost of healthcare. But the voucher plan will not bring costs down. In fact, Medicare works quite well as it is. Medicare’s administrative costs are about two percent compared to the 25 to 30 percent among private insurance companies.

The Medicare trust fund is in better shape than it has been at any point in the last two decades. Several provisions of the Affordable Act have helped achieve this. Yet some Republicans have proposed repealing the entire law. This would immediately put additional burdens on the Medicare trust fund. Additionally, repealing the entire law would force American seniors into a private insurance market that could immediately deny them coverage or exponentially raise their premium if they got sick. Additionally, if you are one of the 14,600 seniors in Southwest Oregon who falls into the prescription drug coverage gap – known as the “donut hole” – you would have to pay more for prescription drugs.

Even though closing the donut hole significantly lowered prices for prescription drugs for seniors under Medicare Part D, drug companies are still able to gouge seniors at the pharmacy. That’s because a law passed in 2008 and signed by President Bush prohibited the federal government from negotiating better prescription drug prices for Medicare recipients –leaving drug companies free to charge Medicare recipients the highest prices in the world.

Every single other developed country in the world permits their government to negotiate drug prices for all of their citizens. In the U.S., private insurance companies negotiate prices, the Veterans Administration negotiates prices, and the Department Defense negotiates prices, but by law the federal government is prevented from negotiating drug prices for Medicare. That is fiscally imprudent and to be frank: outrageous.

To fix this unfair and costly prohibition, I have cosponsored H.R. 1102, the Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act, which would enable the federal government to negotiate drug prices. Seniors shouldn't have to ration their pills or limit their dosage because they can't afford to pay for prescriptions each month. Passing this bill would be the quickest way to bring seniors' drug costs down.

The Medicare and Social Security programs have improved lives for generations and made good on a promise to tens of millions of our seniors. While I agree we need to take common sense steps to keep the programs in good shape, privatization is not now, nor will it ever be, the answer. Instead, privatization is a misguided attempt to shrink government at the expense of millions of Americans who earned these benefits. You can be sure I will strongly oppose these attacks on seniors’ health care and retirement programs, and I will continue fighting to protect Medicare and Social Security.

Peter DeFazio

July 28
A new study from the University of Wisconsin and California State has documented the vulnerability of the 70% of faculty who are instructors or adjunct professors (Non Tenure Track faculty, or NTT) to overwhelming depression, stress and anxiety. The paper says the university is often referred to as a caste "system". 'The majority of NTT faculty are hired for one quarter or semester at a time. Contingent NTT faculty are paid less than assistant professors, often do not receive adequate health and retirement benefits, are not typically represented in university governance, and academic freedom among such faculty is not protected. They are 'disproportionately female and are more likely than tenured or tenure-track faculty to be Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, or American Indian than to be Asian or White'. The paper looks at why such people stay in the field, with such poor working conditions as is associated with NTT - long hours, poor wages, no benefits and concludes that they stay in the field for one reason: they love teaching students. You can read their full report here.

In related news, the decline of teaching English grammar and literature looks to be leading to the elimination of English departments on college campuses. It is a development which David Masciotra is referring to as " the shortsighted techno-boosterism and foolish progressivism that is rendering American culture increasingly superficial and frivolous."

July 27
The city of Brownsville has passed a "code of conduct" which one resident and city volunteer has called a gag order, prohibiting her and others like her from expressing opinions which are critical. The resolution says volunteers like employees must "check with city staff on correspondence before taking action"

In Oregon, gonorrhea cases rose 18% but in Republican areas of the state, Oregon's equivalent of the bible belt, the number rose 270-1050%. Once again, the suppression of sex education has proven to be a public health menace. The number of syphilis cases in the state is twice the national average. More than half of all cases were also infected with HIV, with gay males and meth users most at risk.

Normally, the cynical wags on this site don't post  rah!rah!s for politicians. However the race for Senate in the legislature this time around is more than a matter of ideology. Beyond being an incredibly right wing nut, Betsy Close is widely regarded as the dumbest person in the legislature. In fact, there was speculation that when Republican Frank Morse resigned, the Democratic Commissioners surveyed the small GOP locally to choose the most stupid person they could find so as to ensure her defeat when she had to run for election.
   If so, they succeeded remarkably. She is a public embarrassment which needs to be redressed if Benton County is not going to continue to be known as sending Dumber into public office. Thus, a letter from Sara Gelser:
It's hard to believe, but there are only 100 days left until the election on November 4th!

Thanks to you and hundreds of others, my campaign for State Senate has been moving full speed ahead. Last weekend, we had a great canvass with over 25 volunteers knocking on doors throughout the district. I've been out myself knocking almost every day and so far we've communicated with over 11,000 voters at the doorstep to talk about Oregon's future.

The most expensive part of the campaign is really just starting now with literature, signs, mailers and advertising to get our message out and defend against attacks.

This is one of the most competitive races in the state, and there's a lot at stake. We need to win this seat to keep and expand our Democratic majority in the Oregon Senate. We need a legislature that will vote for more investments in education from pre-K through higher education, protect our environment and build an economy that works for all Oregonians.

It's clear Republican leaders are preparing to attack me so they can keep this seat. They have been polling voters to test negative questions that twist my record on public safety and education equity. They are getting ready to spend a fortune to try to defeat me. I need your help to tell the true story of my record and fight back.

We've come a long way together since I started serving in the Oregon House in 2005. Now, I need your help again in this final 100 days.

We're trying to raise 100 donations this week to keep the momentum going and to be sure we can get our message out.

Will you consider giving $100 or whatever you can afford right now? Please join our Hundred Heroes effort today!

Please help me fight back and score an important win for the priorities we all care about.


P.S. Every dollar you give today will be spent communicating my message to voters. Please give whatever you can afford today! Every contribution helps!

July 26
Democratic activists say the governor's speech last evening was "uninspired". Accompanied by the Usual Suspects - the Trows, Merry Demarest, Annabelle Jaramillo, they say it was actually very routine. They do say, however, that all present were aware of the grim reality that the opponent of a less-than-spectacular governor is the predatory, anti-women, anti-worker, anti- ethnic and anti-youth dinosaur lumbering into every election on behalf of the Republican Party.

"Medieval Madness" is this year's theme for the "Children's Parade" next Friday. Everyone is invited to march in the parade except dogs and motor driven vehicles. That means that the mechanical horse you've been saving for special occasions will shine. Please come to Central Park, in costume, at 6 PM. "Special guests" will be there. That means YOU. YOU are special, no?

July 25

The governor's report on oil trains moving through the state was released today and the Oregonian has painted the governor as once again being asleep at the wheel, with his policy on the potential for disaster as "slow and reactionary".

For the second time in 2 days, an incident on the freeway has closed the interstate to northbound traffic, this time due to an auto crash north of Salem. The crash occurred when a car passed on the right and "it swerved for an unknown reason and traveled off the right shoulder. The car traveled for about 200 feet before colliding head-on with a tree, when its interior burst into flames."

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Column from Color of

Eric Garner — a Black Staten Island husband and father — was violently choked to death by New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers last week and the entire brutal altercation was caught on tape. Garner can be seen in a video that has since gone viral, screaming out in pain, "I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe”.1 And now, a second video has surfaced showing NYPD officers and 4 NYC Fire Department Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) ignoring the 43-year-old as he lay dying.2

Please join us in demanding full accountability for all the officers involved in Garner's killing, and the policies that led to this tragedy.

Garner wasn't given proper medical attention. Neither the officers nor the EMTs performed CPR. They all just watched him die.3

Four of the EMTs have since been suspended without pay.4 Officer Daniel Pantaleo — who administered the deadly and illegal chokehold — has been placed on modified desk duty.5 And both the NYPD and Staten Island District Attorney’s office have launched investigations.6 But this is not enough.

If enough of us raise our voices, we can pressure city leaders to start the process of firing all of the officers involved in this devastating police killing, and demand that Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan holds them accountable for this murder. We also need to demand that Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton end their “Broken Windows” policy,7 which encourages the hyper-aggressive enforcement of non-violent minor infractions — or we will continue to see more tragic cases like this.8

Join us in demanding city officicals begin the process of firing and prosecuting the officers involved and call for an end to the dangerous “Broken Windows” policing tactic. It only takes a moment.

The NYPD alleged Garner was selling loose cigarettes.9 But Garner claimed that the police targeted and harassed him frequently in the past.10 In recent months, the NYPD has come under fire for unnecessary police encounters, resulting from Commissioner Bratton's “Broken Windows” policy. Felony arrests are down, while arrests for violations and misdemeanors for minor offenses — such as performing on the subway, jaywalking, and marijuana possession — are up.11 These types of ineffective and discriminatory policing tactics lead entire communities to be viewed as suspects, and encourage baseless street stops, harassment, and violence which often leads to serious injury or even death.

The NYPD is tasked with serving and protecting, but time and again officers breach the public trust, abuse their authority, and harm or kill unarmed Black and brown New Yorkers with impunity. The long list of unarmed Black and brown folks killed by NYPD officers includes Anthony Baez, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Ramarley Graham and now Eric Garner.12 But this time we have eyewitness accounts and clear videotaped evidence of wrongdoing by officers.

Additionally, there are serious questions as to whether this was even a legitimate arrest and whether there was probable cause to substantiate the allegations of illegal cigarette distribution made by the officers.13 We don’t have all the answers, but it's clear that no one should be choked to death during an arrest.

Join us in demanding full accountability for the officers who killed Garner, and the policies that led to this tragic police killing.

New York City Police have been prohibited from using chokeholds for 20 years.14 The NYPD Patrol book makes clear to officers that they can inflict serious injury on a suspect by applying “pressure to the throat or windpipe."15 But this clear warning hasn’t stopped officers from frequently using the unauthorized and dangerous maneuver to subdue suspects. Since 2009, more than 1,000 New Yorkers have filed formal complaints of officers employing illegal chokeholds.16

In order for these sorts of violent and deadly encounters with police to end, it is critical that all of the officers involved are fired and held accountable by the criminal justice system. It's also imperative that the Mayor and Police Commissioner do everything in their power to end dangerous and discriminatory policing policies like Stop and Frisk and “Broken Windows.”

Please join us in demanding that New York City officials hold NYPD officers fully accountable for choking Eric Garner to death, and change the policies that lead to tragedies like this.

--Rashad, Matt, Arisha, Johnny and the rest of the team

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Dan Savage's

 ("It Gets Better")
I am a gay man and have been in a relationship with my GGG boyfriend for more than three years. We are in our early 20s and have a good sex life. I just discovered that he has been engaging in what can only be described as cyber infidelity. He had a secret email account, posted on Craigslist M4M, and also had an Adam4Adam account. About once a week, while I was at work in the evenings, he would exchange photos and engage in conversations with other men. He claims he never met with any of them and it was just to exchange photos. He let me look at his secret email account, and there was nothing that pointed to any physical meet-ups. I asked him to delete his accounts, and he did. I am completely shocked, as we have an intimate and loving relationship. He is ashamed and understands that his behavior is wrong. I understand if he wants to look at porn on his own time (I certainly do), but the quantity and secrecy of his actions is obviously not healthy. We have major life plans together, and I don't doubt that he is committed to me. Where do I go from here, and what steps should I take to make sure it stops?

-Stressing over Cyber Infidelity

It isn't true that your boyfriend's actions can "only be described as cyber infidelity." They could be described as "harmless online flirtations." But you've chosen to slap the "infidelity" label on his actions, SOCI, and now you feel compelled to have a full-blown my-boyfriend-cheated-on-me meltdown.

Try looking at it this way: If your boyfriend regularly stopped at a bar to have a cocktail, and people flirted with him, and he flirted back—and that's all he did—would that constitute an "appletini infidelity"? If some guys looked him up and down in the locker room, and he looked those guys up and down back, would that constitute a "cardio infidelity"? No and no—and a boyfriend who flipped out about those sorts of interactions would be regarded as jealous, insecure, and controlling. So what difference does it make that your boyfriend did a little online flirting? Is it that your boyfriend jacked off thinking about these other guys? You jack off thinking about other guys when you watch porn. Is it that he jacked off thinking about and interacting with guys he could actually have IRL? Lots of guys in monogamous relationships—gay, straight, or bi—jack off about people they flirted with in bars and gyms, i.e., guys they interacted with and could have IRL.

Here's what you should do, SOCI: Ask your boyfriend to knock this shit off because it goobs you out. But don't round this "online flirtation" up to "cyber infidelity" unless you want to make yourself miserable, and don't police your boyfriend's online activities—snooping is the only way to "make sure it stops"—unless you want to get dumped.
- see more at Dan Savage

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Gustavo Arellano's
"Ask a Mexican"
I I'm from an Arabic-speaking country. After my education is completed here, I'll be returning to my country, Kuala Luampur, the Garden City of Lights. Since I've been in the United States, I've noticed a rising tide of hatred toward Mexicans. I've talked to Mexicans, and they all say they're proud to be Mexican. I am curious, sir: Why is it that Mexicans don't stand up to the corrupt and racist government in Mexico? In my opinion, it's going to get worse for Mexicans in the United States. I've read where there's a new constitution that has been secretly written, that they're just waiting for the right time to implement it. It's going to be geared toward a police state; English will be the official language. I've asked some people in government about this, and some said there's a push to revoke the amendment about children of illegals born on American soil. I strongly suspect your people are in mortal danger. In my research, I also found the U.S. is preparing for civil unrest. U.S. Special Forces, NATO troops and more than a million mercenaries are already deployed in this country. Just remember: America is notorious for using germ warfare on people of color. It was used on African-Americans in the early part of the 20th century, not to mention HIV in Africa. The Pentagon has vials of viruses in laboratories that can wipe out tens of millions of people! Don't think they won't use it on your people. In my opinion, the worst is yet to come in this country. You see what they're trying to do to us Muslims. But Muslims are fighters—we believe God helps those who help themselves. Good luck to you; your people will need it.

On one mano, you come off as someone who probably believes Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was an Illuminati plot at the behest of the Reptilians to crash the Bohemian Grove. On the other hand, didja hear how there were smallpox samples in the back of a freezer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that someone had absent-mindedly left there for decades? Freaky stuff, this country.
But this is ¡Ask a Mexican!, not Coast to Coast AM, so let's concentrate on the Mexican parts of your pregunta. You ask why Mexicans don't stand up to the Mexican government. It's the same question Know Nothings continually pose to Mexicans (and now to those Central American undocu-kids who have bigots' chonis in a bunch—vete a la chingada, mugroso Murrieta) yet never ask of their own ancestors. Simple answer: The whole reason Mexico is even in the First World is because migrants stood up to the PRI via remittances and votes, just as had previous groups of other immigrants. Then you imply Muslims are fighters but Mexicans aren't. With my respect to the ummah, Mexicans in los Estados Unidos are the greatest warriors on Earth. We have the sangre of the Moors who ruled over the Spaniards for más than 700 years, the blood of the Spaniards who ultimately won, the wisdom of our indigenous ancestors, the valor of our American home, and the knowledge that the ultimate battlefield is in the bedroom—and there, we're like pinche Saladin.

- see more
Gustavo Arellano

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Breaking Crime News
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June 29
Drew William Phillips

Mr. Phillips is another one of those from Albany who is not altogether "here". Despite having 7 warrants outstanding for him, he was "practicing his knife throwing skills" in the OSU Credit Union lot, using the trees as his target.
   At a hearing last year in Albany on a meth charge and on a wrestling match with police, his grandmother said he has a history of mental illness, and he "mumbled and held his head in his hands repeatedly". He was reported at the hearing to have been jumping in front of cars and banging on hoods in traffic. In April of this year he was arrested for assaulting and trying to strangle his father.
   He was arrested in May at Adair for stealing cigarettes and pizza pockets, and then swinging at Adair city employees
who tried to detain him, police said.
   Mr. Phillips is one of George Bush's basket cases from the military. He should be given a one way ticket to Crawfordville, Texas. Bush can take care of his upkeep between painting poodles - as a matter of personal responsibility.

Otherwise, the night was quiet again in Corvallis. Bryan John Smith (sometimes listed as John Bryan Smith) was picked up for meth and trespass, his 4th arrest in 3 years, for "punching a woman", drugs, etc.
Christopher Robert Byers, 21, was arrested for sharing pot with a minor. But there was another  arrest, in Philomath, which raises eyebrows:

Legal Superstar and Oregon Civil Rights Hero Francisca "Cissy" Darlene Rilatos

Ms Rilatos was arrested in Philomath and taken to Benton County jail on a charge of violating probation. The details are not available at present and likely would be regarded as unreliable if they were. Any time she is arrested, questions arise as to the true motivations of the police officer involved, because is a superstar of sorts. She, her boyfriend and her mom established a precedent with the Oregon Supreme Court regarding the right of citizens to self defense in resisting unreasonable police force.
   In a contrived "jaywalking" incident that escalated to a situation where the police officers were, in a neighbor's words, "out of control", Toledo, Oregon police officers pepper sprayed and beat the 3 as detailed in the Supreme Court opinion which concluded that the jury should have been instructed that "if a police officer uses excessive force against an arrestee, the arrestee has the right to use reasonable force to defend him or herself against that excessive
The Supreme Court detailed the context:
   "Officer Eric Gulbranson of the Toledo Police Department (TPD) was driving his patrol car north on Main Street 6 in Toledo. 2 Tr. 210, 214-15. As he approached The Timbers Restaurant & Lounge (“The Timbers”), he saw a person enter the crosswalk nearby and decided that it was “a good time to get sunflower seed s.” Tr. 215-16. He came “just about to a stop” and reached for a handful of seeds. Tr. 216. When he looked up, he recognized 19-year-old defendant Francis ca “Cissy” Rilatos. Tr. 217, 547.
   As Gulbranson drove closer, Rilatos left the crosswalk and “just walked directly across the street.” Tr. 217. He continued driving, and as he drove by, Rilatos yelled at him to slow down and said some profanities “loud enough to hear it across the street.” Tr. 217, 1010. He decided to stop her and investigate, because she was “being very upset, using profanity in a public place.” Tr. 218, 371. He backed up and stopped the car near Rilatos. Tr. 1073-74
   He notified dispatch that he would be “out with Cissy Rilatos” and contacted TPD Officer Chris Miller 3 to request a “Code 3” backup. Miller activated his overhead lights and drove to the location. Tr. 432-34, 519. Meanwhile, Gulbranson turned on his overhead lights, got out of his car and walked to the back of the car to contact Rilatos. Turning on the overhead lights on a Toledo PD patrol car activates the video camera and audio recorder in that car. Tr. 221. Tr. 237, 239, 435; Ex. 2; Ex 14. 4 Gulbranson had had a few contacts with Rilatos before.
   He testified, “Um, and if I recall, the times it has it’s been – she’s been a little unreasonable, a little volatile. But by the end of the contact it’s usually calmed down just by using verbal skills.” Tr. 242. Gulbranson said to Rilatos, “Cissy Rilatos.” She replied something inaudible, and began walking up the stairs to her apartment. Tr. 237- 38; Ex. 2. Gulbranson, who is 6-feet, 3-inches tall and weighs 260 pounds, testified, “And in my training and experience, you don’t let the person that you’re trying to contact get to a position of advantage. * * * Through our training and experience, we have to level the playing field and make sure that we’re both on the same level.” Tr. 240-41.
   He said to Rilatos, “Hey! Come here! You’re – Get over here. Get over here right now.” The exchange continued: RILATOS: “You know, I was in the crosswalk. GULBRANSON: “Get over here. RILATOS: “You were speeding. 4 The state’s videotape exhibits were transcribed as portions of each were played at various points during the trial. All quotations from the videotape exhibits that appear in this brief were taken from the transcript.
GULBRANSON: “Get down here right now.
RILATOS: “Why? You were speeding. I was in the crosswalk. GULBRANSON: “Get down here right now.
GULBRANSON: “Get down here right now. RILATOS: “Why? (Inaudible.)” Tr. 237-38; Ex. 2. At about that time, defendant Kenn eth Wood crossed the street from The Timbers. Tr. 244.
   Gulbranson knew that Rilatos and Wood had been a couple, which caused Gulbranson concern. Tr. 2 45. Wood is approximately five feet, eight inches to five feet, 10 inches tall and weighs about 180 pounds. Tr. 549. Gulbranson felt that he had to “figure out which is the bigger threat.” Tr. 245. Exhibit 2 continued:
WOOD: “(Inaudible.) GULBRANSON: “Yeah.
WOOD: “(Inaudible.) GULBRANSON: “How about you stay over there.
RILATOS: “How about pedestrians got the fuckin’ right-of- way? GULBRANSON: “[To Rilatos] Turn around.
RILATOS: “No. Why? GULBRANSON: “[To Rilatos] Turn around. Do it. [To Wood] Get away from me! Right now. Get away from me right now! Tr. 243-44, 251-52; Ex. 2.
   Gulbranson testified that Wood did not stop. He could not see Wood’s left hand and thought that Wood might have a weapon. “And the way he was approaching me, I was getting very nervous to the point of, uh, he was taking steps of the sign of aggression towards me.” Tr. 246. Wood “kind of threw up his hands and walked – started a little quicker actually.” Tr. 247. 
   Gulbranson said, “What can I do for you?” T r. 243; Ex. 2. Wood replied that he was just going home or words to that effect. Tr. 360-61. Gulbranson testified that, when Wood came within three feet, he pushed Wood in the chest. Tr. 249.
   In his report, he wrote: “So I grabbed him by the neck and started dealing with him, and then [Rilatos] starts flipping out.” Tr. 293; Ex. 2. His testimony continued: “I needed to get him away from me and I pushed him, ‘cause I remember looking up and then he was still coming. And as I looked up, he was still there, and I – by his chest, I believe right around his chest, I believe, right around his chest, to get him out of the situation, ‘cause I needed to separate him from me, and me from her, and I needed to get him away from the situation so I could deal with him, ‘cause this is now the major threat in this instant.” Tr. 249.
   Gulbranson ordered Wood to get on the ground, intending to arrest him for interfering with a police officer. Tr.252.
WOOD: “(Inaudible.) 10 GULBRANSON: “(Inaudible.) WOOD: “(Inaudible.) GULBRANSON: “Get on the ground. (Inaudible.)
WOOD: “I didn’t do nothin’. GULBRANSON: “(Inaudible.) WOOD: “I didn’t do nothin’. GULBRANSON: “Get on the ground.
RILATOS: “You know, what? You’re a fuckin’ (inaudible). GULBRANSON: “Get on the ground.” Tr. 251-52; Ex. 2. Wood got on the ground face down and tucked his arms under his body. Tr. 254-55. Gulbranson placed his knee and left arm on Wood’s back “to prevent him from getting up,” while reaching for his handcuffs with his right hand. Tr. 257.
   He testified: “Um, because I had to escalate, I had to use a different – I had physical – I was attempting to have physical control at this point, meaning me on top of him preventing him from getting up. I was ordering to give me – have him give me his hands. He was not doing so. So at this point I needed to use something else to – for him to comply with my orders to get his hands behind his back, so I, um, used my OC spray, uh, pepper spray.” Tr. 258.
   In his report, Gulbranson wrote that he “struck Wood about eight times in the right side of his rib cage.” Tr. 427- 28. He sprayed Wood with pepper spray on the right side of his face from a distance of between six and 12 inches, though 11 the aerosol canister has sufficient pressure to reach someone six to eight feet away. Tr. 262, 366. When he did that, he said, “[Wood’s] legs go up. His level of resisting actually increased, which is not consistent with someone that is pepper sprayed.” Tr. 264.
   Rilatos screamed at Gulbranson to get o ff of Wood. Tr. 526- 27; Ex. 2. Then, he said, Rilatos “starts advancing [on] me. And I, I actually, very briefly, pepper spray in her direction, kind of a deterrent, like, ‘Stay away or this will happen.’” Tr. 263.
   Miller arrived, and Gulbranson told him that he needed Wood in cuffs and needed Rilatos “in cuffs and out of here.” Tr. 519. Miller told Rilatos that she was under arrest, and she headed up the stairs toward her apartment. Tr. 520-21, 530. The bottom of the stairway was 29.84 feet away from where Gulbranson had Wood on the ground. Tr. 746-47.
   Miller followed Rilatos, and defendant Jessica Oliphant stepped between them and pushed at Miller’s chest, saying, “That’s my daughter.” Tr. 456- 57, 521. Miller pushed her back, yelling, “Get away from me!” and she fell onto a park bench. Tr. 45 6, 521-22. Miller told Rilatos that she was under arrest and to place her hands behind her back. Tr. 541.
   He grabbed her arm, and she pulled away. He lost his grip on her arm and grabbed her jacket. The jacket split down the back and pinched the inside of her elbow, leaving a red mark that was four or five inches long. Tr. 458, 495, 530. Then he got her in handcuffs and “brought her down to the sidewalk and all the way down to the ground.” Tr. 458, 461. 12
   While Miller was dealing with Rilatos, Gulbranson told Wood to get his hands behind his back. He used “focus ed blows” on the “lat muscle” on Wood’s back to force him to comply. Tr. 265, 269 ; Ex. 2. He was able to get a handcuff on Wood’s left wrist. Tr. 3 70.
  Gulbranson then noticed that about ten people had come out of The Timbers, and they were “actually starting to come up the street at, at us.” Tr. 268. Gulbranson “looked around, um, to see what was going on with Officer Miller.” When he looked back, Wood had gotten to his feet.
   Gulbranson explained, “So then I then stepped back to get to my feet and he, ah – you can see – we’ll play it again – but he wrapped his arms around my waist.” Tr. 275. He was concerned that Wood might be able to grab for one of the weapons on his duty belt. Tr. 275. He said, “Give me your goddam arm,” because he was “trying to de-escalate.” Tr. 276.
   Gulbranson “was pushed” into some landscaping rocks and landed on his hip and elbow. He later disc overed that he also sprained his right thumb. 5 Tr. 277. Wood still had his hand on Gulbranson’s waist, touching the front edge of the holster on Gulbranson’s duty belt. Tr. 280-81. Gulbranson yelled to Officer Miller for help, saying, “Got a gun! Got a gun!” Tr. 281-82; Ex. 2. 13
   Miller left Rilatos on the ground and went to assist Gulbranson place Wood’s left wrist in a handcuff. T r. 263-64, 370, 461. The officers were concerned that Wood could use the dangling handcuff as a weapon. Tr. 283, 479.
   Gulbranson told Wood, “I need your right hand. You’re going to be hurt real bad here.” Tr. 282. He testified that Wood was rocking back and forth trying to push up; “trying to kick, kick at me.” Tr. 285. A neighbor, and a bystander, testified that Miller kicked Wood while he was on the ground. Tr. 944, 962, 1037, 1039. thought that the officers were out of control. Tr. 1032. testified that “Officer Gulbranson had his knee in his back and had his hand on his head shoving him into the rocks.” Tr. 906.
   Miller placed a hand on Wood’s legs to get them out of the way and told him to stop resisting. Tr. 469. Wood drew his legs back and kicked Miller in the right hip, causing a painful bruise that kept him from working for three days. Tr. 5 Gulbranson went to the hosp ital for treatment and had to wear a cast/splint device for some time afterward. Tr. 497. 14 469, 498.
    Miller delivered focused blows to Wood’s right shoulder to get him to give them his right arm. Tr. 477-78. When that failed, he delivered two strikes to the brachial nerve, which is the nerve that runs from the neck down to the shoulder, to temporarily weaken the arm. Tr. 482. He was then able to get Wood’s right wrist handcuffed. Tr. 482.
   Deputy Shanks arrived and helped to place Wood in Gulbranson’s patrol car. Tr. 487. Meanwhile, Rilatos had gotten to her feet and was “stomping towards” the officers and yelling at them, or she was simply running down the street, depending on which testimony is believed. Tr. 472, 945.
   Miller testified that she was “acting as though she [was] going to kick us,” but she never touched either of them. Tr. 472, 544-45. Rilatos continued yelling profanities as they placed her in Miller’s patrol car. Tr. 488, 494. Once inside , she positioned herself on her back and kicked at the windows. Tr. 488. Miller told Oliphant that she was under arrest, placed her in handcuffs, patted her down for weapons, and placed her in Deputy Shanks’ patrol car. Tr. 484-85.
    Gulbranson contacted emergency medical personnel, who took Wood to the hospital for treatment of an injury to his mouth. Tr. 635, 637. The next morning Wood’s grandmother saw that he had numerous cuts, bruises, and red marks on his body that were much darker and deeper red than they appear in the photos taken at the jail. Tr. 972; Exs. 15-18. In particular, she pointed to the photos of the marks 15 on the left side of his torso, the redness to his neck and his right shoulder blade, the long horizontal and vertical red marks in his left kidney area, and red marks on the center of his back. Tr. 972-75.
   She also noted that the pictures show the swollen lip, scrapes on his face, scratches and marks on his arms, elbows, neck and shoulder. Tr. 976-83. The officers called for another ambulance to have Oliphant checked, because she complained of pain in her back, but she declined medical treatment. Tr. 641. The next day she had bruises on her leg from being pushed onto the park bench.

In other Oregon crime news, a sleazebag in Portland stole the 1968 Toyota that a couple were using to get to treatment for an aggressive cancer. When they posted a note to craigslist, the thief did not reply but several Samaritans did, offering to drive them to the treatment. "Probably a half-dozen emails with people offering to take us to her appointments she's got coming up with rides. So that made us feel pretty good".

Police are seeking help identifying a man who shot another, after confusing the previous tenant with the current resident of a home in Portland.

Above: a Linn County quartet hiking came across a starving, runaway bull mastiff whose owners had lost it in the wilderness for 22 days while posting "lost dog" flyers in the area. The quartet stayed with the dog, which had wandered into an inaccessible area with steep terrain, and notified rescuers. The rescuers arrived and 3 hours later, the dog was reunited with its family.
   In related news, a blind Chihuahua left alongside the road on police orders when they towed an auto and arrested the driver after prescription drugs were found, was struck in traffic and killed.

The homeless woman in Medford who had been jailed on charges of setting fires around town didn't help her case when she set another using tissue in the jail's restroom.

In "open carry" news, Peter Steinmetz, carrying an AR-15 in a Phoenix airport was arrested after "accidentally" pointing the muzzle at 2 women.
   A man carrying a pistol noticed a robbery at an AT&T store and began firing wildly, forcing a police officer who had been flagged down and was chasing the culprit to give up his chase and dive for cover instead.
    It was revealed today that the NRA's chief lawyer is a convicted murderer of a woman, but was set free due to "technicalities".
   Jurors decided that Jesse Ventura deserves $1.8 million from the estate of Chris Kyle, the "American Sniper" author and gun fetishist Ventura said libeled him and simply fabricated stories for his book about Ventura. Kyle was later shot by another soldier at a private firing range. Kyle was married to the daughter of Lake Oswego's mayor. She lives in Texas. The mayor claims he is "shocked" by the verdict.

In the ongoing religious crime wave, a Pennsylvania youth pastor has been charged with raping a 15 year old in the church, and with kiddie porn. He had been under investigation in another state for a previous incident but left.
   A wildly popular Florida law professor who was gunned down by an unknown contract killer had been working on the conspiracy charges against four rabbis accused of planning kidnappings and tortures of Orthodox men who refused their wives divorces.

In other bigot news, at least 10 armed militias have wandered the US border "pointing guns at children", say Texas authorities. A 15 year old US citizen held in an Israeli jail for joining rock throwing is being reported as having been tortured. Moslem Uighur extremists in China killed dozens in knife attacks.
   All 3 of the countries George Bush and Dick Cheney introduce to "regime change" - Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan - have now descended into primal chaos.

Above: Penelope Cruz and Pedro Almovodar joined other Oscar winning Spanish film stars to sign a letter to the EU, calling for sanctions of Israel for the killings in Palestine.
Israel used more bombs in Palestine overnight, killing another estimated 100 and wiping out the region's only power plant.
   You know you've "come into your own" when the Westboro Baptists are out to protest you. Now it's reddit, which the Baptists are whining was founded by pirate Aaron Schwartz, "a poster boy for this online community: a fag, an atheist and a thief."
   Rush Limbaugh said of the abused wife of NFL player Ray Rice that "NFL player, big bucks, fame, it may be worth a hit to the jaw". Limbaugh has been in trouble previously for saying that women favoring reproductive choice are sluts.
   In related news, an Alabama woman died after her ex- threw gasoline on her and lit it.

Australian inmates were discovered to have been jumping the fence at night, meeting up with friends on the outside to get wasted, then returning before they were missed. The operation was discovered only when 5 of them, drunk were found arguing about a "contraband" cell phone.

Jan 28

Rikki Diane Phillips

This is Ms Phillips' 10th time in 2 years to be arrested, most often for failing to register as a sex offender. This time around, Ms Phillips has been arrested on 7 charges of ID theft, 5 charges related to credit card fraud, and 3 counts of theft.
   In related news, a wanted sex offender from California was captured in a shootout in New York, where he wounded 2 marshals and an NYC cop. The suspect was killed.

Martin Antonio Vidrio

This is Mr. Vidrio's 7th arrest in a year, for meth, theft, etc. This time, cops say he was dealing in heroin, tampering with evidence, using illegally tinted windows and illegal possession of a weapon. The "open carry" crowd will probably seize on him as a poster boy for their cause.
   Even a year ago, it was rare to find a Latino in the inmate roster at the County jail. That's no longer true. Mr. Vidrio like several others, is a perpetual embarrassment to the community.
Otherwise, it's been a quiet day for the city's crime. Curry County, which is lawless now, has contributed Aaron Dunay, who never even bothered to show up for court there. Jana Hughes was arrested for disorderly conduct, which is a pretty loosely defined set of behaviors in Benton County. Trevor Westover was arrested on a DUII.

Jill Curry, the Washington County sheriff's deputy arrested for sex with an inmate while she was a guard, was arraigned today, and another 18 charges were lodged against her. The inmate she is accused of having become sexually involved with is in ail for sex harassment, for failing to register as a sex criminal, tampering with a witness and a weapons charge.

Things were pretty quiet around the state too. In Salem, a "man" (actually a problem child in an adult body) wanted on several counts of domestic violence returned to town and the episode escalated into a SWAT team showdown with Derrick Jenniches.

Michelle Beadle

In related news, sportscaster Miclle Beadle called ESPN's Stephen Smith on his latest misogynist crack about women "provoking" their spouses into beating them to "explain" NFLer Ray Rice doing so. In doing so, she provoked a national conversation about domestic abuse long lacking on Smith's running comments on such issues.

Above: in "open carry news", the Open Carry crowd in Texas were shocked to find a group of topless women "in their faces", carrying signs that said "You realize that everyone thinks you’re overcompensating for your teeny tiny ‘gun’ right?" The Open Carry crowd claimed they were being "trolled".
   After arguing with staff about signs banning guns in a hospital, an open carry advocate, Richard Plotts, pulled his .32 pistol, killing one and wounding another in the head.
   A California repo man was shot to death while repossessing a car in a California 7-11 parking lot.
   A family member in Maine appears to have committed suicide after shooting to death a family of 4 then the shooter.

A watchdog group called today for a Justice Department inquiry into bribery in the House of Representatives after one member let slip that a colleague had traded his vote for $1200.00.

In the ongoing religious crime wave, a woman and her 2 granddaughters who are members of a religious minority have been killed by a Pakistani mob claiming another member of their religion had committed "sacrilege". Boko Haram in Nigeria kidnapped the wife of the vice president of Cameroun.

In bigotry news, it's another day so another anti-gay marriage law has been struck down, this one in Virginia.

July 27

MISSING: Jennifer Huston

Dundee resident and a mother of 2 children, Jennifer Huston, disappeared after stopping at a Newberg gas station. She was driving a dark green Lexus LX-470. The license plate is WXH-011. Police say they have exhausted all leads. Anyone who has seen the car: Detective Ryan Simmons at 503-538-8321.

PC Magazine is once again detailing the record of the biggest criminals in Corvallis - the telecoms who promise a rate of downloading/uploading and instead deliver only half as much as they were paid for. If the product were flour, or gasoline, and they consistently delivered 5 pounds or 5 gallons, when promising and taking money for ten, there would be court action ensuing. Corporations rule in Corvallis, and in the District Attorney's office as well.

A 20 year old man was shot in both legs in southeast Portland last night.

The lawless state which has marked southern Oregon counties has now spread to Polk County, north of Corvallis, with tax payers there only willing to pay for 10 hours of patrolling a day, from noon to 10 PM. An average of 5 calls per day were made for police when no officers were on duty.

Woodburn sheriff's deputies surrounded the area and called in the Oregon State bomb squad to dispose of a pot of beans with a tin foil cover abandoned on a road.
   In related news, a Eugene caller said he was 13 years old, that his father had shot his mother and was walking around the porch with a bomb attached to himself. The address given was nonexistent and police concluded it was a hoax. It was a scenario that seemed pretty believable given the current gun fetishism in the us.

In Washington County, a woman wanted on a theft warrant tried to escape by ramming 2 police vehicles while her kids were in her car. Oregon really needs some parenting classes.

Police officers are being criticized for leaving a woman alone on a Salem street at night, after arresting her boyfriend for driving while suspended and DUII, then towing the car. However, such incidents are colored by a similar Klamath Falls incident, when the officer who volunteered to drive 2 passengers in a car home, only to be found later, slumped against the steering wheel, dead after being shot three times in the head.

In states where pot is legal, Homeowner Associations are still battling over the issue.
   In related news, the move to Colorado of Doonesbury's Zonker has been echoed by thousands of youths across the nation, resulting in a rise of homeless youths "hoping to find work in the marijuana industry".

A federal judge appointed by George Bush Sr. declared Washington D.C.'s law requiring registration of firearms unconstitutional, as defined by the current circus clown car (aka the corporate 5-4 majority in the Supreme Court) in 2008. Prior to that year, any governing body was free to regulate firearms and the current free for all in murders lies on their heads. Their rulings will be short lived as the public has left their views in the dust on most matters, long ago.
   In the meantime, the right to bear arms needs to be tied to service in the militia, as in the Constitution:
"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed".
Requiring any one who wants a gun to show up on weekends to drill as part of a "well-regulated militia", rain or shine, would put an end to the discussion. Except for the meth addicts, most avid gun owners have trouble waddling to fetch another bag of potato chips in between tv shows.

And every municipality, county and state needs to be prepared to fight lengthy legal battles to keep ourselves and our children safe.
  However, the nation's leading legal blogger has suggested a quick way to put an end to people carrying guns into businesses. Simply leave, he says. Without paying. You are legally entitled to do so if you feel threatened he says, and it would be insane not to feel any threat when someone walks into a place of business with a gun. "The difficulty of knowing other people’s intent is a classic philosophical problem." So he says, leave. Let the proprietor know why, if you can, quickly, but leave. VERY quickly. He says the proprietors would soon learn the lesson:
   "My proposal is as follows: we should all leave. Immediately. Leave the food on the table in the restaurant. Leave the groceries in the cart, in the aisle. Stop talking or engaging in the exchange. Just leave, unceremoniously, and fast.
But here is the key part: don’t pay. Stopping to pay in the presence of a person with a gun means risking your and your loved ones’ lives; money shouldn’t trump this. It doesn’t matter if you ate the meal. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just received food from the deli counter that can’t be resold. It doesn’t matter if you just got a haircut. Leave. If the business loses money, so be it."
   In related news of gun fetishists, a man has shot his 5 year old son in the head and her mother in the face. A pregnant Florida woman died after a man was showing off his gun collection to her and accidentally shot her.

In bigotry news, an Israeli mob "savagely" beat 2 Palestinians with clubs and iron bars in east Jerusalem after surrounding them

July 26

Michael Thomas Harris

This is Mr. Harris's 8th arrest in Corvallis. In the past, it's been for meth and criminal trespass, dialing 911 for non-emergencies, etc. This time it's for meth again and for being a felon with a weapon.

It was quiet in Corvallis, as elsewhere in the state. A Milwaukie, Oregon man has been arrested for a bone head attempt to bribe an OSP officer, to avoid a ticket for passing on the right. He "flashed a wad of cash", offering the officer $360 if he could avoid the $260 ticket.

A college student who stepped from a bar to find police breaking up a bar fight outside, and then was himself kneed and tasered and arrested, will be paid by the city of Portland $110,000.00 for his "pain and suffering" when the officers "repeatedly punched plaintiff Collins in the face with a closed fist." You can read Daniel Collins lawsuit here.

Above: A 6 year old whose Portland family was victimized by bike thieves has posted a sign in her front yard about the crime. "I want to tell all the people who steal things that it’s a bad idea to steal things ... Why do they even make villains in the world? If we didn't have villains the world would be nice and easy." Yes, the villains come in all sizes but without them, life would be easier.

The autopsy on a 2 year old who died in Eugene has now been completed. He died after being doped with methadone by a 58 year old  grandmother who had given narcotics to other children in the past. The child's mother had died of pneumonia last year and the grandmother, Carol Lumsden, has since died of swine flu (H1N1). The child's father is in prison for heroin sales.
   In related news, a Pacific Northwest man, Scott Rasmus of Tacoma, has been arrested after putting the narcotic ketamine in his baby's bottle, leading to a medical emergency for the infant.

Police in Medford arrested a mentally ill homeless woman, Debra Irene Johns, with a dozen meth arrests, for setting 4 fires which they have linked to her forensically.

The largest prison in Oregon now is on the Snake River, where up to 500 inmates can be held in solitary confinement in Malheur County.

Capturing perfectly the atmosphere of the torture chambers which have come to be referred to, in red states, as "death row", the Onion spotted the process in play. "Shortly before administering a lethal injection to a prisoner sentenced to death by the state, Oklahoma Department of Corrections executioner Michael Callahan reportedly entered the death chamber Friday at Oklahoma State Penitentiary carrying a large plastic bag full of purchases from a nearby Home Depot. “I typically run out to the store an hour or so ahead of time and grab some of the stuff we need,” Callahan told reporters, referring to the jugs and canisters of hazardous chemicals acquired from the home improvement retailer, which included antifreeze, rat poison, and the weed killer Roundup. “This’ll be the first time I’m going with drain cleaner instead of bleach, so I’m really curious about how the guy’s going to react. I’ll kind of mix this stuff together and fill up a syringe with it and we’ll be good to go. I think 50 CC’s seems about right.”
   In a related news story, former CIA officials who lied to Congress about torture are sweating the upcoming release of the official CIA re-report, to be released this week.

Kate Neal and Shanako Devoll

Above: In bigotry news, Kate Neal and Shanako Devoll are suing the Broadway cab driver who started shouting at them and dumped them out of the cab after they'd swapped kisses in the back seat, where they were seated with a male friend. He called 911 and dropped them on the side of the I-84 freeway. A police officer eventually was found, who drove them home.
   In related news, a judge today declared the ban on gay marriage in Miami-Dade County is illegal.

July 25

Daniel Kellie Newbill

This is Mr. Newbill's 4th arrest. He is charged for not showing up for court after an arrest in April when, police say, a cop "responding to the report of car prowl in progress, arrested Daniel Kellie Newbill, 27, of Corvallis. Newbill reportedly was riding a stolen bike away from the scene. Police said he had a backpack containing more than $300 in stolen tools. Newbill, 27, of Corvallis, was charged with theft and unlawful entry of a motor vehicle." There had been other car prowls that evening. This time around, Mr. Newbill also is charged with meth, theft by receiving, being a felon in possession of a weapon, etc.

Joseph LaCoste, an Albany developer who took $1.7 million from suckers (aka "investors") is facing 3-5 years in prison for defrauding financial institutions of $10 million as well as losing more than $5 million of investors' money. His sister is also facing similar charges.

Pamela O'Brien, a 58 year old Albany woman was busted for keeping 145 animals in " in cages with feces inches deep", and without water uncontaminated by feces. 3 cats were malnourished. She was allowed to keep the mistreated cats and dogs. The others were taken. The police had been called to do a child welfare check and the cops aren't saying how the kids looked.

3 of 4 teens involved in luring a kid to a garage for torture were convicted in the case. "They plotted and wrote down just how they'd torture him, according to court documents. They scribbled down their ideas on separate slips of paper, and shoved the slips into an empty soda can. They planned to select the slips randomly from the can, and then carry out the torment against the victim, they told investigators".

Daniel Joseph Martinson

A Josephine county man, Daniel Martinson, clad only in a loin cloth with tree leaves for a hat, wanted for Murder for 7 months was recognized by someone and was arrested. He had eluded authorities on a cat and mouse chase with his motorcycle on remote dirt roads since stabbing a man to death. He is tattooed with "Outlaw". Some outlaw. Can you imagine Billy the Kid with a loin cloth?

Bend-La Pine Schools say they had 34 instances in which students were caught bringing guns or knives to school.

A Barracuda which once was raced at the Portland's International Raceway before being stolen in 2001 was finally taken by police after it had been located in a gated estate of Multnomah County.

An 80 year old Waldport man who had become the subject of a massive hunt was found alive, in a car which had turned upside down in a shallow creek after a crash, and in which he had spent the night.

Vancouver, Washington pot dealers have run out of product and are howling about price gouging by suppliers. One shop owner says "some growers and processors are trying to charge him $6,000 for one pound of product. For comparison, he says that's about triple the normal price". One frustrated customer hoping to get some for his chronically ill wife said ""I think it's outrageous the gouging. I knew that was going to happen. It's like when you have a disaster, bottled water, they charge you way too much for it."

In Myrtle Creek, Oregon, a 3 year old who had earlier been talked to by a police officer who spotted him sitting in a jeep in the driveway, later stole the keys and stole the auto for a joy ride and he promptly crashed. The tot high-tailed it home and plopped on the couch to make it look like he'd been watching cartoons while his sitter was asleep. The sitter got the ticket.

Left: The "Shaved Keys"

Police responding to an angry shouting match around a car in Salem discovered that the car was stolen and arrested a Linn County man and his girlfriend - or vice versa - for stealing the car. In the car, they found "a pile" of "shaved keys" for stealing cars and meth.

Police have arrested 2 Woodburn men for a driveby shooting believed to be gang related.

Republican candidate Kathy Goss, who has written she thinks "for women, meth is often sexually stimulating" - based on something she'd heard in "an educational class on methamphetamine use - is now saying she's outraged that a Democratic poll brought the subject up. She's afraid, she says, that people will thinks she advocates meth as a sexual stimulant.

Elsewhere, a USC Chinese grad student has been beaten to death by 3 men. In other bigotry news, police in Long Beach are looking for a man who tore the scarf off of an Arab American woman and tried to strangle her with it.
   In other bigotry news, the near defunct "Sweetcakes from Melissa" firm who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple is now providing the cakes for the "ex-gay" Christian Hope conference.
   In New Jersey, a man was convicted of stabbing his "messy housewife" and putting a pig mask on her.

   A Florida man almost sneaked one in. While being stopped for a traffic violation, the police officer was out of sight of his cell phone and the driver called in a fake 911 murder report to draw the officer away without completing the ticket. He hung up hurriedly and the dispatcher alerted all police officers to the 911 call, including the driver's name as having reported the call. The traffic officer recognized the name and gave him a second citation as well. A police lieutenant said "It almost worked. The officer was trying to wrap up quickly to respond."

In Philadelphia, car thieves trying to make a getaway crashed into a throng of pedestrians, killing 3 including a 10 year old boy. They escaped on foot.

A new mathematical novel from the Imperial College in London shows that HIV infections would be cut by at least a third of sex work was decriminalized.

In the ongoing religious crime wave, a man abused as a child by a Presbyterian lay preacher is suing, saying the church knew that the preacher had been convicted of child porn. The preacher also had been a suspect in a murder, and was later accused of cutting off the testicles and penis of a man in a botched "sex change" operation in a motel.

Internationally, the autopsy of the body of the dead Korean captain of a ferry which capsized and killed 300 has been completed. No poison, alcohol or drugs were in the body which leaves the possibility he was strangled but the decomposition of his body makes it impossible to determine a method.

Normally, health news doesn't belong in this column but this case is different. A man from Liberia, where 172 cases of Ebola have been recorded, took the disease into Lagos, Nigeria, a city of 20 million people with "terrible sanitation and a weak healthcare system". He has died.
   In Freetown, an emergency alert has been issued for a woman with Ebola who was forcibly removed from a hospital by her family. There are now several dozen Ebola patients in Sierra Leone who are unaccounted for.
   Republicans are today set to throw out a bill passed by the Senate to bring additional resources to VA hospitals for veterans. They did that under Reagan but it hasn't stopped them from blaming Obama fir the resultant mess.

July 24

Victor Lopez Voronado

This is Mr. Coronado's 2nd arrest for meth and this time he is also facing additional charges of using a stun gun/ mace. Last year, police said, he was also arrested for "stealing the title and spare key to a 1986 Toyota Celica from a residence of someone known to him, taking the vehicle and forging a bill of sale. Lopez was booked on charges of first-degree burglary, identity theft, second-degree forgery, unauthorized use of a vehicle and other theft charges."

In city Council news,  at last meeting, several councilors tried to marginalize the successful referendum effort on the proposed parking permit system. Paul Cauthorn, the activist who organized the referendum, objected with a letter today. The text of that letter is:
"To: Mayor and City Council <mayorandcitycouncil@c>
Bruce (and others),
    Monday night, it was unfortunate for the community that you and your fellow councilors voted down a simple resolution to direct staff to have a conversation with OSU to look at parking solutions. Why are you and this council so afraid of OSU? Why are you unwilling to stand up for the citizens? Why are you afraid of encouraging OSU to handle their own parking problem?
   Another issue:
At the council meeting, you mentioned badgering a young woman signature gatherer on details of the ordinance you and your councilors passed. Was that satisfying intimidating a young woman who was just trying to make a living?
   You also claimed at the council meeting that the signature sheet was vague and didn't have any information. Hogwash. The signature sheet contained all of the essential information required by the state of Oregon and the city of Corvallis.
   You also claimed you believed the reason some signatures were disqualified was because you felt people didn't know what they were signing. That makes no sense, and it is not true. I know it is hard for you to believe, but the council's view on this parking issue is not in line with the community's view. You have a lot of time invested in something that was far down the wrong path. In every signature gathering campaign there is a validity rate for the qualified signatures. In Corvallis the rate ended up being around 64%. I was told, Portland is closer to 80%. The majority of those that were disqualified, were because they were not residents of Corvallis, but bordering communities.
   The signatures that were collected near campus ended up with validity rate closer to 50%. While several of councilors believed only the students would sign, fortunately many of them were already gone and their validity rate is not worth the effort of canvasing. Only a fraction of the signatures came from students. Permanent residents, both inside and outside the districts, object to your ordinance. And, these people vote.
   It would be helpful if the council would have responded to the public input Monday night asking that the city have a discussion with OSU to address parking this fall, but why should we expect that when this council ignored public testimony throughout the entire ordinance drafting process.
   This council is at a difficult position today, because you and your councilors were unwilling to address the root of the problem AND routinely ignored valid public concerns.
   If you are afraid to direct staff to have a basic conversation with OSU, you are clearly not representing the citizens of Corvallis.
Paul Cauthorn"

In the Corvallis discussion of "open carry" guns, it is illegal for any felon, any one who's been committed for being mentally ill to even try to own a gun, but the state police are receiving 5 requests a day from such people. Now, the Republican Senate lead, Ted Ferrioli, is demanding action on them, and the governor has acquiesced. Charges will be ensuing henceforth. Oregon gun fetishists in the Oregon Firearms Association are calling it "Kitzhaber's jihad" already.
   Elsewhere, a Minnesota man shot a teen after the girl asked him to stop riding his lawnmower in her yard.

Those who read pages at this site regularly - which is drawing about 6 million hits a year, a paltry sum on the internet - has regularly been down the past 3 months. Our host has been under a series of DDoS computer attacks during that time, and our host is having to take extraordinary measures to try to keep the site up. Among the potential list of culprits are IT savvy gun fetishists and right wingers, but also religious bigots of one stripe or another including Israelis. Remoter possibilities are criminals upset at their pictures posted, city Council members, Hyatt hotel aficianados, and kids simply bored with their video games.

In other news of the insane, an Oregon man who videotaped himself, police say, raping 2 toddlers and a 3rd, slightly older child, has now managed to avoid trial for 6 years by firing 9 successive court-appointed attorneys and claiming insanity. A government psychiatrist who examined Andrew Franklin Kowalczyk said he was faking his "paranoia". "There’s no question that Mr. Kowalczyk has some mental health issues,” Gary Sussman, one of the U.S. attorneys prosecuting the case told the court. “But mental illness doesn’t equate to a present incompetence to sand trial."

Cheryl Allan Kidd, diagnosed as a schizophrenic 40 years ago at 19 years old, has had her first hearing since being incarcerated for the murder of a police officer in Eugene in 2010. She is hoping to be transferred from the state hospital to a facility in Pendleton which specializes in the criminally insane.

The Pacific Northwest's ACLU has taken on the case of an Idaho child being held in solitary confinement in an adult jail for 3 months after the killing of his father and brother. Federal laws require teens be held separately from adults.
A new study has shown that half of the people executed in the US have severe mental illness.

About the Risland Rehab Clinic
Dusty Risland, for whom the Risland Rehab Clinic (see above) is named, is back in jail. Mr. Risland was recently busted for criminal trespassing, criminal possession of a forged instrument (counterfeit $20), felon in possession of a weapon and meth. The Dusty Risland Clinic mentioned in this column is strictly online, consisting of repetitive viewing of the video below, until the technique is mastered. The assumption of the Clinic is that there is a small subset labeled criminals who actually just do not know how to change their adult diapers when they full and are showing up, bewildered, seeking police assistance. That is the only possible explanation a rational person could come to. NOBODY could POSSIBLY be so stupid and inept, as criminals, as people like Mr. Risland pretend to be.

Note: there are several sleazy websites across the country posting mugshots, utilizing photos owned by the public, in the public domain, all run by Portlander Kyle Ritter, which will remove your mugshot for $39 or such from their sites. This is not one of them. Do not send in cash trying to have a mugshot removed. It would just be a waste of your time and your money. Instead, put your time into turning your life around. And your money into your kids.

Planned Parenthood COLUMN
 from Cecile Richards, Pres. Planned Parenthood
First, the Supreme Court struck down buffer zones in Massachusetts, giving anti-women's health protesters a green light to harass and intimidate patients. A few days later, in the Hobby Lobby decision, five justices gave bosses the power to deny their employees coverage for birth control.

Then, when our allies in the Senate tried to put birth control choices back in the hands of women, anti-women's health legislators blocked the bill.

It's crystal clear that we can't count on lawmakers and politicians to do the right thing — protecting women's health and rights is up to us. We need to hold these out-of-touch politicians accountable for their actions now and at the ballot box in November. We need to elect champions for women's health who will fight for our rights. We need to do whatever it takes to protect women's health and rights — and to do that, we're going to need you with us every step of the way.
It isn't just the Supreme Court and Congress where we're facing attacks. In the past three years an unprecedented number of abortion restrictions have been passed across the country, and anti-women's health lawmakers are pushing more every day. For the first time in decades, over 30 states have one or more restrictive laws making it difficult or nearly impossible to access abortion and other health care.
It may sound like a lot of bad news, but I'm not discouraged. I'm determined. In 2012, we showed anti-women's health politicians that we won't stand silently by while they dismantle our rights and take away our health care. Politicians like Todd Akin, Mitt Romney, and Richard Mourdock didn't want to hear it, but we sent them a message loud and clear.

I know we can do it again in 2014 — we're already on the ground in key states like North Carolina and Colorado, working to stop Thom Tillis and Cory Gardner — but there's so much more to do.

Dawn Laguens
Planned Parenthood Action Fund

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CHEF: Chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) suddenly quits his job at a prominent Los Angeles restaurant after refusing to compromise his creative integrity for its controlling owner (Dustin Hoffman), he is left to figure out what's next. Finding himself in Miami, he teams up with his ex-wife (Sofia Vergara), his friend (John Leguizamo) and his son to launch a food truck. Taking to the road, Chef Carl goes back to his roots to reignite his passion for the kitchen -- and zest for life and love.

SNOWPIERCER: In this sci-fi epic from director Bong Joon Ho (The Host, Mother), a failed global-warming experiment kills off most life on the planet. The final survivors board the SNOWPIERCER, a train that travels around the globe via a perpetual-motion engine. When cryptic messages incite the passengers to revolt, the train thrusts full-throttle towards disaster.

THE GRAND SEDUCTION: A fish-out-of-water fable set within a fabulously scenic backdrop, against which wholesome humor and a thoroughgoing humanist streak play out and intertwine with gentle, unforced ease.

OPENING Friday, July 25th

LIFE ITSELF: Rich in detail and warmly affectionate, Life Itself offers a joyful yet poignant tribute to a critical cinematic legacy. "A stunningly good documentary. I still can't believe Siskel and Ebert are gone." The truth is these two guys have a lot to do with the very existence of the Avalon/Darkside experience.


Acclaimed director Steve James (Hoop Dreams) and executive producers Martin Scorsese (The Departed) and Steven Zaillian (Moneyball) present LIFE ITSELF, a documentary film that recounts the inspiring and entertaining life of world-renowned film critic and social commentator Roger Ebert - a story that is by turns personal, funny, painful, and transcendent. Based on his bestselling memoir of the same name, LIFE ITSELF, explores the legacy of Roger Ebert's life, from his Pulitzer Prize-winning film criticism at the Chicago Sun-Times to becoming one of the most influential cultural voices in America.


A small fishing village must procure a local doctor to secure a lucrative business contract. When unlikely candidate and big city doctor Paul Lewis lands in their lap for a trial residence, the townsfolk rally together to charm him into staying. As the doctor's time in the village winds to a close, acting mayor Murray French has no choice but to pull out all the stops and begin The Grand Seduction.

Chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) suddenly quits his job at a prominent Los Angeles restaurant after refusing to compromise his creative integrity for its controlling owner (Dustin Hoffman), he is left to figure out what's next. Finding himself in Miami, he teams up with his ex-wife (Sofia Vergara), his friend (John Leguizamo) and his son to launch a food truck. Taking to the road, Chef Carl goes back to his roots to reignite his passion for the kitchen -- and zest for life and love.


Korean director Bong Joon-ho's "Snowpiercer" is destined to be one of the summer's more talked about movies, a rococo exercise in mayhem, boldfaced allegory and ramped-up chaos. It's a summer movie with a social conscience.

With the planet having frozen over, thanks to a bungled attempt at solving global warming, the remnants of humankind ride a train that circles the globe with very little of civilization intact except its class system. The wealthy are in first class; the dregs are in the cattle cars. Overthrowing the overlords becomes the objective of the greasy masses led by Curtis (Chris Evans) and Edgar (Jamie Bell). Pushing the envelope is the aim of director Bong.

He'll never be noted for his delicate use of metaphor; his 2006 antipollution movie, "The Host," was about a people-eating sea monster in the Han River. But even if Karl Marx is haunting "Snowpiercer," the film is really about action, velocity and momentum. The train has been moving for 18 years when we get aboard, roaring along arctic expanses of a wasted world. Don't ask why or how. "Snowpiercer" proudly, and rather fiercely, resists any attempt to make it make sense, rushing the viewer across his or her chasm of incredulity and into a space where paranoia and perversity simply take over.

Bong contains much warped content within the narrow expanse of a train coach, as Curtis and Edgar and the rest of the oppressed march forward into phalanxes of axe-wielding guards and armed assassins and a system that resists their every move. Tilda Swinton, wearing one of her more appalling disguises, is Mason, the majordomo of Wilford (Ed Harris), the master of this particular universe. He is somewhere up ahead, at the engine of the train, sending edicts and execution orders back into the mess he ostensibly controls. Swinton is hilarious at moments, overextended at others (Bong's screenplay isn't the strongest part of the production), but she certainly contributes to the humor of the film, which is artfully balanced with its more grisly aspects.

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A newspaper editor uses every trick in the book to keep his ace reporter ex-wife from remarrying. Cary Grant.


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Thanks again for your patience. We will be moving on this as soon as the funds allow!

Thanks again for your patience. We will be moving on this as soon as the funds allow!

Thank you for supporting the Darkside, now celebrating EIGHT years in business! That's 16 years if you count the Avalon Cinema!
Paul Turner
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Above: Not so far fetvhed. Startup capitalism at its finest.
July 29
Nvidia's Shield gaming tablet for Android yields 2.5 the performance of Apple's A7.

Alas, the first and only Bitcoin ATM in Arizona has been struck by lightning.

Telecommunication corporation attempts to stop public utilities which provide fiber optics are nothing new. As far back as 2004, Comcast in Illnois 'bombarded residents and city council members with disinformation, exaggerations, and outright lies'.

Airbnb is now a target in San Francisco of those opposed to gentrification in the city. The Chronicle reports that nearly 1000 housing units which would otherwise be rent-controlled are illegally tied up as Airbnbs.

A Tampa Bay freeway is closed to test an Audi driverless car. 'The tests will involve a car that is able to maneuver in traffic without someone steering or braking. The tests will include a few other cars called pace vehicles that will travel around it to simulate real traffic.'

'Starting this week, to check Facebook messages on your phone, you'll need to download Messenger, the company's standalone chat app. This is part of a bigger Facebook strategy to create many standalone mobile apps. That might make sense for Facebook, but it sucks for you.'

Krebs Security reported today that hackers stole the US technology deployed by Israel in their anti-missile system.

The Uber competitor Lyft has finally arrived in New York. One small hitch: no drivers have signed up.

OK Cupid has announced the results of "testing" by manipulating user data and the result is that your "profile" might as well be blank. Only the picture counts.

Microsoft is facing a belated anti-trust investigation in China over Windows and Microsoft Office.

A Florida man scammed Apple for $300,000 in products over 42 visits to Apple stores, using a simple scam. His defunct debit card would be declined and he would protest, offering to call the bank. Then, "he would offer the Apple Store employees a fake authorization code with a certain number of digits, which is normally provided by credit card issuers to create a record of the credit or debit override... as long as the number of digits is correct, the override code itself doesn’t matter".
Don't ask us for the number of digits. We won't say.

July 28

Above: Uber may yet have some difficulty muscling into Oregon, and specifically Portland, says City Commissioner Steve Novick. "We impose regulations on a taxi business," Novick said. "Uber says, 'We want to act like one but we don’t want to be subject to any of those regulations.'"
   In related news, another Uber driver has been arrested for sexually assaulting a drunken female passenger. "The woman says she passed out in the cab and that when she woke, the driver was rubbing her breasts. She then fell back asleep, according to court documents, and woke up again to the sound of car doors locking. The cab had stopped and the driver was feeling her breasts and pulling down her underwear down to her knees. She says she asked the driver to be let out of the vehicle, but he refused and at one point asked if he could go back to her hotel with her." He thenabused her sexually.

ALERT! Hackers have installed malware in Amazon and other Cloud servers, using Elasticsearch to launch DDoS  attacks.

The death from overdose of google manager Timothy Hayes has ripped open the dark secret of Silicon Valley: 'These workers stay up for days and days, and many of them gradually get into meth and coke to keep going. Red Bull and coffee only gets them so far." Pain killers, meth and cocaine are a huge part of Silicon Valley.

Researchers at Stanford have achieved the "Holy Grail" of batteries - a pure lithium anode.

The researchers who found the Heartbleed defect have spent the time since analyzing popular Android apps, and have found  "at least half of them" have serious issues, mainly from recycling defective code.

Security researcher Mazin Ahmed has published the vulnerabilities he found in Instagram.

July 27
Progress is being made in training coders at a high school level, with record numbers taking advanced placement tests for CS, with record numbers being girls (20%) and ethnic minority participation is also rising.

A driver at Comic Con who had tried to inch his car through a parade of pseudo-zombies and panicked when they turned on him. He accelerated, injuring several.

July 26
A startup CEO in NYC has investigated why his internet is so slow and he has come up with a clear culprit: Verizon, he says, is throttling his connection to far less than what he pays for, but using VPN - which would make the connection slower otherwise, actually speeds it up 10 times. "Using a VPN, Verizon simply doesn't know which packets to throttle, hence the gross disparity in speed."

Greenpeace has issued its new report on the environmental impact of various digital companies. Apple is greenest, with Facebook 2nd and google 3rd. At the bottom are Amazon, ebay, Twitter, Microsoft and IBM. You can read the entire report here.

The NSA has stepped up their cooperation with the brutal Saudi state police, whom the State Department accused of " torture and other physical abuse", including an episode when they "poured an antiseptic cleaning liquid down [the] throat" of a human rights activist.

The city of Toulouse, in France, saved 1 million euros by migrating from Microsoft Office to Open Source LibreOffice.

For the first time, China's University of Science and Technology won the World Robotics Championship in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Coders always wish they had someone more brilliant they consult. True? Are you sure? Maybe not:

Date Thu, 24 Jul 2014 11:47:17 -0700
Subject Re: Random panic in load_balance() with 3.16-rc
From Linus Torvalds <>

On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 6:43 PM, Michel Dänzer <> wrote:
>> Michel, mind doing
>> make kernel/sched/fair.s
>> and sending us the resulting file?
> Here it is, gzipped, hope that's okay.
> Note that my tree is now based on 3.16-rc6.

Ok, so I'm looking at the code generation and your compiler is pure
and utter *shit*.

Adding Jakub to the cc, because gcc-4.9.0 seems to be terminally broken.

Lookie here, your compiler does some absolutely insane things with the
spilling, including spilling a *constant*. For chrissake, that
compiler shouldn't have been allowed to graduate from kindergarten.
We're talking "sloth that was dropped on the head as a baby" level
retardation levels here:
[Here follows a bunch of code then...]
It's a hard and
harsh requirement for the kernel, and gcc-4.9 is a buggy piece of shit
for ignoring it... So the two bugs
("stupid constant spilling" and "invalid use or red zone stack") go
hand in hand. But who knows.

Anyway, this is not a kernel bug. This is your compiler creating
completely broken code. We may need to add a warning to make sure
nobody compiles with gcc-4.9.0, and the Debian people should probably
downgrate their shiny new compiler.

Jakub, any ideas?


July 25
'Apple has quietly installed data discovery software, including a file-relay tool that can bypass backup encryption, in around 600 million iPhones, iPads, and other devices running their latest iOS.'

The 2 squatters who took over a Palm Springs Airbnb condo they "rented" for a month are actually 2 Texas video game backers trying to con investors into a kickstarter video game project. Or two.

Congress has passed a bill to allow phone unlocking for use on any network.

An Amazon employee has admitted responsibility for flying a drone to buzz the Seattle space tower, operating it and retrieving it from the fifth floor of a nearby hotel.

Researchers from the Russian giant Yandex have found new malware used to target Linux and Free BSD servers to incorporate them into a botnet.

Intel has launched self-encrypting solid state drives.

You might want to keep this hidden from friends or family members who have a habit of denting the cars up with minor fender bumps, but new MIT research shows that "dimpled" cars are more aerodynamic than straight or sleek ones.

With a million apps in Apple's store alone, the chances of success of writing a successful one are slim indeed, a new survey of 10,000 developers shows. Still, 2% are finding some success.

2 cities in the south - Chatanooga, Tennessee and Wilson, North Carolina have asked the FCC to rule that they can bypass Republican state laws pushed through by telecom corporations like Comcast and Verizon prohibiting municipalities from building fast broadband service.

Amazon announced a loss for the quarter yesterday, which sent stock holders into fits.

Google is one of the biggest offenders in laundering money abroad to avoid taxes. Their "Irish subsidiary" generate $22 billion and paid less than one sixth of one percent in taxes on it.

San Francisco's tech industry has sent retail rent space soaring by 81% in 4 years but that's a pittance compared to some residential rent increases.

Wikipedia has blocked IP addresses in Congress for 10 days after several attempts to sabotage entries were made from there. One entry, for example, stated that JFK was assassinated "on behalf of Fidel Castro", a persistent right wing myth.

Tomorrow is sysadmin's day and Sandra Henry-Stocker has written some special poems to celebrate the day. Here's an excerpt:
"I have seen whiteboards covered with red and blue,
But no words or phrases describe what is in his head
And in most septic tanks there is more delight
Than in the sigh that emits from his mouth when I ask a question
I need to hear him speak, yet well I know
That the ravings of a lunatic might have a far more pleasing sound
I grant I never saw a knight stride by
My admin, when he walks, shuffles his feet and looks at the floor
And yet, by all that I have seen, I think my admin as rare and as precious
As any with whom he might be compared"

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Above: A dust storm rolls into Phoenix today.
July 29
Firefighters say they have contained the 450 acre Bingham Ridge lightning-caused fire in Linn County.

English researchers say they have devised a simple blood test to determine whether a person has cancer or not. You can say goodbye to colonoscopies and biopsies, they claim.

ALERT! A Tulane study shows that "exposure to light at night, which shuts off nighttime production of the hormone melatonin, renders breast cancer completely resistant to tamoxifen, a widely used breast cancer drug".

UCLA is knee deep in water on the campus after a primary main broke, creating a geyser.

A Penn State report shows that damage to the coral from BP's massive oil spill is much more extensive than thought.

The first traces of methane release from the warming Arctic, which could lead to runaway global warming have been seen.

New York City has declared a public health threat from infected ultra-orthodox rabbis sucking the penis of infant males in circumcision rituals, after another case of infant herpes.

A red state mayor, Adam O'Neal of Belhaven North Carolina, has begun a walk to Washington D.C. to protest his state's denial of medical aid to a constituent of his who died waiting for medical attention. He blames her death on "on the combination of an 'immoral' hospital operator and the failure of Republican leaders in his state to accept the new Medicaid funding the hospital needed to stay afloat."

July 28
An average of 3 potentially deadly trains a week are moving through Oregon from North Dakota and the state has some problems, according to a state report:
   The state doesn’t have the information it needs from railroads about the emergency resources available to respond to a derailment, and how long it would take to deploy those resources.
    The state doesn’t have enough rail safety personnel, and it isn’t paying its existing rail inspectors enough to keep them long-term.
   Emergency responders do not have adequate, timely notice of hazardous materials moving through their communities.
   State agencies should identify outdated laws and administrative rules related to rail safety.
   The Oregon fire marshal should report by the end of September whether local fire departments have the equipment they need to put out an oil train fire.

Eugene's city Council set up a showdown with Lane County by passing the sick leave ordinance for most workers in the city.

Exposing skin to a short burst of laser light before vaccination increases the effectiveness of the vaccine as much as if the vaccine had 10 times the dose.

Rocky Mountain Power, an electric utility, wants to charge solar power users for using the sun.

A second American has been infected with Ebola in Liberia.

Australian medical researchers have discovered a means to starve the malarial parasite before it takes hold. "It’s really exciting because we are on our last drug and when that drug goes, there are no more drugs to treat malaria,’’ Burnet Institute micribiologist Brendan Crabb says.

July 27
Clatsop County has been able to thwart plans for an LNG port at Warrenton for a decade now.

Forest fires now consume half the US Forest's Service's budget every year and Oregon's Senator Wyden says insurance companies need to do more to minimize fire risks at the urban-forest interface.

California's bullet train route was the victor in a federal appeals court battle.

2 Wisconsin utilities, once leaders in alternative power, now say it's hurting their profits and they want a stop to it.

The lead doctor in the Ebola virus outbreak has himself died of the disease. An American physician working with patients has also contracted the disease.

The first national study of the impact on human health shows as you'd expect that they save lives and prevent 670,000 of respiratory disease cases, saving $7 billion.

A new study in Scotland shows that mere 6 second burst of go-all-out bicycling, adding up to 1 minute, drops blood pressure dramatically and increases heart health.

July 26
Eugene has decided to ignore Lane County's attempt to ban local cities from improving the lives of workers and will pass the mandatory sick leave ordinance the County tried to forestall. It will mean an expensive court battle for Lane County residents.

A test for coliform in Portland water which was positive was a false alarm, the city said after retesting.

Tourism in Oregon's National Parks last year accounted for $67 million brought into the state by 1 million visitors.

In news from the southland bible belt, nearly 50% of all new US AIDS cases are in the south. The ignorance is heart breaking. "People have been put out of their families' homes after their families found out that they have HIV because they thought they could get [HIV] on the toilet seat or by sharing glasses,” said an Alabama journalist.

The carbonate which forms the Bahamas is produced by a bacteria which is dependent upon nutrients traveling 5,000 miles in dust from the Sahara, University of Miami researchers say.

Yale University researchers have found a way to suppress telomerase enzyme, necessary for 90% of human cancers to develop, relying upon a single gene, p21.

Detroit has cut the poor who have unpaid water bills from drinking water but has let corporations with $9.5 million unpaid bills slide, including Chrysler and an Oakland, California corporation with an outstanding $478,000 water bill for a golf course.

It's not rare to find news organizations buying off on fake Onion News as real, but this week Science News, a respected journal, said "A psychologist once even argued that most children under 10 would qualify as sociopaths if they were grown-ups." The article was linked to an Onion article headlined ""New Study Reveals Most Children Unrepentant Sociopaths" and

July 25
125 sickened from a food parasite, cyclospora, may be traced to a single source outside the country. The one infected Oregonian traveled abroad.

Smoking is now banned on Oregon beaches as in other state parks.

Wind and warm weather prompted the state to issue a "red flag" high risk fire warning in the Applegate and Illinois Valleys of Oregon.

Above: Ar-7 II
New information and photos show that the famous OR-7 in southern Oregon has at least 3 pups.

'As flames engulfed the area, trucks began exploding and thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals spilled into a tributary of the Ohio River, which supplies drinking water for millions of residents. More than 70,000 fish died.' Yet, Republicans (ALEC) have passed laws allowing fracking companies to hide - as "trade secrets" - the chemicals which pollute people's drinking water.

Colorado, California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming of the Colorado basin are depleting the aquifer, which takes thousands of years to rebuild, at 6 times the rate they are depleting ground water.

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Breaking News of The Economy, Traffic, Jobs and Business

July 29
The worst abuse of farm workers is not occurring on corporate farms, but on the small farms pictured idyllically in popular images, say farm workers.

The Treasury Secretary says that US corporations laundering profits by a takeover of a firm in an offshore location to transfer their "headquarters" there are harming the US economy and causing budget deficits.

Big Pharma is now recruiting among the homeless for their human studies of anti-psychotic and anti-addiction drugs.

35% of all Americans have fallen behind in our debts and been reported to debt collectors.

The middle class is now 20% poorer than in 1984 when Ronald Reagan introduced all the tax breaks for the rich under the much-ridiculed "trickle down" theory.

July 28
San Diego's city Council has raised the minimum wage in steps to $11.50. Corvallis's city Council hasn't hinted at such a move. In fact, low wage, part time jobs are a hallmark of Tom Nelson, the Economic Development Director for the city. Five Guys Burgers coming to town is considered progress and the working population - many of whom double as students - can just bite it, as far as they're concerned.

Fast food workers from across the U.S. have voted in suburban Chicago to escalate their campaign for higher wages and union representation by including civil disobedience.

China says the Obama administration is just making up facts, trying to use "anti-dumping" laws to restrict sales of solar technology in the US, as a means of subsidizing US power corporations and solar manufacturers.

Iraq is threatening to sue any one who buys oil from a Kurdish tanker sent to Texas. Iraq says the oil is stolen.

US arms manufacturers have produced and sold far more weapons to the Afghanistan government than is needed and they have failed to account for them. The fear is that the weapons have ended up in Taliban hands.

July 25

The employees of the zoo will get a small wage increase but will begin paying $40 a month for parking, a fee which will jump to $80 and the low paid workers who take tickets, pick up traash, etc. are saying it's too much for them.

It has been 10 years since Portland has seen an IPO and in the next few months, a dozen start ups are expected to offer one. Experienced CEOs say its an overhyped option for truly viable companies.

Michelle Bachman, the perennial Republican candidate who, like all perennial Republican candidates, has never held a real job in her life, is proposing that the country send immigrant children to pick tomatoes in "labor camps", to teach them how "real Americans" live.

McDonald's in Japan has decided to quit importing Chinese chicken meat after a Chinese firm admitted to sending out rotted meat last week.

July 23

The United Grain terminal at Vancouver, Washington is effectively closed as US grain inspectors are saying the cat calling of longshore workers picketing the plant is too much for them. The workers have been picketing since last fall when the company locked them out over a contract dispute.

Pests and seed shortages have led to a worldwide shortage of kale and it's just going to get worse.

July 22

17 workers at a Hillsboro electronic plant were taken to hospitals when a timed charger of lead acid batteries led to the batteries overheating and fumes being inhaled by workers. United Grain "locked out" workers at the facility last year over a contract dispute.

Thin film maker Solopower is back in business in Portland and expects to resume production fully by early next year.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden says immediate action needs to be taken to stop US corporations laundering profits by "changing their tax domicile" to foreign countries with low tax rates.

A city in Kentucky has taken over the filling station business by selling gas to the public themselves. Gas dropped from $3.59 a gallon to $3.36.

The clown car (aka Supreme Court 5-4 corporate majoruty) put the US firmly against the rest of the world in dealing with Argentina's 2001 debt, which was bought up by speculators who have moved to collect full value despite the nation's default (bankruptcy).

July 20

The prevalence of sub-prime housing loans under the Bush administration has now been replaced by sub-prime auto loans under the Obama administration. One in four auto loans are now going to people with little chance of ever paying the loans back. Some of the nation's biggest financial institutions are as involved as they were in the housing crisis.

The EPA guidelines on e. coli in irrigation water on raw crops has onion growers in Oregon panicky since, they say, their water can never pass the standard. No case of the deadly e.coli has occurred with onions. Once cured, the e.coli does not survive says new OSU research. Oregon's Congressional representatives say they will carry the research to Washington to try to have the rule waived for onions. There are 3 problems with their plan. Firstly, no one in the nation trusts agricultural corporations to tell the public the truth about health risks. Secondly, the results of the research are unlikely to be trusted since OSU's agricultural college has been so closely intertwined with those corporations. Thirdly, the plan is for Congressman Greg Walden to carry the research to the EPA and Walden is, in the minds of most, little more than a rubber stamp for corporations in the US. That may all be an unfortunate dovetailing of concerns for farms which grow a quarted of all the bulb onions in the US.

Drift Creek Outdoors, an outerwear manufacturer in Woodburn is going to double the size of it facility.

From an AP analysis: 'In the 13 states that boosted their minimums at the beginning of the year, the number of jobs grew an average of 0.85 percent from January through June. The average for the other 37 states was 0.61 percent.'

July 18

Forbes is selling a controlling interest to Chinese and Singaporean investors who plan to put the logo on other products for American-logo-chasing Chinese customers.
Suits suggest themselves, says the company, but why not a Forbes sushi chain or fast food burger?

July 17

Portland is looking at a popular solution for paving rundown streets - an income tax of 3% on people making more than $500,000.00 per year, with lesser amounts for those making $125,000 - $500,000.

Developers and landlords in Portland are demanding welfare from the city for bringing up their buildings to a new seismic code.

It might sound like heresy to Corvallis's Economic Development Director, Tom Nelson but the EU today called for fighting youth unemployment by increasing wages. "Sustainable economic growth is impossible without reducing inequalities", the statement said.

July 16

The fight between Sakuma Berries in Washington and the United Farmworkers was just escalated by farmers in Washington, who have begun a campaign "to keep the labor unrest from spreading" - i.e. to suppress wages and safety improvements for laborers.

The proposed increase of the state gas tax by five cents would allow Portland to reduce a mere third of its street maintenance backlog.

The "breathtaking" tax reductions on the rich in Kansas, which were supposed to increase the state tax base with economic activity, have instead left the state bankrupt. As a consequence, the Republican moderates once expelled from office in Kansas are staging a revolt which threatens to send Republican governor Brownback acking.

Tattoo removal is up 440% over the last 10 years. Some of it is fueled by the likes of Melanie Griffith, who is having the tattoo of "Antonio" removed after her divorce from Antonio Banderas. Most paying for removal are over the age of 30.

No doubt you’ve received email with titles like: Let’s not grease the path for coal and oil export businesses with $7 million of our taxpayer dollars. Our partners at Columbia Riverkeeper, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, 350 PDX, etc. will join us in Salem tomorrow to talk about stopping these coal and oil subsidies.
   But while ConnectOregon has three separate projects for fossil fuels lined up to be approved, those three projects are hardly all that’s wrong with ConnectOregon V. We’ve been studying many other of the projects recommended for taxpayer subsidy, and oh my, some are beyond belief.
   Today we find that we have some testimony ready with no one lined up to deliver it. Can you make it to Salem for the hearing tomorrow afternoon, July 17th at 1:45?
We’re looking for folks to testify about specific projects, and of course it would be nice to have others to fill the room. There are 37 ConnectOregon projects on the likely to be approved list. If the three for fossil fuels get rejected, the Oregon Transportation Commission will still “spend the money.” They’ll just move further down the list of projects where we have found that some are great, and others are wrong-headed. Some are nothing but giveaways to successful private businesses or public entities that just want free money, like they’ve gotten in the past from ConnectOregon.
Can you come to the Salem Convention Center tomorrow afternoon? patrickstupfel7

   In reading the applications for this cycle and last, Tax Fairness Oregon has come to the conclusion that the ConnectOregon program needs to be fixed. Our recommendations include:
   Making this primarily a loan program, rather than an all grant program. We already must pay over half a billion dollars for prior ConnectOregon subsidies.
   Insisting that airports not be eligible for ConnectOregon subsidies until they start collecting fuel taxes equivalent to the fuel taxes those of us who use roads pay. Plane owners currently pay either 1 or 9 cents a gallon in state fuel tax. Car owners pay 30 cents a gallon.
Increase the rigor of analysis applied to ConnectOregon applications. We’ve seen stunning disregard for the public purse in gifts to businesses.
Jody Wiser Tax Fairness Oregon

July 15

Historically high milk prices driven by exports, and low grain prices, are yielding higher profits for local dairy farmers.

Ernst & Young, one of the Big Four accounting firms, charged with auditing independence from all clients, were caught actually lobbying Congress for 2 clients and will now be fined $4 million. Auditor independence was exposed as a sham in the financial collapse under George Bush's administration.

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