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Apr 18
It's been a while since the OSU student presidency has made headlines as a national embarrassment. The current batch of white male candidates promises to change that.
   Bret Barlow's Facebook page (he was an administrator, says the Barometer) was "We Burn Homosexuals for a Living."
Left: Bret Barlow

in the Barometer

Barlow posted on the page: " do we seriously burn homosexuals for a living or is this a joke? i need to know now since i have a fag tied up and im holding a can of gas and a lighter."
   Barlow says " it started out was it was a really bad joke". He was counseled against running due to the page by the student advocate. He said "They attempted to blackmail me to submit to them. I will not submit to them even if it means I am the worst person on campus for the next week-and-a-half."
   It's likely to last longer than that. For the rest of his life, employers will be doing a search of his name on the internet and that Barometer article will surface.
   In a similar vein, 2 fraternity members are publicly arguing over who really has the support of their fraternity. One, Taylor Sarmon, has the "endorsement" of the OSU Republicans, which is an endorsement most sane people would flee from, since it implies in the public mind that he is either a crook or a sex criminal of some sort, usually of the worst sort.
   But we have to admit, all the scandal has made what might have been a dull, drab thing into something lively. In the sense that a head full of lice on a neighbor child might be lively.

Apr 17
A University of Oregon law professor endowed with an unbelievable sense of greed and grasping has embarrassed Oregon academics with a rant that has now gone viral. Complaining of the school helping students instead of giving him another pay raise, he complained of all the perks he could be getting if he worked for a big Wall Street corporate law firm.

Typical was Gawker's reaction:
   "Illig insists he could be making a cool million out on The Street as an M&A lawyer, but he stays around UO because he bleeds for his students -'Today, I spent the morning trying to get one of them a summer job at Nike.'    
   Illig, a tenured associate professor who attended law school "tuition-free" in the '90s, reportedly makes more than $138,000 annually, plus a $10,000 university bonus; the average grad at Oregon Law leaves with about $105,000 in debt.
   But he can't stand for this injustice, this iniquity, of making only $100,000 or so more than his former students, while the school plans to fund "a post-graduate fellowship program for new law grads, in lieu of a pay increase for him and his colleagues.
   So he sent the faculty some stern letters, and the faculty leaked 'em to a bunch of blogs...."

   The first reaction to the Gawker article was typical of the entire internet's reaction:

   "Bitch, please. You're in academia because you know you can get away with 30 hour weeks half the year. If you wanted to put in seventeen hour days at biglaw, you'd have the yacht already."

Apr 15
The proposed city inspection program for rentals has gone exactly as the most jaded of the city's tenants expected.
Originally, the plan was that every rental would be inspected every 3 years, and code violations would be noted and addressed. Landlords who shoulder their responsibilities would have been given a certification. The necessary staff would have been paid for by a fee charged landlords.
   That plan protected tenants from being singled out for their complaints, although it yet did not protect tenants from having their rents jacked up to pay for maintenance which a landlord should have been providing all along. Responsible municipalities have such laws working hand in glove with rent control, but responsibility to tenants has never been a part of the City Council's agenda, despite tenants being a majority of the city's residents for over a century.
   Now, the plan will no longer entail inspections. Instead, a tenant complaint is required, which fingers the tenant immediately. Landlords will still be charged the fee, without the benefit of inspection and certification, and the program will simply be a revenue source for the city, one which only the worst landlords, who thus escape inspection, will love. Because it is a fee rather than a tax, no vote is necessary. That fee will be passed along to every tenant in the city without any benefit whatsoever accruing to them. That's as cynics expected and the Council could at least be honest in naming the policy - the Protect All the Worst Slumlords Act.

Apr 13
The efforts to get Nevada's Cliven Bundy to quit adding to the $1 million he has stolen from Corvallis residents, as well as other Americans, has temporarily been set back back as armed right wing militias stepped in to back him up in his theft. He claims to have the right of grazing his cows on other people's land - ours.
   The additional issue of the endangered tortoises on the land has only made the issue more imperative to solve. As is almost invariably the case, the right wing is standing around with their hands in other people's pockets (ours), spewing bullsh*t about unrelated topics (a tactic shared with strung out meth addicts), hoping maybe we won't notice. The rich always feel entitled (and therefore also persecuted when what they see as their prerogatives are curtailed), while thousands of honest ranchers pay the public fees for grazing on our land.
   Let's not have another Waco here, but let's also not allow some pampered rancher to steal from the public any longer. Bundy started stealing from the public when he quit paying grazing fees 21 years ago. That's long enough. His claim to "deserve" it because he's done it for 2 decades is absurd. Any other thief risked being imprisoned 21 years ago and he can count his blessings - and his riches - that he was not.

Apr 10
The NSA's haters (are there others?)  need to prepare themselves. In 5 days, google will start selling the intrusive googleglassware for any "glasshole" to record every word and movement of any citizen. There are laws in Oregon against recording without the permission of the person being recorded, but police have yet to enforce them with the current devices. That will need to change, and if the the police decline to enforce the law, it will be an interesting test should someone decide to do so him or her self:
"It is illegal for a third party to intercept, attempt to intercept, or get any other person to intercept any wire or oral communication without the consent of any parties to the conversation. Unless one is a party to the conversation or has received consent from one of the parties, it is illegal to obtain any part of a telecommunication or a radio communication. However, courts have ruled that one cannot use a device to record a conversation unless all parties of the conversation are informed."

Apr 9

The proposed parking plans for OSU and neighborhoods adjacent to campus are addressed as separate but ultimately, they are closely linked. At present, residents are scheduled to pay $20 for a permit for every 2500 sq. ft (with a minimum of 2 permits discussed) and $30 for a guest permit. There is a 2 hour limit on non-resident parking, and since walking 2 and from class would exceed that time, it means a 1 class limit.
The university is implementing their own plan, which entails charging fees of $330-495 in the north of campus and $100 near Reser Stadium.
The plan is available here.
The idea of shifting the costs of parking onto residents and students, rather than holding developers responsible for providing adequate off-street parking is not new. Neither is it fair. It's just the norm in Corvallis, where a majority of the population rents rather than own a home and yet finds their needs only rarely addressed.

Apr 8
The hearing last night in City Council on the complex work-around for ensuring city residents can park their cars on the street near their homes was the occasion for a flare-up from Steve Clark, OSU's "vice president for public relations and marketing".
   When Councilor Penny York introduced a resolution asking OSU to "negotiate with OSU on paying" some of the costs of the plan, and the resolution passed, a gazette reporter called Anderson, who was not at the meeting despite his job title. His response was to paste the Council - as he is becoming famous for doing - on the Council for passing "something like this in the dark of the night", and went further to suggest it might be that York was "grand standing" or playing gotcha".
Council meetings are ALWAYS held in the "dark of the night", and York was simply relying upon OSU's Master Plan in an attempt to ensure the full costs are not born by the neighborhoods.
   The Council does not pretend to represent Steve Anderson. They pretend to represent the interests of the entire city (They don't. they represent the developers who by rights ought to be paying for the costs and are as reluctant as other citizens to shoulder the costs although they are happy to pocket the profits alone.).
   If Anderson wants to keep his fingers on the pulse, he knows when and where the Council's meetings are held. And we could use a little less soap and paste, and more substance, from him in future. That's true of committee hearings. It's true of Council meetings.

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Weekly Column from Color of

President Obama just nominated Atlanta federal prosecutor Leslie Abrams to a U.S. District Court vacancy in Georgia. Though nearly one-third of the state identifies as Black, Abrams would become the first Black woman to ever serve on Georgia’s federal bench if confirmed.

The open secret is that Abrams’ nomination will go nowhere — just like those of her colleagues Natasha Perdew Silas, Linda Walker, and Eleanor Ross before her1 — unless we do something about it. We're calling on Senate Judiciary chair Patrick Leahy to drop his committee's outmoded, increasingly-abused “blue slips” tradition, which allows just one senator to effectively veto the president’s judicial picks without cause.

Georgia’s right-wing obstructionist senators have been withholding their “blue slips” — or personal pre-approval of Obama nominees — for three years now.2 As long as Sen. Leahy lets them, these good ol’ boys will keep blocking highly-qualified Black women attorneys and sitting judges from ever seeing a Senate vote on their nominations, potentially locking in the unacceptable inequities in representation on Georgia’s federal bench for decades to come.

As Judiciary Committee chair, Sen. Leahy could unilaterally end reliance on blue slips today. Can you call on Sen. Leahy to ensure President Obama’s judicial nominees receive the full vote they’re constitutionally entitled to?

Federal judges rule on some of the most crucial civil rights issues impacting our communities, including Stop and Frisk,3 so-called “Stand Your Ground” or “Shoot First” laws,4 and selective voter ID. Georgia in particular has been bombarded with attacks on voting rights since the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to gut the federal Voting Rights Act last year; the state has since seen aggressive elimination of polling places, adoption of discriminatory redistricting plans, and even a proposal to move Augusta’s elections from November to the summertime when it is believed Black voter turnout will be lower.

We need judges committed to civil rights and ensuring equal justice for all, but instead we have more than ten percent of federal judgeships sitting vacant — with long-standing vacancies concentrated in those states with at least one Republican senator who refuses to blue slip any Obama nominee.6 Worse, blue slipping under Sen. Leahy has forced the president’s hand into unnecessary, unreciprocated, and lopsided backroom “package” deals that ultimately give individual, hostage-taking senators more power to make judicial appointments than the White House itself.7

The most egregious of these current deals would serve as yet another assault on Black Georgians. Sen. Saxby Chambliss could successfully push through three of his own hand-picked candidates in exchange for agreeing to stop his marathon obstruction of just one White House nominee, in limbo since January 2012.8 The president is now in the position of having to seriously consider lifetime appointments to the federal bench for people like Michael Boggs, who as a Georgia legislator voted to preserve the Confederate Battle Emblem as part of the state’s flag, and Mark Cohen, best-known for his work to uphold Georgia’s discriminatory voter ID law.

Tell Sen. Leahy: It’s past time to drop the indefensible blue slips policy and ensure judges qualified to protect our civil rights have a fair shot at a full Senate vote. And when you do, please ask your friends and family to do the same.

Thanks and Peace,

--Rashad, Matt, Arisha, Kim, Johnny and the rest of the team
dan savage's

"savage love"
One of the boys at the restaurant where I work met up with a dominant gay couple in a regular bar—not a gay bar—during happy hour. They told him to go to the bathroom and strip in a stall. Then one of the guys came in and took his clothing from him. He didn't know when they would be back or even if they would be back. While he was trapped there naked (and hard), other men were coming in and out. Knowing that other people didn't know he was in his stall gave my coworker a big thrill. My problem: This couple and my friend involved other people—without their knowledge or consent—in their little domination game. I say, "Not okay!" We got into a heated argument about it and decided to ask you for a ruling.

-Coworker's Recent Escapade Entirely Perverted

Let's say a straight couple comes into your restaurant and they're seated in your section, CREEP. They order, they eat, they tip, they leave. All good? Now let's say that, unbeknownst to you, the man was wearing a locking male chastity device and the woman was wearing the key on a chain around her neck. She was dripping wet all through dinner, his cock was straining against the confines of his chastity device, and a big part of the turn-on was being in public and interacting with, say, a waiter who had no idea.

Is that okay? Of course it is—just like it's okay for a businessman to get a secret thrill out of wearing panties under his suit at an important meeting or a sneeze fetishist to get thrills during flu season. The world is full of people deriving all sorts of secret thrills from all sorts of seemingly random shit. So long as secret thrill derivers keep it to themselves—so long as they don't actively involve others without their prior consent—there's nothing "Not okay!" about secret thrill derivation.

- Dan Savage
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I'm a Mexican-American with a dilemma. Why do most Mexicans respond by saying, "¿Mande?" while most other non-Mexican Hispanics respond with, "¿Cómo?" I asked around, and nobody has a right answer. I'm sure you will know 'cause you're a smarter-than-average Mexican.

Out of all the folk etymologies that plague Mexican Spanish—like people thinking gringo comes from Mexicans making fun of the green coats of invading gabachos, or that the phonological similarity of Michigan and Michoacán is proof that the Aztecs came from the Midwest—none is more laughable than insisting the Mexican propensity to use ¿Mande? ("Excuse me?") is a reflection on the perpetual Mexican inferiority complex. Yes, ¿Mande? is a legacy of colonialism—Cortés used the term in his letters—but so what? So is the word tortilla and the corrido. All Latin American cultures keep parts of the Conquest alive in their regional Spanish, but there is no historical evidence that conquistadors in Mexico demanded that their Indian or mestizo servants use the formal ¿Mande? instead of the informal ¿Que? or ¿Cómo? or ¿Perdón? (words that Mexicans also use, by the way) to maintain racial superiority. Mexican Spanish merely follows Spanish pronoun rules—imagine that! You want real linguistic subservience? Try su merced (your mercy), which South Americans use in favor of ustedes. Now that's a wuss culture right there.

'- Gustavo Arellano
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Apr 18
Left: Douglas Thompson Von Euen

Mr. Von Euen has been charged with domestic violence (assault), theft and 39 counts of ID theft. Last year, he was charged in a case when cops said he was assaulting his girlfriend and a neighbor came out with a cane sword to stop the beating. Cops said Euen and 2 friends grabbed the Good Samaritan and slashed him repeatedly with the sword.

The privately owned prison telephone racket - charging as much as $20 for a local telephone call - has been capped at $3.75 per call. The hedge funds who own the companies are trying to unload them as a result. Mr. Von Euen may get his chance to try it. He won't be unfamiliar with it. He is from Sheridan, the gazette said last year. Sheridan is where the federal prison is located, and is the town's leading industry.

Michael's has confirmed that the January credit card theft affected 3 million debit and credit cards.

In Portland, a guy had a stash of 1000 Trimet passes he was peddling through craigslist for $100 each, cops say.

In Washington County, a man from Florida - YIKES! people from FLORIDA allowed here in Oregon?!! - was caught running a scam to pay tens of thousands for stolen Nike sneakers to ship around the country.

Oracle has taken the week to spin alibis for their miserable performance in the scam of several hundred million dollars involving the Oregon Health Plan.

The cat who trapped an Oregon family seems to have a sympathetic feline in California, where another cat mauled a family and trapped them until the called 911.

Employers stealing from the wages of the lowliest of employees are given free passes, with no prosecution.

More than 100 killers, including the recent slayer of elderly Jews in Kansas City, have now been linked to the single site of

Kansas City cops believe they have caught the man behind 12 road rage incidents which resulted in him shooting other drivers.

Sigma Phi Epsilon has closed the University of Mississippi chapter after 3 members draped a Confederate flag extract over the face of the school's first African-American student and hung a noose around his neck. The fraternity will lose their house at the end of the semester and both the FBI and the school are pursuing the matter.

Virginia has decided to allow owners to continue operating for 40 years the pens in which wild animals are placed and dog owners watch their mastiffs tear the animals apart for a fee. All that's missing are porn actresses from Texas or Florida to make money on crush movies.

In south Carolina, a 6 year old son riding in the car of a gun fetishist discovered a pistol under the car seat and shot and shot his dad's girlfriend, killing her.

Also in South Carolina, an irate City Council grilled the town's mayor for firing a gay police chief because, he said, "gays are worse than drunks".

A flyer which appeared in the separatist regions of Ukraine was a fake, police say, probably distributed by Ukrainian nationalists whose anti-Semitism has raised angry protests in Europe.

A Dutch child pornographer has been identified as the man who cyber-bullied and tormented a 15 year old Pacific Northwesterner to her suicide, which became an internet sensation.

Canadian cops have arrested a man in connection with the use of Heartbleed to steal from Canada's IRS.

The vice principal of a ferry which sank off Korea has been found hanged.

Arrests warrants are being issued for the captain and 2 sailors aboard the capsized South Korean ferry.

Apr 17

Right: Cody Ray Guthrie

Another gift from Linn County, Mr. Guthrie was arrested for heroin sales and possession, for violating his parole,being a felon with a weapon, another weapon charge, possessing meth, etc.

We need to take a moment and memorialize one of the greatest chroniclers of the criminal elements among us, the 1 %. Argentine writer Gabriel García Márquez has passed today, in Mexico at age 87.

The ongoing Christian crime wave dominated crime news again today.

Left: Doug Phillips

The "uber-wholesome" image that TV's Duggar family ("19 Kids & Counting") has tried to present of the patriarchy,and the "Quiverfull" movements has been unraveling in the wake of the child-rape accusations against their leader, Doug Phillips. Their patriarchal World Vision has disbanded.

Court documents were filed  connecting Mr. Phillips with grooming a child for abusing her sexually. Christian blogs are referring to the abuse as he did - as "inappropriate". However, sex abuse is as much a crime in Texas, where his church is based, as elsewhere. Unless you're connected, as Mr. Phillips seems to be. Training a kid "to be his sex slave" should have brought the roof down on the preacher.  In related news, another porn star (Stephanie Hird, aka "Megan Jones") has been arrested in Florida for making crush videos involving the torture and killing of animals in a sexual context.

Left: Stephanie Hird ("Megan Jones")

The spokesman for the Patriarchy Association of Phillips wasn't bashful about making a horse's ass of himself. He spent his day telling the country that we should be worshiping the ground underneath the wealthy: "Rather than the poor, the low income and the middle class being resentful of these people, they should be kissing the ground on which they walk". That's a little different from what Jesus said: "Jesus looked at him and loved him. “One thing you lack,” he said. “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”
At this the man’s face fell. He went away sad, because he had great wealth. Jesus looked around and said to his disciples, “How hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God!"
And hard for Christians too, it seems.

The Christians had a little trouble swallowing the Obamas' tax return, because they only gave $1500 to their church. They gave nothing to the World Vison or Quiverfull, the openly patriarchal church groups in trouble today.They did give " $59,000, or about 12 percent, to totally God-hating causes like the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society and the Red Cross." That doesn't count, because only the preachers are entitled to charity.

A Christian mayor in Michigan has taken it upon himself to decide that the Constitution's freedom of religion clause does not apply to people who have no religion. Freedom from Christians is not covered, he says.

A Christian hate group in Iowa has asked students to tear out the section on Islam from their history books. A local legislator has said gays deserve to die and Moslums are threats to the the country.

In other religious news, the Jewish population has long suffered from Ukrainians as well as from invaders (Poles, Letts, Germans). Today it's getting worse, as Jewish people have been required to register and pay a special tax in the separatist region.

In other crime news, a cop shot himself trying to kill a dog he claimed was lunging for him. A local TV station later showed the small dog, much smaller than he'd reported, playing with neighborhood kids.

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans has now experienced ID theft. More than 20% have had their social networking IDs taken over.

In the same sort of racket that sent Teamster official Jimmy Hoffa to prison, New Jersey Republican governor Chris Christie has funneled state pension money to the corporation whose CEO is a crony. No prison here.

Similarly, the law firm Christie hired to give him a "clean bill of health" is tied to a group Christie leads.

Also in New Jersey, a mother is accused of driving into the ocean deliberately in hopes of drowning her children.

Corporations are now claiming that by using coupons, "liking" them on Facebook, or even entering a chain outlet means giving up the right to take them to court.

An Arkansas gynecologist has been charged with taking pictures of the intimate parts of his patients with his cellphone. He should go to work for google.

A Spanish judge is refusing to dismiss charges against Republican ex-president George Bush for crimes committed in office.

An Iranian murderer was on the gallows, his head hooded, his arms tied and a noose around his neck awaiting the drop when his victim's mother approached and slapped him before commuting his sentence as permitted by Iranian law.

In Brazil, where the cops are on strike, looters are gutting shops in a site of the 2014 World Cup matches.

Apr 16

Right: James Alfred Crotsley

Mr. Crotsley has been arrested 3 times in Corvallis for parole violations although he is another Albany gift. He was charged more than 20 years ago with forcing a 14 year old girl into an apartment, forced her to do " several acts of deviate sexual intercourse", then raped her. He is charged with another parole violation.

In related news, the Christian crime wave didn't let up today. A Minnesota preacher is being sought in 59 cases of raping young girls he called Maidens and told that being raped is "being sacrificed to god" and is "normal". He is thought to be hiding in the Pacific Northwest.

WANTED: Victor ArdenBarnhard, age 52  

In other rape crime news, a report on the investigation of the Florida State football player and Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston has found that there was no investigation at all. A freshman student who reported the rape says "A detective cautioned her against pursuing the case, saying Tallahassee was a big football town and the accuser would be “raked over the coals.” That detective, Scott Angulo, has done private security work for the Seminole Boosters organization.

In Texas, Republican governor Rick Perry cut the state office investigating malfeasance, and he is himself the subject of such a probe now.

In Alabama, Auburn University is closed because someone left a threat of a "rampage of biblical proportions". That could mean anything. Maybe some one will turn on the hoses to try flooding the place, or try to round up some locusts and release them.

In Missouri, it turns out the entire town of the madman who shot murdered 3 elderly Jewish residents in a retirement home share his views. The city library carries the book written by the shooter, "A White Man Speaks Out" and the Mayor agrees with him that "There some things that are going on in this country that are destroying us,” he said. “We’ve got a false economy and it’s, some of those corporations are run by Jews because the names are there. The fact that the Federal Reserve prints up phony money and freely hands it out, I think that’s completely wrong. The people that run the Federal Reserve, they’re Jewish."

In other crime news from the southland, an Alabama woman has been charged with murder after gunning down her son’s boyfriend at a truck stop. “We don’t see this in any way being a hate crime,” Sgt. Dale Phillips noted. “We see this being a family having issues in this."

The bigots were out in force. An Ohio man was sentenced for beating and starving his disabled brother to "drive the gay out". In related news, an Oregon City teen objecting to a high school Day of Silence for teens who died because of being gay, either by murder or suicide made some t-shirts. "I just made it say ‘Gay Day is not OK,’ because I don’t believe that it’s OK". Then he fell back on the old "I have no problem with gay people, except for all the problems I have with gay people" routine.
'Actually, dude, when you are mad that people even get to BE SILENT about being gay and you are pissed that people want to point out that gay students get bullied, that is pretty much the textbook definition of having a problem with the gays! Weird, huh?'

He might not want to be in India right now, where the government has just recognized transgender people as "a third gender". "The court also ordered the government to provide transgender people with quotas in jobs and education in line with other minorities, as well as offer adequate health care and separate bathroom and other facilities to them". However, the same court in December criminalized gay sex.

Left: K-9 Sgt. Mick

A Portland police K-9 dog was shot and killed as 3 burglars decided to shoot it out with the cops and lost, killing Mick and wounding his partner Jeff Dorn.

The new stamp in Finland would drive this kid crazy. The late "Tom of Finland" (Touko Laaksonen), a WWII Finnish Army officer whose art was focused on the gay male S&M scene, is having several stamps issued with his prints:

It might not be just the evangelicals who would have issues with the US Postal Service issuing such stamps.

In other strange sex crimes, a Wu Tang clan rapper is said to have cut off his penis and tried to commit suicide by jumping from a 2nd story balcony.

In other sex crime news, Louisiana has voted to keep oral sex a crime in the state. The state thus joins Kansas, North Carolina and Oklahoma as the only state in the union where oral sex is a crime but necrophilia (sex with dead bodies) is OK.

In Egypt, women are saying the nation's police have become Montana-like in not pursuing sexual crimes.

From the subcontinent, the owner - who is also a major political figure - of the 9 story factory which collapsed and killed more than 1000 workers making garments for Sears, Walmart, Benetton and others has been charged with murder in Bangladesh.

A Nebraska 3 year old whose frantic mom had been searching for him since he had gone through an unlocked apartment door, while she was in the bathroom, was found when a bowling alley owner reported a child had figured how to slip into a "claw machine" to play with the toys.

U.S. citizens paid an average of $1,259 to make up for the cash squirreled away illegally by the rich in overseas tax fraud.

Another of google's glassholes has been robbed of her intrusive gadget - at taser point.

Another study showing that spanking children only creates angry psychopaths is out, but the average 4 year old is still getting spanked 936 times a year.

The Bostonian who dropped a nag at the Marathon a year after a bomb was placed there says it was a "performance piece". Kayvon Edson has mental issues, says a psychologist who evaluated him.

In Nigeria, police and the army freed the schoolgirls kidnapped yesterday.

Apr 15

Left: Jay Michael Baker

Mr. Baker has been jailed in Corvallis some 15 times in the past 3-4 years. He has been arrested for meth, parole violations, drug traffic court offenses, etc. This time it's for a parole violation.

In other drug crime news, Amazon's automatic recommendations for the purchaser of a digital drug scale ("balance") based on other buyers included "a quickstart kit for selling drugs":
"spice" grinders
Pipe screens
Rolling paper and tray bundle
Bulk pure caffeine powder
Skull baggies
Pot-leaf baggies
An encapsulation machine and gelatin capsules
A scientific spatula
"Air Tight Odorless Medical Jar Herb Stash Medicine Container"
Digital caliper
A tool for cleaning a gun part
A safe in the form of a Dr.     Pepper can
Potassium Metabisulfite
A drug testing kit ("This kit contains the same reagent chemicals as found in Justice Department test kits")
Beta alanine powder
An actual drug called kratom

In other crime news, the techies of Silicon Valley have now made it a crime to sleep in your car ("it erodes their quality of life").

In Tennessee, having a bay who is born with "birth defects" can now result in imprisonment after an automatic investigation into whether a mother used drugs, including alcohol while pregnant.

The Missourian who gunned down elderly Jews in Kansas City yesterday was an FBI informant inside the Klan and a star witness 25 years ago.

In Arizona, the governor signed a bill for warrantless searches of women's clinics, which is a clear violation of the Constitution but with the current Supreme Court and their Republican-appointed old style Catholics, the Constitution is only what money and power determines it is.

In Boston, 2 bags detonated at the finish line contained a rice cooker, confetti and camera equipment.

A drunk who pissed on the Alamo in private has been sentenced to a year and a half in prison. He's ineligible for parole.

The purported "mystery man" who was an internet suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing a year ago has now been thoroughly exonerated by a photographer who snapped pictures before the explosion, showing the man was having a bbq and lounging in a chair on a roof, then rushed when the explosion occurred.

The Christian crime wave rolled on with a lawsuit filed that the Christian Quiverfull and Vision Forum Ministries "groomed" a child as his personal sex slave over years "so that he could use her for his sexual gratification". The lawsuit says the married preacher "repeatedly groped, rubbed, and touched Ms. Torres’s crotch, breasts, and other areas of her body; rubbed his penis on her; masturbated on her; forced her to watch him masturbate on her; and ejaculated upon
her." You can read the lawsuit here.

The Nigerian group Boko Haram, whose name means "western education is forbidden" is being blamed for the kidnapping of 100 schoolgirls in Borno state.

The 9/11 conspiracy theorist Mike Rupport shot himself last night after recording his radio show. He left " elaborate instructions for how to proceed without him."

3 financial traders were accused of manipulating interest rates over 4 years in England, which is a lucrative pastime in financial circles.

A vast study by scientists at Princeton and Northwestern University has shown that the U.S. is a failed non-democratic state under the thumb of a cartel composed of "business interests". They wrote that "our results provide substantial support for theories of Economic Elite Domination.." Add to the mix the wide spread flouting of the law by business interests - where the law has not been yet "bent" to serve them - and the U.S. is beginning to look like Juarez. And not because of immigrants.

In related news, Republicans in Oklahoma banned cities from raising minimum wages. Tennessee Republicans likewise banned the construction of mass transit anywhere in the state. That might interfere with the profits of oil corporations and would be an implicit critique of the "dirty energy kings", the Koch brothers.

The smuggling of cash into foreign countries to hide it is at times not confined to  the U.S. Today, German customs officials found 8,000 Euros hidden in a woman's clothes and her husband had 200,000 Euros taped to his crotch.

In the U.S., the ratio of CEO earnings to those of workers increased significantly in the past 3 years, being now 331 times the average worker's salary and 774 times the average worker making minimum wage. And for little or no work. A team on Tax Day presented the Walton (Walmart) family with a bill for $7.8 billion taken from the public via the federal government, for welfare payments to underpaid employees of the corporation..

The Onondaga Iroquois are taking a court case to the Inter-American Commission, claiming New Yorkers have stolen 2.5 million acres from them.

An Australian woman texting with 7 others as she drove before hitting a bicyclist and injuring his spine says she cares: "I just don't care because I've already been through a lot of bullshit and my car is like pretty expensive and now I have to fix it..I'm kind of pissed off that the cyclist has hit the side of my car."

Right: Wesley Ryan Jacks

Mr. Jacks is another Albany alumni, arrested this time for theft, stealing a car, etc. In November, cops stopped him after Walmart reported him for shoplifting, and the car he was driving had been stolen from an Albany high school. Two years ago, he was busted for theft, forgery and drugs.

It might be funny of it weren't so serious but the hedge funds - in this case, Bain Capital of Mitt Romney fame - who brought us the heroin epidemic via doctors prescribing beaucoup de vicodin and oxycodone are now promising us relief with their methadone clinics.

Mr. Jacks should be thankful this is not the Bolivian Amazon, where 2 guys accused of stealing motorbikes were tied to a tree with venomous ants which nearly killed them. 1 was in intensive care and the other is on dialysis for kidney failure.

In Missouri, the white supremacist who shot a dozen Jewish people at a retirement center in Kansas was - oh, shock! - a supporter of Republican David Duke, whose affiliation with the Teabag Party has been noted. Frazier Miller himself ran for office, declaring in 2010 that "We’ve set back and allowed the Jews to take over our government, banks, and our media. We’ve allowed tens of millions of foreign mud-people to invade our country, steal our jobs, and our women and destroy our children’s future. America is no longer ours. America belongs to the Jews who rule it, and the mud-people who multiply in it. The undeniable proof is that at davidduke. com."
That certainly sounds like a Teabagger manifesto.

Teabag Party leader Ted Cruz is again bashing Obama for not crushing states which vote make pot legal.

In Tennessee, the Christian crime wave rolled on, with another preacher arrested for raping a child.

Apr 13

Left: Rachael Elizabeth Swigert

Ms Swigert is another of Linn County's Special Gifts. She has been busted here repeatedly. In February, she was busted for meth, attempted escape, theft, etc. as cops investigated her in conjunction with a stolen phone. In April she was busted for theft and a Lebanon, Oregon child neglect charge.

This time around, she is charged with 5 counts of computer crimes, 1 of ID theft, 5 charges of 2 counts each for credit card theft, 2 theft charges and meth. All that's missing is killing turtles and being rich and she could be a Teabag Party celebrity instead of just one more Linn County loser.

In related news, federal agents backed down in order to avoid another Waco, in a confrontation with armed right wing gangs who showed to enforce a rancher's claim to continue grazing his cows for free on others' land - land designated for endangered tortoises in the 21 years of trespassing to steal  cattle food.

A California man has beaten to death an employer he though was plotting to replace him. He meant to beeat him, but not kill him, says his lawyer. "It is a very unfortunate situation that Mr. Downes lost his life,” Kersey said. “But it is not murder".

A new study shows that over a working life of saving of retirement, financial corporations are skimming $40,000.00 from the retirement, in even just 1% fees.

In Oregon, the 42 year old Lake County ex-cop who was being for questioning in the disappearance of a 17 year old girl turned himself in but denied knowing where she is

In Kansas, a right winger sprayed 2 Jewish retirement homes, killing 3, and shouting "Heil Hitler!" or "Hail Hitler".

In New Mexico, a new federal report validates concerns that the city of Albuquerque is executing citizens.

In Chicago, a man is under arrest after he did the Florida "Stand Your Ground routine, pulling a submachine gun over the issue of a 22 cent tax on a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi.

In Utah, a mother gave birth to, and then murdered, 7 babies, cops are saying. Her ex- is believed the father and he was the discoverer of the bodies in cardboard boxes in the garage. He was in prison for drugs, several years.

In Florida, the FBI was able to find the source requesting serial downloads of child pornography - it was the fire station in Miami, where one of the paramedics was arrested.

In Atlanta, famed singer Patti LaBelle is reported as having slugged "famed-er" singer Aretha Franklin as the dual between the 2 continues.

In North Carolina, the leading Republican candidate is a crook who was found guilty of swindling 2 investors in a "start up". He is the Teabag Party favorite. Also in North Carolina, a man "stood his ground" when he was told he couldn't put his hands into a dancer's underwear and poured lead into the Leather and Lace club.

In Texas, an African American Superman fan watching TV dressed in his S-Man costume (hoody) ran outside when his apartment building caught fire - just in time to catch a baby tossed by parents from the fiery inferno. Both parents and their son are fine. All lost their possessions.

The UN released a guide to "how to avoid being murdered" for the the world's citizens. Staying out of the Americas and Africa is top, since the most likely place to be murdered is Honduras (1 in1000) and the least likely is Liechenstein (zero) and Singapore (one in 480,000). Second, is be a woman, especially a woman who has nothing to do with men, and be over 30. Those are the least likely demographic sectors to be murdered.

In Romania, an "Angelina Jolie lookalike" kidnapped and raped a taxi driver at knife point then stabbed him when he couldn't do it again.

The Netherlands' prison problem is the dream of other nations - there are not enough prisoners to keep open prisons where the number of guards is greater than the number of prisons.

In Morocco, 800 very courageous women marched today to demand that the rights of women be incorporated into the country's laws and constitution.

Apr 12

Right: Megan Katherine Courtney

Ms Courtney is another Linn County sleaze gift. She has repeatedly been arrested for car prowls, stealing UPS deliveries from people's porches, and this time for not showing on a mail theft charge.

Ms Courtney is a perfect example of this week's topic: now that SCOTUS has folded the courts and the corporate into a criminal cartel, and brought the law into contempt, we need people to look to themselves and one another for ethical guidance instead. Ms Courtney is not one to be trusted with such an enterprise. She seems to still be struggling with the concept of walking upright and will need some help with discipline until she gets the hang of it.

The rich are buying license frames with 11-99 on the license frame, referring to a foundation which "supports CHP families in times of crisis". One buyer says ""I have the ultimate speeding ticket solution.. My only goal was to get the infamous 'get out of jail' free license plate frame." The legal process is for sale again.

That however is small peanuts compared to the news today that the SEC - in charge of regulating banks - was actually colluding with them on cases of criminal wrong doing. The law?  Ka-ching! The cash register drawer opened again!

That frosty pint of beer sure looks good, and it’s headed straight your way, but not before the bartender takes a big swig first. Hey, is that any way to treat a libation? TransferWise, an international money exchange service, says that’s no way to treat a customer trying to transfer money, either. The company, co-founded by one of Skype’s first employees Taavet Hinrikus, set up a prank video in a London pub to make a point about big banks’ tendencies.

Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont summed up the nation's perspective as "They feel the need to have more and more and more and to take that money out of the hides of working families, the elderly, the children, the sick, and the poor. They want more tax breaks for billionaires, and then they want to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education, and every other program that is of importance to working families." Sanders is just "kinder askin'" to get bumped off, isn't he? Catholics are asking similar questions about the pope: "they are going to kill him, aren't they?"

The parents of the Texas guy whose "affluenza" legal defense allowed him to walk after killings has been ordered to pay 4% of the costs of his monthly "treatment", with the public bearing the rest.

A store owner in Texas kidnapped an African American couple over a $3 pair of earrings,  after the owner told them "You people always steal", even though a video later backed their innocence.

In Maryland, a guy using his fingers in a pretend-gun inside his pocket was laughed out of the hair salon he was trying to rob.

In Mississippi, a Republican candidate for Senate bashed Ron Paul's Libertarian backers, saying they're "all about hookers and crack". He asked "Do you really want to buy cocaine at your Junior Food Mart? Do you really want to go to the 7-Eleven, right next to the chicken on a stick, and see some crack? Is that really what we’re looking for here with the Libertarian Party?

In Florida, a 36 year old former US Marine  sh*t upon those "Vets 'r Heroes" bumper stickers by showing up for sex with  a 14 year old girl with a gun, an ax and a shovel. In Oregon, half the sex criminals in the penitentiary are vets. They aren't called "walking wounded" for nothing.

There's a reason google answers "Why is Florida so-" with the suggestion of "crazy". Over the objections of the state's sheriffs, Florida passed a "Zombie Apocalypse" law throwing out existing gun laws in case of accidents, hurricanes, riots, etc.

Reports are emerging today of an unsettling trend in the southland, of school  and police officials using tasers to torture children they regard as misbehaved.

New Jersey lawyers are calling for major constitutional changes after embattled governor Christie decided to reshuffle the deck with judges, refusing to re-appoint 2 Supreme Court justices in an unprecedented move.

In law enforcement crime news, documents point now to San Diego police officials covering for a cop who may have been a serial rapist.

A woman who ran over and killed a pedestrian in her Cadillac limo on L.A.'s Skid Row is on trial for the killing this week. Since she had claimed she was on her way to meet her boyfriend Johnny Depp at the time, he is being called to testify he had no clues who she was, having never even met her.

A Steubenville, Ohio coach who helped cover up a gang rape of a high school girl by football players has been sentenced to community service. The Anonymous activist who exposed the rape is facing a far more serious sentence.

A star pediatrician in Delaware who was on the Oprah show has been convicted and sentenced for waterboarding his own daughter,  "preventing the girl from bathing, suffocating her with water and denying her access to a bathroom."

In Nevada, a militia showdown with federal agents over a Mormon rancher who insists he has a right to graze his cattle for free on other people's land - the public's, from whom he now has stolen over $1 million in fees - ended peacefully as the agents backed off, at least temporarily.

In Boston, firefighters battling a huge fire had to deal with some jerk parking his brand new BMW in front of the hydrant. Not a problem - they smashed the windows and ran the hose through the auto. Even then, the hose was kinked and they moved the car to unkink the hose, rather than fighting the fire. And cops posted a ticket on the window.

Russian citizens were warned against going abroad today, that the U.S. government might kidnap them.

In Lebanon, a fugitive from Italy with Mafia connections who was an ally of George Bush's buddy Berlusconi has been captured.

In Argentina, 1 million are in the streets in a general strike over issues of economic disparities and government/ corporate unconcern.

Religious alibis for criminal behavior are now being floated among Moslems as a means of making Malala Youfsazi, shot in the head by Taliban bigots opposed to girls' education, a hated figure.

Apr 11

Left: Michael Blane Sanders

Mr. Sanders was extradited from Arizona on charges of sex abuse, child sex abuse and kiddie porn. He originally was facing an incest charge too.

In related news, the Christian crime wave has rolled on, with a preacher arrested for raping a child who was a relative repeatedly, at his home and at the church, and filming. A fundamentalist Catholic cleric from a sect which rejects the modern church has been accused of raping and sexually torturing 3 school teachers during "exorcisms" at a religious school.

In India, where gang rape is regarded as a hobby, an Indian politician said "They are boys, they make mistakes", of 3 serial rapists whose last victim died of her injuries.

But sometimes, the girls strike back. A 14 year old Nigerian victim of a forced marriage confessed to poisoning her rapist husband and 3 of his friends to death.

And sometimes it's a grown woman who retaliates. Cops in Spain had arrested a 24 year old model for H&M, Marica Kukucuva, for killing a millionaire boyfriend who dumped her for a 20 year old student. She took his Hummer 2,000 miles to Slovakia.

In other sex crime news, Dana McCallum, a senior Twitter engineer and transgender woman has been arrested for raping her wife. As a condition of her $350,000.00 bail, she has to attend AA meetings.

70% of federal drug crimes will draw lighter sentences if Republicans don't raise roadblocks to revision of sentencing guidelines which have housed hundreds of thousands in prisons at public expense. The chances of that are less than slim, since a Republican Senator from Iowa bashed the Obama administration for not sending in soldiers to prevent Colorado and West Coast states from legalizing pot.

Heavily edited video of a confrontation between a Nevada rancher demanding the right to graze his cows on public lands at public expense has drawn right wingers to his cause. The mob rammed the truck removing his cows and surrounded the officials on land designated as habitat for a rare tortoise.

A Ukrainian ring which installed the infamous Zeus malware to collect passwords and user information from personal computers were charged today with stealing millions from banks today. 2  of the 9 have been arrested.

Electronic criminals are becoming more brazen: A rider discovered "a credit card skimmer placed over the vending machine's official card reader and — here's the ingenious part — a credit card camera situated just above the vending machine. "

Andrew "weev" Auernheimer, convicted of violating the ridiculous Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), saw his sentence vacated today by a judge. "In 2010, he and a few colleagues found a flaw in AT&T's security that made it easy to get the personal data of more than a hundred thousand iPad subscribers, and gave a list of victims to Gawker in addition to alerting AT&T.

The news is not so promising for bigots today, as a raging homophobe star was detained in Canada under the country's laws regarding "hate propaganda. In other bigot news, a racist "Run Nig*er Run!"Facebook posting that got a schoolteacher fired is the subject of a lawsuit.

In strange crime news, "a home caretaker faces time in prison after it was discovered that she’d spent the past year taking pictures of dead patients and sharing them alongside sarcastic comments via the mobile messaging service WhatsApp."

A major snafu regarding the U.S. founding documents may not belong in a crime column but it's legal in nature. so maybe.. Julia Louis Dreyfuss, originally of Seinfeld fame, appears this week on the cover of Rolling Stone with a tattoo of the U.S. Constitution on her back. At the bottom, on her bottom, nearly, is John Hancock's signature. Mr. Hancock actually signed the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. Loius-Dreyfuss went to Twitter:
"In my defense, 'I was in a drunken stupor” #crackexcuse cc: @RollingStone "

OMG! The Kansas zoo went into lockdown today as chimpanzees devised a bridge and escaped until a nostalgic chimp led them all back. Also in Kansas, the Secretary of State announced he was very suspicious that there is a widow somewhere in the state who is casting her late husband's ballot. He will, no doubt, launch a million dollar investigation which will employ his nephew and result in a long list of new ways to keep non-Republicans from voting forever more.

In cops and crime news, the LAPD gunned down a Tosh.o production assistant after mistaking him for a stabber.
"Detroit police looking for a meth lab instead stumbled upon a well-run, multi-million dollar shoplifting ring housed in a large warehouse ".

In Brazil today, where the FIFA World Cup is to be played, a reporter interviewed as woman about the epidemic of street crime. A kid rushed up and stole her necklace and the reporter helped the cops catch the thief.

Apr 10

Right: Kyle Stephen Jones

Mr. Jones is another Albany gift. He was busted there in 2012 in a "drug deal gone sour", cops said, which ended in a robbery. He had a gun, the victim said and his partner, Kyle Jaco had " a loaded AK-47 and AR-15" when busted, cops said. He also had heroin with him and was arrested for that. He was arrested for assault in Corvallis last year. He has been arrested again for heroin, for a parole/probation violation on a sex assault charge, and for not showing up on a strangulation charge, etc.

We've said it before: if we want to put a crimp into 80% of the crime in Corvallis, we need to re-introduce toll bridges coming from Linn County and Philomath. We charge $500 to cross into the city, which can be applied to bail when the inevitable occurs.

In other sex crime news, a schoolteacher has filed a lawsuit claiming she was fired after refusing a sex threesome with her boss and the boss's boyfriend.

And the "Christian values" congressman caught in the soft porn film on the internet is doing the same as the "Christian values" football team in Steubenville, Ohio did, as well as the culprits in Wikileaks files, and Edward Snowden files. And the IRS official who questioned whether the Teabagger Party and the Occupy groups qualify as "non-political" organizations. He asking for an FBI investigation - of how the video got out, not of how he got himself into the mess. And the public of course will be paying for that investigation. He has, once again, his hand out, for a handout.

"An heir to the DuPont chemical fortune who was convicted of raping his daughter did not attend the court-mandated sex offender treatment program that enabled him to avoid jail time." The rich rule.

Except sometimes. A gang that kidnapped a Chinese dive tour member in the Philippines says hier parents can have her back. For $11 million. In other Asian news, a strange craze has emerged in Thailand, where mild mannered Thai men are dressing up like Mexican gangsters. "During the day, I work in an office," says one. "At night, I'm a Mexican gangster. I'm a gangster at heart." To him, that means tattoos and dressing in jeans and a t-shirt.

Banks are skirting the law, forbidden to charge outrageous debit card fees but making it up in overdraft fees, raking in $32 billion last year.

In other news for right wingers, Iraq plans on legalizing marriage of girls as young as nine and marital rape "to appease the nation’s conservatives ahead of parliamentary elections".

In other robbery news, since the Republican appointees to the Supreme Court have made their policy of Money Rules, the vote of someone rich is now worth 15 times that of the average citizen, a new study shows. And today was a big day for Republicans - shoving service workers, women, gays and miners all under the bus within 8 hours.

In fact, the Jesuits today said that the new pope's message is that Catholics need to confront Republican principles of callousness about justice, and is specifically "is almost a direct refutation of Republicans".

In other Christian news, a Louisiana church school teacher who called a 12 year old a "sassy slut" in front of her classmates was given a 1 day leave until the girl's mom went ballistic. Now, it's 6 days' leave.

And tests have proven now that the "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" is not a modern forgery, but dates to the time of Jesus.

In news of pseudo-thuggery, the Sergeant Major of the US Marine Corps today urged Congress to cut his solder's pay (but not HIS, for god's sake): "I truly believe it will raise discipline. You'll have better spending habits. You won't be so wasteful." The soldiers don't care about money he said. "They want to know into whose neck do we put a boot next".

"Three Michigan residents were arrested on charges of child abuse after they posted a video of a child being beaten on Facebook. The mother of the child, Demitria Powell, as well as Stefon Felton and Uteas Taylor were arrested and charged with third degree child abuse, conspiracy to commit child abuse in the third degree, and third degree child abuse committed in the presence of another child."

A "sociopathic" neurosurgeon who maimed and killed patients is finding the Texas Attorney General rushing to his defense.

It's rare to see sushi in the crime column. "Sushi shouldn’t be served in a bento box. If restaurants were honest about it, the fish would come stuffed in a cartoon burglar’s black sack—with a contraband sand dollar glued to its side.
Between a fifth and a third of the wild-caught seafood imported into the United States was caught or trafficked illegally, according to the findings of an exhaustive study. Billions of dollars worth of shrimp, salmon, crab, and other marine life is sold in America after being harvested illegally, sold sans paperwork, or traded without required government oversight. It is effectively stolen away from ecosystems and law-abiding fishing fleets".

A woman who was outbid on a California house she wanted, started sending religious missionaries to the new owners, hoping they'd leave. From there, she posted craigslist invitations claiming to be the woman having rape fantasies ."I love to be surprised and have a man just show up at my door and force his way in the door and on me, totally taking me while I say no." Men showed up at the new owner's door. The culprit says it was all just a "prank".

And speaking of religion, a Polish court has granted "the Flying Spaghetti Monster official status as a religion. Pastafarians stood outside the court and shouted a celebratory "Pasta, Pasta!"

Speaking of sadsacks, perennial small time thief Dusty Risland has at long last earned himself a trip to prison, a reader has informed us.

Right: Dusty Risland, busted 11 15 16 times since November.

About the Risland Rehab Clinic
Dusty Risland, for whom the Risland Rehab Clinic (see above) is named, is back in jail. Mr. Risland was recently busted for criminal trespassing, criminal possession of a forged instrument (counterfeit $20), felon in possession of a weapon and meth. The Dusty Risland Clinic mentioned in this column is strictly online, consisting of repetitive viewing of the video below, until the technique is mastered. The assumption of the Clinic is that there is a small subset labeled criminals who actually just do not know how to change their adult diapers when they full and are showing up, bewildered, seeking police assistance. That is the only possible explanation a rational person could come to. NOBODY could POSSIBLY be so stupid and inept, as criminals, as people like Mr. Risland pretend to be.

Note: there are several sleazy websites across the country posting mugshots, utilizing photos owned by the public, in the public domain, all run by Portlander Kyle Ritter, which will remove your mugshot for $39 or such from their sites. This is not one of them. Do not send in cash trying to have a mugshot removed. It would just be a waste of your time and your money. Instead, put your time into turning your life around. And your money into your kids.

Weekly Column ON Planned Parenthood AND WOMEN

ABOVE: Cecile Richards, President Planned Parenthood
I just left the Supreme Court, where hundreds of people gathered to send a powerful message: No employer should have the power to interfere with women's medical decisions and their access to birth control.

It's inspiring to see how many people are willing to stand up for women and families being able to make their own private health care choices and say "birth control is not my boss's business." In fact, 130,000 people submitted their names to be added to the banner below — to show their support in spirit.

Not My Boss's Business!

While hundreds were still rallying on the courthouse steps, I was inside the Court and witnessed lawyers for two for-profit corporations explain why they believe that the personal beliefs of employers are more important than the health care needs of employees. But what I also saw today was the importance of having women on the Supreme Court, with the three female justices raising important questions about women's health and rights. It was clear from the moment the discussion began that Justices Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan understand the gravity of what is at stake here — not just for women, but for any employee.

Planned Parenthood supporters at the Supreme Court

The truth is, we won't know for several months how the Court will decide. But no matter what happens, Planned Parenthood Action Fund will keep working to break down barriers between women and the health care they need, no matter where they come from. And I know you'll be with us every step of the way, because this fight isn't just about birth control or contraception. It's about helping women thrive.

This court case is just the latest in an ongoing series of attacks against women's health and rights. We have to work for every inch of progress we make — and then we have to fight to keep our opponents from dragging us back. Bills restricting women's access to safe and legal abortion are being considered in many states as we speak, including, Missouri, Louisiana, Alabama, and Kansas, to name a few. Health centers are struggling as new laws place restrictions on how they operate.

Our work is cut out for us, Roy, but there's one thing you can do right now to help. Support our work to defend women's health and rights — in statehouses, at the ballot box, and on Capitol Hill. Make a one-time gift today, or consider stepping up your support by starting a monthly gift.

We have a plan. But we need all of our supporters standing with us to secure more victories this year.

Cecile Richards, President
Planned Parenthood Action FundSincerely,
 Cecile Richards

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PHILOMENA: Equal parts uplifting tearjerker, odd-couple comedy, and righteous screed against abuse of power in the name of religion. JUDI DENCH.

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Morris' film THE UNKNOWN KNOWN is a gripping exploration of the career and philosophy of former U.S Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Using declassified memos, Morris guides Rumsfeld through a discussion of his controversial career as a high-level executive under four different Republican presidents. Such absorbing topics as Vietnam, the Cold War, Desert Storm and the War on Terror are all examined through the words of one of America's most divisive and complex public figures.


FACE OF LOVE is the story of a widow named Nikki (Annette Bening) who, several years after the loss of her husband Garrett, meets a man named Tom (Ed Harris) who looks exactly like her deceased husband. Suddenly, a flood of old feelings rush back to her: she's met the love of her life. Again. The film is a romantic story filled with humor, surprise, and reflections on the mystery of love surrounding us. Bening and Harris star, with an important supporting turn from Robin Williams as Nikki'sconfidante and would-be lover.



Based on the 2009 investigative book by BBC correspondent Martin Sixsmith, The Lost Child of Philomena Lee, PHILOMENA focuses on the efforts of Philomena Lee (Dench), mother to a boy conceived out of wedlock - something her Irish-Catholic community didn't have the highest opinion of - and given away for adoption in the United States. In following church doctrine, she was forced to sign a contract that wouldn't allow for any sort of inquiry into the son's whereabouts. After starting a family years later in England and, for the most part, moving on with her life, Lee meets Sixsmith (Coogan), a BBC reporter with whom she decides to discover her long-lost son.

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Apr 18

Above: a 3D printed Gran Torino wasn't as successful as hoped, is the "muscle car from hell".

Noted AI guru Steve Omohundro published a warning today that a "robot apocalypse" is coming unless steps are taken immediately. Google is scaring everyone knowledgable as the new and much more insidious Evil Empire.

A moment please, of silence, for one of the most respected editors of Wikipedia. Adrianne Wadewitz, an expert in 19th century English literature - especially women's literature, died recently while rock climbing.

Meshnet is the name for a new, totally encrypted and net separate from the established internet and its increasing control by corporations.

A Swedish corporation's plan to brighten the moon with huge swaths of reflective material to save streetlight costs is being floated.

The Chinese firm Tencent is positioned to swamp U.S. standbys like Facebook, Zynga, Instagram, Amazon and even google.

The tech industry's experts are rushing technology into the pot industry as legalization draws nearer.

The woman who was denied a 8THEIST license plate as "offensive" in New Jersey tested to see if BAPTIST would be let through. It was, no problem, as the Christians who are always whimpering, that they're "persecuted", keep their foot on the neck of the rest of the population.

LocalBitcoins, an exchange, is reporting a breach and theft of the increasingly troubled coins.

Criminals have turned to the new legal drones to spot and rob pot farms.

Verge, one of the tech industry's most prolific sites is, ironically, a buggy site with major technical issues in even accessing it, say local web surfers.

Apr 17
Lady Gaga's new tour is a partnership with the computer generated hologram, Hatsune Miko:

The Portuguese firm Ynvisible has launched 3D printing for electronics, including super flexible solar cells.

The former CEO of Yahoo who was fired for being so incompetent walked away with almost $100 million. That's more than the current and equally incompetent CEO is making: "Where do the rest of us sign up?"

As google's glass sold out available supplies, the first pictures from the stalkers who the glass is designed for were posted on the web. In related news, Facebook released an app which will allow you to track the precise locations of those you know, using their cell phones' GPS.

Above: A Korean text message from a child trapped on the submerged ferry to a mother using Kakao Talk, a Korean app:
9:27 a.m. - Mom, I’m sending this message now in case I don’t get to say it later: I love you.
9:34 a.m. - Why..? I was wondering why you weren’t checking your KakaoTalk?
9:36 a.m. - Me too, son.. I love you..

Chinese authorities opted to use drones to capture, rather than assassinate a major Burmese drugpin with a private army who had murdered Chinese sailors.

In old style media, it took someone little time to figure out how to hack the names of web sites and newspapers who nominated themselves for Pulitzers/ Buzzfeed and the Daily Beast submitted themselves.

Uber is adding $1 for "safe rides" to start doing criminal checks of drivers. The idea of serial killers driving people around didn't sit well with some.

Peoria cops raided the house of a woman who had mocked the mayor and asked her about the account, before seizing her computer.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements with digital clauses are increasingly common, with the example of figure skater Johnny Weir serving as an example. He and his ex- are specifically forbidden to be sexting after the divorce.

The simulator pilot featured in CNN's somehow-still-ongoing coverage of the search for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has been fired from his day job for "dressing like a teenager" and "shaming Canadians." After Rob Ford and Stephen Harper, Canadians still have shame?

The online pseudo-villain Kim Dot Com is going to get his cash and cars back and he's elated about it.

Tor is going to be rejecting 380 exit relays that have not addressed the Heartbleed defect.

After years of Flash storage outpacing hard disks in price drops, the drop is about to slow.

Google has now released a remote desktop control for phomes.

Apache OpenOffice has now reached the 100 million mark for downloading the free software alternative to Microsoft Office.

The silly stock prices and over-valuations at IPO of apps which are reminiscent of the Dot Com collapse 35 years ago, are echoed in the equally memory-jolting deflation of the past month: "As of Wednesday, Twitter was down 39 percent, Facebook was down 17 percent, and Netflix was down 27 percent., the makers of Candy Crush, was down almost 20 percent since it's IPO in March."

AT&T has threatened not to take part in next year's auction of spectrum on the 600 mHz band unless the FCC rescinds a decision to reserve a small number of licenses for small carriers. AT&T is not likely to generate any sympathy from the public for anything, and would be only shooting themseves.

A GoPro project involving the homeless suggests that San Francisco is indeed becoming a more heartless place as tech expands.

Google has declared war on vertical videos from cameras.

A new search engine, Grams, for Tor, is modeled on google but is meant for searching out guns, drugs and kiddie porn.

Spotify is switching from P2P to a client server streaming model for their subscription music service. Not that anyone cares. Pirates rule!

LG is marketing a new SDK to allow developers to connect their apps to a variety of devices - Chromecast, Roku and others.

Apr 16
TIP OF THE DAY: How to Make the Fastest Pine Wood Derby Entry

Bill Gates today submitted a patent for detecting and blurring any image recording devices in a location, just as "glassholes" were free to buy up the latest google intrusion.

Apple, Google, Samsung, HTC and others have signed an agreement to install the "kill switch" in stolen phones, a technology long available but resisted by providers, who make a fortune replacing the phones. The provider resistance kept the market in stolen phones active.

Despite 20 years of payments from New Jersey, Verizon has made clear they have no intention of fulfilling a commitment to provide high speed broadband. Instead, they've organized a phony campaign of "emails" from senders supporting the corporate dawdling. Senders contacted said they had never sent such emails.

Coverity's analysis of open source and proprietary code for errors has shown open source to be the least error prone.

Kids are going into schools with the ability to swipe screens but unable to use toy blocks, an English teachers' conference was told today.

Toyota announced today that they will have an auto fueled by hydrogen cells on the market in 2015.

Google is getting nastier by the day, today announcing that they are designing intrusive contact lenses which will function much as google glass does.

A small printing robot, designed to fit in the pocket has been developed, its primary limitation being that it is Israeli. That will limit its ability to sell outside of the Middle East due to boycotts in Europe and the U.S.

Intel says that "80-90%" of the tablet processors the firm sold were for Android devices, not Windows.

An appeals court today decided that a secure mail provider cannot refuse to turn over private keys in the face of vague subpoenas.

A record 193,000 pirates watched Game of Thrones Sunday night using Bittorrents.

The first pot vending machines have appeared in Colorado.

Apr 15

The Brightest Flashlight app secretly installed malware on the phones of 50 million Android users so the developers could track the users and sell the GPS information to advertisers, says Gigaom.

Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner "has already been hacked, leaving Galaxy S5 owners’ devices and their PayPal accounts at risk".

"Successful startup CEO and Bitcoin community hero Tony Gallippi [head of the Bitpay corporation] testified before Congress on behalf of the oft-maligned crypto-libertarian dream currency". He didn't mention that 10 years ago his company was Soopermodels, with "galleries included lad-mag-style strategically covered nudity, and teenagers. Some were identified as being as young as 13". The site offered models for "private photo shoots" and "a members-only section that promised hotter images for paying customers".

A lawsuit against Apple by 33 states over price fixing on e-books may cost the company $1 billion.

Quantenna is preparing a Wi-Fi chipset that can support 10 Gbps of capacity by using a boatload of antennas.

Toyota is replacing robots with humans because humans are capable of innovations in factory lines, the firm says.

The Electronic Freedom Foundation says the FBI is building facial recognition software to build a file on you even if you've never committed a crime. Sounds like Facebook.

Netflix speeds have increased since paying Comcast a ransom, proving that Comcast "can essentially hold a service like Netflix hostage until a check is cut."

Microsoft will cease issuing patches for Windows 8.1 and will instead demand an update, although the update itself has been beset by problems.

The Twitter feed  #failedintellectual has done more for philosophy than any other, with sites rushing trying unsuccessfully to hire the poster.

A humor article on all EU babies to be micro chipped was taken seriously and drew an amusing Apocalypse reaction from Christians in the U.S. In related news, the lunar eclipse was hailed by megachurch pastor John Magee as proof the world is ending soon.

Up to 11 ships, 14 aircraft and 1 submersible were again deployed today in the search for a missing Malaysian airline

The US Postal Service is exploring competition with Amazon and others for delivery of consumer items, including groceries.

Hackers are trying to create a world wide network of sensors to track the health of honeybees in hives.

Saturn is creating a new moon, nicknamed "Peggy".

A woman complained that a NYC taxi driver tried to throw her out of the cab so he could pick up a more lucrative uber fare instead. She complained and Uber turned the resulting scandal into a public relations nightmare.

Dutch police released from prison a teen who had used Twitter to level a bomb threat at American Airlines.

Turkey wants Facebook and Twitter to pay Turkish taxes since each draws revenue from their operations in Turkey.

The Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein is launching into an investigation of the leaking of documents attesting to the secret torture of people.

Apr 14
Oregonians "should be able to watch the beginning of the upcoming total lunar eclipse tonight at 10:20 pm. The entirety of the moon surface will be in Earth's shadow and start to glow red a couple hours later, a little after midnight."

New Banksy grafitti appeared in London, showing 3 spies with recording equipment surrounding a pay-telephone.

Google admitted it is searching people's email to profile us for ads.

44% of all Tweet users have never posted a single tweet. Of the rest, 43% haven't posted in more than a year and only 13% in the past month.

Reddit editors in the r/technology subreddit have been censoring any news about the NSA, about NSA critic Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and Bitcoin.

A stupid teen who tweeted a bomb threat to American Airlines has been arrested in the Netherlands. She has triggered a barrage of responses including "Ah the Netherlands, the Florida of Europe! We raise a toast to your new queen."

The Post and the Guardian won Pulitzers today for covering Edward Snowden's releases on NSA spying.

Chinese scientists have shown that dragging droplets of salt water across graphene produces electricity.

A tiny galaxy near us looks to be a fossil left over from the earliest days of our universe.

Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village

Google is considering weighting sites that use encryption, to make the NSA's job harder. That of course doesn't impact google's spying on you.

The government has indicted Bitcoin operator Charlie Shrem for money laundering.

Researchers in Singapore have devised nano-processors which are tens of thousands of times faster.

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has said he'd rather live in North Korea becaus ethey have more freedom than Americans, and has started a kickstarter campaign to help him get there to live.

New apps are showing the cheapest parking garages available at a desired time.

New York's hookers are increasingly relying on Airbnb for use as brothels and even "quickies". "“It’s more discreet and much cheaper than The Waldorf, said one hooker., "Hotels have doormen and cameras. They ask questions. Apartments are usually buzz-in."

NASA will go ahead with a re-supply mission for the space station despite a computer failure associated with the robot arm.

A new Debian Linux project leader has been chosen, using the Condorcet election method, when one ranks several candidates by preference order and the winner is chosen when one receives a majority of weighted votes.

Researchers are using Stampede and other super computers supported by the National Science Foundation to scan the skies and predict black hole activity.

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian says that at most 6-8 U.S. Senators even understand the internet and are making decisions allowing cable companies to "fu*ck up" everything."They don’t want the Internet to be flat; they want it to look like your cable. They want you to have a basic package, right? Where you get Bing search for free, because they’ve made a deal with Microsoft. If you want Google, it’s an extra $10 a month, but it’s a really good search engine, so you’ll pay for it, right?"

Powering 30% of the web: "Akamai is now reissuing all SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates and security keys used to create encrypted connections between its customer's websites and visitors to those site."

As we all probably suspected, when it comes to "thinking out of the box", children can solve problems more quickly than adults.

Imagine: "The end of civilization has occurred, zombies have taken over the Earth and all access to modern technology has ended. The few survivors suddenly need to know the value of pi and, being a mathematician, they turn to you. What do you do? According to a couple of Canadian mathematicians, the answer is to repeatedly fire a Mossberg 500 pump action shotgun at a square aluminum target about 20 meters away. Then imagine that the square is inscribed with an arc drawn between opposite corners that maps out a quarter circle. If the sides of the square are equal to 1, then the area of the quarter circle is pi/4. Next, count the number of pellet holes that fall inside the area of the quarter circle as well as the total number of holes. The ratio between these is an estimate of the ratio between the area of the quarter circle and the area of a square, or in other words pi/4. So multiplying this number by 4 will give you an estimate of pi. That's a process known as a Monte Carlo approximation.

35% of all internet traffic is now porn, and most of it is pirated via Mindgeek, though no one in the porn industry wants to talk about it.

The die-hard Republican reactionary Shel Adelson is waging a bitter campaign against legitimizing online gambling, and he's likely to lose.

Germany says the country's space program has been the victim of a cyber-spy  campaign over months.

Turbotax has organized another phony "grass roots" campaign to keep free e-filing of taxes out of play.

A submersible is scheduled to be released within hours to search for a missing Malaysian plane as a new phase has been entered.

The Ganjoji cherry trees which went into space with Japanese astronauts as seeds are now not only sprouting 6 years too early, but their flowers have 5 petals rather than the usual 30.

Apr 13
Using the rare earth erbium, researchers have created a new semiconductor that manipulates light in the mid infrared range, for efficiency, less risk and better resolution.

2 casinos are suing - one suing leading world poker player Phil Ivey, and 1 suing the manufacturer of the cards, claiming that defective card design led to multimillion dollar losses.

Glow in the dark streets have replaced some streetlights in the Netherlands.

Here are the plans for a 3D human robot, to be used with 3D printers.

A new study shows that pc gaming is not only alive but crushingly dominant in games of any right to that title.

A new site, crowdemand, is like kickstarter for fashion designers. Customers pre-order from designs they see and if enough demand is generated, the clothes go to production. OSU students should drag out their designs and submit them before the site is overwhelmed.

One of the dumbest, semi-literate teen girls in the country tweeted a bomb threat to American Airlines for June 1 ("hello my name's Ibrahim and I'm from Afghanistan. I'm part of Al Qaida and on June 1st I'm gonna do something really big bye"). An exchange with AA followed in which she first claimed she'd been hacked, then that a friend had done it, then that it was a joke, then.... that she was scared her parents would find out and make her delete her twitter account. Poor child. That should be the LEAST of your worries.

Now that the EU courts have overthrown data retention laws, 4 Swedish telcos have stopped retaining customer data.

The latest wearer of google glass to be assaulted in San Francisco has expressed some understanding of the issues and has asked the city's residents to being to talk about real issues - with "rising housing costs and gentrification in the city - people on all sides are being forced from their homes and made to feel unsafe on the streets and on their commutes to and from work."

Renren, the Chinese courier service powered by a cell phone app - like Uber - is now being used by 1.2 million as a 2nd job in China, where the app includes police verification of carriers.

The Ubuntu Edge phone seems to still be on track, with releases in the U.S. expected in the near future.

The battery of the black box in the missing Malaysian airliner now appears to have died.

In every metric, iTunes is in decline and radical measures are being contemplated, including Android devices having an iTunes store.

GNOME, which was important in the birth of the Open Software movement, may have outlived its usefulness and has run out of money.

Apr 12
The Japanese Central railway is offering the use of maglev technology for fast speed trains in the U.S. without license fees.

It may seem redundant after yesterday's announcement of a .gop domain name, but today a  .moe domain was announced. The former seems reserved for party organizations; the latter is for party leaders only.

If you're concerned about whether a site is protecting your data from Heartbleed and choose to use one of the many DIY tools for checking, understand that the CFAA rigged by U.S. corporations makes it a crime to do so.

The wearables everyone is discarding will soon be chargeable from body heat generators people will discard too, developed in Korea.

The extra power consumed for  processing may make it a questionable investment, but ever larger number of pixils for cell phones are emerging. AU Optronics has unveiled its newest, at roughly twice the number of pixils the human eye can distinguish.

NASA has sent a plant growth pod into the ISS for growing lettuce to eat, using a special pillow to overcome problems in the absence of gravity.

LinkedIn say they are about to launch yet another app for cell phone users. Yaaawwwwn.

Staples is about to offer 3D printing in-store as well as 3D printers.

After being regularly shoved and tripped, and nearly burned with a cigarette lighter, a tormented special-needs student in Pennsylvania.. secretly recorded the abuse on his school-issued iPad, and his mother eventually submitted the evidence but administrators decided to call the police, who threatened the 15-year-old boy with felony wiretapping. Recording requires notifying the recorded person, and there is no indication why that was not done. The anger of the bullies would be the same, at worst.

If you're looking for privacy or security, you can forget Dropbox, tech insiders say, now that they've brought on the biggest fan of government eavesdropping, spying and prevarication - not to say torture and war crimes - in the person of Condoleeza Rice. Dropbox is now part and parcel of a criminal cartel.

Al Franken is now waging a repeat of the fight he made as a comic against Comcast buying NBC, this time with Comcast-TW, and this time as a Senator.

Apr 11

A google lawyer who is reported to be forcing dozens from a property he owns to develop it is the subject of today's anger from crowds in San Francisco.

The major headline in Korea's business news is concerns a rash of workers contracting fatal leukemia.

KATSU, a grafitti artist has attached spray cans to a quadcopter to create the world's first grafitti drone.

Every U.S. Senator "examining" Comcast's desire to monopolize internet cable has been on the company payola for years.

Sony is warning that batteries from their now-sold VAIO computers have a risk of burning users.

Also reported in the crime section: A Ukrainian ring which installed the infamous Zeus malware to collect passwords and user information from personal computers were charged today with stealing millions from banks today. 2  of the 9 have been arrested.

Also reported in the crime section: Andrew "weev" Auernheimer, convicted of violating the ridiculous Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), saw his sentence vacated today by a judge. "In 2010, he and a few colleagues found a flaw in AT&T's security that made it easy to get the personal data of more than a hundred thousand iPad subscribers, and gave a list of victims to Gawker in addition to alerting AT&T.

The google researcher who discovered the Heartbleed bug has donated his $15,000 reward to a Freedom of the Press  fundraiser to support "encryption tools that journalists and others can use to protect digital communications",

A new 3D pen is coming to kickstarter and is light and draws power only from a laptop.

Google will start scanning apps from google play for malware.

The bubble continued to deflate for tech stocks today. The NASDAQ is now down 6.5% than a month ago. Bitcoin fell below the $400 mark, down 60% from Dec.1, 2013.

Courageous "journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras are returning to the United States for the first time since they first reported on the top-secret National Security Agency documents leaked by Edward Snowden some 10 months ago,"

Apr 10

It was a huge day for Pablo Soto of Blubster ("the Spanish Napster") as a court has ruled the P2P software legal. However, a similar court decision in the Netherlands has been overturned by an EU court.

"A group of alleged hackers has been charged with breaking into the computer systems of the U.S Army, Microsoft, and several other firms to steal pre-release copies of popular video games like “Call of Duty,” simulation software for Apache attack helicopter pilots, and confidential data that was used to create counterfeit versions of the Xbox gaming system."

It was just overwork: "Heartbleed, a 'catastrophic' security flaw in the OpenSSL cryptographic protocol that has affected two-thirds of the entire Internet’s communications, was committed at 10:59 pm on New Year’s Eve by [Robin] Seggelmann, a 31-year-old Münster, Germany-based programmer. That night, he made an error that has been compared to the misspelling of Mississippi."

The mayor of Seattle today promised not to turn his back on the need for faster, more affordable internet for the city. "Seattle would never leave the construction of roads up to a private monopoly, nor should we allow the City's internet access to be constructed and managed by a private monopoly" Let's bring this guy in to manage Corvallis.

The CEO of Comcast was among friends as he grinned his way through a Congressional hearing on a planned merger with the company's largest competitor.

Samsung and Apple are heavily censoring material for the jury in a lawsuit. For example, blacked out is a comment on the site by one user: "i smell another stupid lawsuit by crapple".

Social psychiatrists are now saying that selfie addiction is real and addicts have a "very high suicide rate". And a new study of social networking at the job shows that it has either a neutral or negative impact on work and the authors recommend it be banned altogether, although it fails to take into account employees' sense of well-being when feeling connected.

2 new components for the much sought quantum computer were announced today.

Intel is testing total immersion systems for cooling which could cut server power bills by 90%.

The Cuban government says the U.S. has launched a new campaign to take down the island's servers using spam as the weapon. A few of us in the U.S. might make the same charge.

The Heartbleed vulnerability has existed for 2 years and there are indications that the NSA has been exploiting it in that time period.

A new app from Mailbox, which vastly simplified email previously, is being released today. Incidentally, email related to work is banned in France from 6 PM until 9 AM., as of today.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, there has been a 500% increase in malware invading a computer,  encrypting files and holding them for ransom. But developers are fighting back when their own computers are involved.

3 billion years ago, a huge meteor hit the earth, with an impact far greater than that which wiped the dinosaurs out, geologists announced.

Here is a list of Heartbreak sites.

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Apr 18

Puppy prints have been found in Roman tiles made 2000 years ago. "It is lovely to imagine some irate person chasing a dog or some other animal away from their freshly made tiles", said the archaeologist.

The government says nearly 1/3 of all U.S. food is thrown away, at a cost of $161 billion.

The OpenSeed Source project, designed to make sure seeds remain available to all, is taking off.

Chimpanzees have the ability to develop memories superior to those of humans.

The new mandate requiring corporations in India to give back 2% to community projects is expected to have a sizable impact.

Apr 17
4 new insect species found in a Brazilian cave have a unique feature of females with penises that receive sperm when deposited in a male's vagina. Further, the male cannot resist with damaging himself fatally.

Pregnant women taking anti-depressants appear more likely to have children with autistic disorders.

The Vermont Senate has voted to require all GMO products to be labeled and to make it illegal to call GMO products "all-natural".

North Dakota is unable to cope with an oil drilling industry producing 27 tons of radioactive waste daily.

Chronic arsenic poisoning is being found in most mummies in Peru from the pre-Columbus era and is being traced to drinking water.

Oklahomans who install solar cells or small wind turbines will face electric surcharges in another bid by Republicans to ensure the nation stays dependent upon the oil corporations.

The sushi industry and invasive species are wiping out Atlantic sea urchins, a delicacy for sushi lovers.

Crowd sourced solar loans from neighbors is funding new solar power for homeowners through the Mosaic startup app.

A new Boston ordinance allowing people to grow and sell produce is generating a new generation of urban farmers, especially among the urban poor, say supporters.

A new childhood study suggests that half of all kids diagnosed with ADHD may not have it at all. The research suggests an alternative diagnosis, and the research is funded by Big Pharma, which is making many suspicious.

Apr 16
Argentina's latest device is not going to win any PETA fans, but it promises to use fanny packs to capture the methane produced by cows, a major source of global warming:

Portland is flushing millions of gallons of water through a reservoir after some lowlife teen was videotaped urinating in it. The teen was charged with public urination.

The cornworm has
now evolved resistance to GM (genetically modified) produced corn with bt.

A tiny marmoset holding his dying mate and grieving has provided proof of an old question about primates and mourning.

Refined carbohydrates at only half the intake of the average U.S. women disturb the ovarian cycle, West Coast researchers announced today.

The ongoing measles outbreak in Vietnam has now claimed over 100 lives in Hanoi alone.

MIT researchers have found a way to store heat in molecules easily, which will further development of solar power.

Republicans often have fetishes involving children but Alaska Republican Shelley Hughes' campaign regarding breastfeeding kids as "smart and sexy" raised a few eyebrows.

A rare reproduction of the Siku Quanshu, an encyclopedia withh only 7 copies made, compiled by nearly 4,000 scribes and considered to be an encyclopedia of all the knowledge extant concerning philosophy, medicine, literature, and history within China at the the time of the American revolution has been released for public view.

Canadian researchers
have designed DNA cubes capable of being released only with diseased cells.

Paul Walker,
who died in an insane car crash last year, will be played by his brothers in Fast and Furious 7.

Apr 15
Winter storms in the Pacific Northwest are becoming fiercer due to pollution from developing countries in Asia, according to a study by Yuan Wang in the National Academy of Sciences' Proceedings.

Tax Day. Think yours are high? Wait until you see the taxes paid by the rich. Ooohhhh. Sorry. No, theirs are lower:
1. Pepco Holdings -33.0%
2. PG&E Corp. -16.7%
3. NiSource -13.6%
4. Wisconsin Energy -13.5%
5. General Electric -11.1%
6. CenterPoint Energy -8.5%
7. Integrys Energy Group -8.2%
8. Atmos Energy -7.7%
9. Tenet Healthcare -6.0%
10. American Electric Power -5.8%
11. Ryder System -4.7%
12. Con-way -3.5%
13. Duke Energy -3.3%
14. -3.0%
15. FirstEnergy -3.0%
16. Apache -2.4%
17. Interpublic Group -2.1%
18. Verizon Communications -1.8%
19. NextEra Energy -1.6%
20. Consolidated Edison -.1%
21. CMS Energy -1.1%
22. Boeing -1.0%
23. Northeast Utilities -0.7%
24. Corning -0.3%
25. Paccar Rate -0.1%
26. MetroPCS Comms -0.1%

GAS, or Group A β-hemolytic streptococcus, or "flesh eating bacteria, causes 500,000 deaths a year now, but arose from a virus passing genes into an innocuous bacteria only 35 years ago, a new genetic study says.

Nanocrystals in solar cells using environmentally benign inks are promising advances in solar cell fabrication.

Last month was the 4th warmest March on record, worldwide.

Re-enacting myths, scientists have determined that crows have the same level of intelligence as a human 7 year old.

Brad Pitt is going to play an Army general who was the star of an unflattering report in the Operators, by a Rolling Stone reporter.

Individual bacteria will usually not become virulent except in the presence of others like themselves, and preventing the communication may open up new sources of treatment for disease.

The U.S. biomedical science system is producing too many new researchers and forcing them to compete for a stagnating pool of funding, 4 researchers said today in releasing a study of the problems.

The NIH and England's Welcome Trust have now - after years of coaxing - begun to penalize researchers not adhering to open source standards.

Gas drilling operations in Pennsylvania actually released 1000 times the federal estimates of the most serious of global warming gases. methane.

Apr 14

The "thunder god vine"
, or - in Mandarin -lei gong teng - works better than the most widely prescribed drug for rheumatoid arthritis, according to an English study published today.

In other airline news,
U.S. Airways tweeted a porn shot of a woman with the nose of an airplane in her vagina. A woman had twitted that the airline "ruined my spring break. I want some free stuff" and the airline replied, with the same photo, that "We don't like to hear this Alex. Please provide feedback to our Customer Relations Team". With the same photo. NSFW photo on link at Gawker's gossip site. In response, a tweeter user posted "Either someone at US Airways is terrible at doing their job or incredible at quitting their job."

has found a copy of Pan Si Dong (Cave of the Silk Web), a classic Chinese film long thought lost, and will give it to China.

researchers have found a copper catalyst that creates ethanol at room temperatures from carbon dioxide.

are pushing to end social science research, just as in the time of Ronald Reagan they ended social science networks, pushing the mentally ill into prisons instead.

A new treatment
for hepatitus C has cured 90% of those with the disease within 12 weeks.

Anew combination
of viruses and anti-mimetics has proven 10,000 more potent in combating cancer, in Canadian studies.

construction waste, 10 houses have been 3D printed in Shanghai within 24 hours.

Krist Novoselic is spending his time on trying to ensure voting is once again a guaranteed right of Americans.

A direct correlation
between lack of tree canopy and depression, stress and anxiety has been established.

a less invasive microchip, doctors will now be able to see 3D real-time images of blood vessels.

A South African
carpenter who accidentally cut off his fingers is now in the business of 3D printing prosthetics.

"A new report
estimates that U.S. taxpayers spend more than $6 billion each year to provide government benefits to low-paid Walmart workers."

The Onion is suggesting that for maximum effectiveness, it is important to "Set realistic, attainable goals. Rather than trying to lose 10 pounds in one day, go eat a couple handfuls of shredded cheese or watch some television instead."

The mudslide in Washington has ruined the salmon and steelhead spawning areas which drew many of the residents there in the first place.

The sperm of traumatized mice has been shown to be genetically affected for generations, inducing depression in descendents.

A movie based upon the resurrected surreal "Sandman" comic book is in planning now.

Apr 13
Vermont is on the verge of passing a labeling law for the GM "Franken Foods" of the food industry, with 80% favoring the law.

Greenland ice cores are showing the success of the 1970 U.S. Clean Air Act.

Green tea extract, which improves working memory, is the latest simple remedy being proposed for dementia.

The oldest known cardio-vascular system, in a half billion year old shrimp, has been unearthed in Yunnan, China.

Japanese officials have ordered the killing of 112,000 chickens to halt the further spread of "bird flu".

Lanzhou residents were advised that the benzene levels found in the city tap water is now gone and the water is safe to drink again. "Crude oil leak from a petrochemical pipeline poisoned the water source for a local water plant and brought hazardous levels of benzene into the city's tap water on Friday morning, affecting 2.4 million people."

Creationists are going berserk over the latest PBS documentary, Your Inner Fish, on the emergence of fish to dry land as they did with Cosmos.

Apr 12
Aquaculture has now reached  "peak fish", where the supply of wild fish food exceeds supply for the prawn industry, so an Australian discovery of non-fish food is being heralded by the industry.

Since 1977, a series of laboratory escapes of deadly viruses being studied to ensure human survival in the case they appeared naturally, and these are only now being researched.

Chinese inspectors performed inspection at 25000 plants and found pollution violations at 2100. The government plans on providing an additional 40 billion yuan for inspections next year. Lanzhou has has seen a rush on bottled water after reports of benzene levels deemed unsafe.

A New York outbreak of measles has been traced to a fully vaccinated theater employee.

A new and very complete statistical analysis has shown that the chances of climate change being due to natural rather than human made factors is slim to none.

Scientists comparing extinct and living lions have identified 5 geographical groups within the species historically.

Apr 11

100 Harvard faculty have issued a call for the university to divest itself of stocks in fossil fuel companies.

In a unique fundraising event, Willie Nelson has offered to do a backyard bbq for the winning bidder in an auction on behalf of Wendy Davis, the Democratic candidate for governor who faced down a reactionary Republican legislature trying to pass anti-choice legislation against women.

Another group of NHL players is suing over concussions.

Scientists at the University of Washington are using very high speed cameras to study the banks and rolls of fruit flies and believe they can come up with a new generation of drones from the results.

Contrary to common sense, marathon runners are most apt to have arterial plaque build up.

Northwest sea otters have joined the list of those animals subject to the H1N1 flu virus.

Consumer products with added nanoparticles - cosmetics, clothing, sunscreens - can seriously damage human DNA, MIT says.

Surgeons in Switzerland have grown cartilage from a patient's own body and used it to repair noses damaged by cancer.

A new species of crayfish discovered in Australia is tiny but burrows 3 feet to ensure its burrow reaches the water table. It moves crazily, and is a cannibal.

A Kingston University study has found that an unmade bed is incapable of supporting the mites which cause allergies. OSU students should tuck that away for the next parental visit.

Keeping a dog in a kennel literally drives the animal crazy, a new study has shown.

SF Quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been named in an investigation that also lists pot, alcohol, a woman and with maybe even a "date rape" drug implied.

The discovery of a fossil "daddy long legs" spider with 4 legs but twice as many eyes as modern species fills a gap in the evolutionary history of the spider.

Walmart is planning to put the local growers out of the organic market business in the near future.

Apr 10

4 young women born without vaginas were implanted with versions grown from their own tissue, and the new ones are "virtually indistinguishable" from those they would have had if abnormalities had not crept in.

Navajos seduced by the promise of jobs in uranium mining years ago today are suffering from strange cancers and other sickness from the now-shuttered mines.

A new solar plane as large as a Boeing 747 is about to circumnavigate the globe.

Deaf people are beginning to become aware that cochlear transplants are making "deaf culture" rarer daily. A few are unsettled.

The feared "death panels" have now arrived, and they've arrived in Republican states where the governors have refused federal aid for health care. The most recent was of a single mom with 2 kids and a heart condition.

Tamiflu, once touted as a drug to ameliorate flu virus has been shown to be a billion dollar waste of money.

Polar bears are not facing global warming alone. "Researchers in New England say that warmer weather caused by climate change has allowed ticks to thrive, and devastated the moose population by literally draining them of blood."

Apr 9
Oregon State University researches have discovered a means of turning wood cellulose into electric storage supercapacitors. "These supercapacitors are extraordinary, high-power energy devices with a wide range of industrial applications, in everything from electronics to automobiles and aviation."

After a seagull and a crow killed the pope's "peace doves" while a horrified crowd watched a few months ago, the Vatican has hired a bodyguard for the pigeons - a trained hawk.

In sad news, the little girl suffering from a rare and fatal cancer who became a Michigan State mascot in their NCAA run, and enjoyed a special bond with MSU's Adreain Payne, has died.

Above: Lacey "Princess" Holsworth and Adreian Payne.

A Kansas Republican at the whistle of Monsanto is pushing a bill to prevent states from requiring labels for GM Franken foods. Guess what he's calling it? The "Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act". Hawhawhaw. It's the same bill Oregon's Kitzhaber rolled over for Monsanto on - banning counties from such action.

Vermont is taking a page from Sasketchawan and introducing single-payer health care.

Triclosan, the active ingredient in anti-bacterial soaps, boosts staph infections in the nose, a new study shows.

Relying only upon shape and material and the ways they interact, Warka Towers supply 25 gallons of water a day just from the ambient air.

Home run king Hank Aaron says the difference between Republicans and the men who sent him death threats as he was chasing the record is "back then they had hoods. Now they have neckties and starched shirts."

The Federal Reserve has ordered a set of banks who claim to be "too big to fail" to raise the amounts of cash on hand to try to stave off a recurrence of the 2008 recession under George Bush.

Entamoeba histolytica is "an amoeba about a tenth the size of a dust mite—infects 50 million people worldwide and kills as many as 100,000 each year. Now, a new report reveals how the microbe does its deadly damage: by eating cells alive, piece by piece." That gives hope for treatment.

A researcher has devised a miscroscope which costs a mere 50 cents, and folds together like an origami exercise.

Christopher Beam has posted a comic, almost heartbreaking account of playing football in China with the Chongqing Dockers, against the Beijing Cyclones. The mover and shaker of the Dockers is inept and named Fat Baby and his wife supports his passion hoping he'll lose weight.

The carbon dioxide level "has exceeded 402 parts per million (ppm) during the past two days of observations, which is higher than at any time in at least the past 800,000 years"

A living organ - specifically the thymus - has been regenerated into a youthful stage for the first time.

7 clothing factories in Bangladesh have now been ordered shuttered. Thousands are out of work but alive.

Glucosamine, an over the counter supplement, has extended the average mouse life by 10% - that's 8 in human years.

In basketball news, Derrick Gordon, a Massachusetts starter, became the first openly gay men's basketballer in the NCAA. Via Instagram.

A Scottish researcher has for the first time induced cells to repair an organ inside the human body.

Lipids from common items like cosmetics and medicines can affect prenatal development and cause autism, says a ground breaking York University study.

The Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) has provided "an unambiguous observation of an exotic particle – the Z(4430) – that does not fit the quark model."

PETA plans to open a vegan eatery in the home of serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. The cafe will be called Eat for Life.

Temporary tattoos capable of storing and reading a patient's medical history, and of injecting medicines were demonstrated today in Texas Austin.

Researchers resurrected old dreams and arranged for paralyzed patients to move their arms and legs using electric impulses.

Christian opponents of stem cell research have succeeded in shutting down the National Institute of Health's sole remaining project designed to address macular degeneration of the eyes, heart issues, Parkinson's and cancer are going by the wayside, it seems.

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