Beauty in a Hair Salon Near Me


Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. One could claim that the most hideous and ugly thing in the world could be considered beautiful to some. For this reason i make sure I look myself in the mirror every day and repeat these words, “someone out there thinks you are ugly”. These words that I speak ensure that my head doesn’t get blown up to galactic proportions as I know how gorgeous I am. This confidence comes from a hairdo that I receive every week from my favorite list of hair salons. I never leave the place without feeling like a million dollars. This is due in part to why wonderful stylist but the rest, as you know, is my face.

my-long-hairNow mind you, I do not go around telling people how beautiful I am. I just feel it and it exudes from every ounce of my being. The hair style that I receive isn’t even very flashy. It is a simple style that looks damn good on me. It is a short style that tapers in the back You might of seen me on the street if you have ever been passed by someone beautiful with short hair. More than likely I was in your city just to grace you with my presence for that short period of time.

Now I know you are thinking, “what about when your hair isn’t done?”. Well my friend the answer is this, my hair is always done I and have no idea haw I look without my weekly fix from my favorite hair salon near me. For me to go without my hair being done is like asking a man in the desert to go without water. It aint happening Jack! So for those of you who use chemical hair relaxers or any of that non sense please know that I never touch the creamy crack. It is very bad for you and your hair. Everything my stylist uses is all natural. Everything including what I eat for the healthiness of my hair is all natural. So if you are having issues with your hair you should look into changing your dietĀ up. You can be as confident as me if you change up just a few things about yourself.

Writen by Corvallis